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Ben & Jerry’s Is Banning Same-Flavored Scoops Until Australia Accepts Same-Sex Marriages

Ben & Jerry’s is fighting for major change in Austrailia. The ice cream company announced that they’re banning same-flavor scoops until same-sex marriages are legal in the country.

With 26 stores in the Land Down Under, Ben & Jerry’s hopes this statement will help push the country towards LGBTQ rights. It’s currently illegal for two men or two women to be married to one another in Australia.

The ice cream company is urging patrons to help set civil change in motion.

A Ben & Jerry’s Australia spokesperson told the Huffington Post in a statement that the “commitment is grounded in our company’s core values and a an unshakeable belief that everyone deserves full and equal civil rights.”

This means, if you’re hoping to get a double scoop of Chunky Monkey then you’re shit out of luck until equality is found for all Aussies.

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Ben & Jerry’s Is Celebrating Its Birthday By Giving Away FREE Ice Cream

Image courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s.

Fans of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream should definitely be excited for this.

In keeping with its annual tradition of giving away free ice cream one day every year, Ben & Jerry’s has announced that it’s annual Free Cone Day will take place on the company’s anniversary, April 4th. On Free Cone Day, you’ll be able to snag a free cone with a scoop of any ice cream flavor in Scoop Shops between 12 pm and 8 pm.

The tradition began back in 1979, when co-founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield scraped through their first year of running an ice cream business in Burington, Vermont. They decided to thank the local community by giving out free scoops of their frozen treats.

This year, that tradition will encompass Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops worldwide, and over 1 million scoops of ice cream are estimated to be distributed as the ice cream maker’s way of saying thank you to its customers.

Some Scoop Shops will also be teaming up with local non-profits and agencies to get the word out on what they do for their respective communities. In Los Angeles, for example, Union Station location is teaming up with the LA Conversation Corps, a network that provides job skills training, education, and work experience to at-risk young adults and school-aged youth through conservation and service projects that benefit local areas. Customers who stop by for their free ice cream are encouraged to donate to the LA Conservation Corps.

Free Cone Day 2017 is Ben & Jerry’s way of saying thanks to us all and to promote non-profit efforts across the country.

I couldn’t think of a sweeter way to give back to the community.

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Ben & Jerry’s Mouth-Watering New Flavors Are Too Good To Be True

Ben & Jerry’s is known for two things: having the most eccentric flavors and putting the largest chunks and gobs of deliciousness in all of their flavors. I’ll be shocked if you can find a chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream that has bigger dollops of cookie dough than Ben & Jerry’s version.

The show goes on for B&J as they unveil their three newest flavors: Coconuts for Caramel, Brownie Batter and Cookies & Cream Cheesecake (say whaaaaat!?). All three flavors will be part of their Core collection, pints of ice cream that contain sweet, gooey centers.

Coconuts for Caramel will be made with sweet cream coconut ice cream, with flakes of fudge peppered in throughout and a thick, delicious cone of caramel jammed in the center.

Brownie Batter will have a blend of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. The core will be jam-packed with soft brownie batter.

The Cookies & Cream Cheesecake is made with a swirl of chocolate and cheesecake ice cream flavors, and the core will be filled with…you guessed it, thick and creamy cheesecake goodness.



Photo Credit: Chew Boom, Weggl


TODAY: Ben and Jerry’s Giving Away FREE ICE CREAM CONES



Who: Ben & Jerry’s

What: Ben & Jerry’s will be giving out free ice cream cones with any of their famous flavors, as they have done every year since 1979. Apparently there is no limit to how many times you get in line for more ice cream, as customers in the video below say they’ve gotten multiple cones in past free cone days.

Where: All Ben & Jerry’s locations around the world.

When: Tuesday, April 14 from noon to 8 p.m.

Why: Tradition. Don’t question it.


This Giant Ice Cream Scoop Gives You Pint-Sized Scoops

ice cream scoop

Have you ever read the serving size on your favorite pint of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream? Well in case you haven’t, it says that pint of yours is four servings. We here at Foodbeast refuse to believe those pints a) serve four people and b) would serve you four times. Let’s be real, it’s a single serving pint for one, and this Giant Ice Cream Scoop proves it.

Yes, that may look like a kid’s cone, but it’s just your average cake cone stacked with an entire pint of ice cream, NBD. This ridiculously large ice cream scoop fits an entire pint’s worth of ice cream in one scoop, thus proving our one pint per person theory. At $60, the scoop is ridiculously pricey considering it’s way cheaper to grab a spoon and go to town on a $4 pint. Just sayin’.

Giant Ice Cream Scoop, $60 @ Fancy

H/T + PicThx That’s Nerdalicious


Ben and Jerry’s Free Ice Cream Day on April 8th


It’s the herald of spring, at least over here on the East Coast, when winter gets so cold that the thought of anything frozen gives you the shivers. However, free ice cream is coming, just two days after the Game of Thrones season 4 premiere.  These are good times my friends.

On Tuesday, April 8, anyone can grab a free scoop at Ben and Jerry’s around the world. You can even get two scoops (though you’ll have to wait in line again).  Whether you’re a loyal fan of sweet cream and cookies or you’re just dying to try some of the new Core flavors Ben and Jerry’s recently released, the world is your ice cream cone. At least for one day.


Ben & Jerry’s New Ice Cream Has Two Flavors Per Pint and A Solid Core of Peanut Butter Fudge


UK, you’ve been holding out on us. Earlier this week, Ben & Jerry’s announced a new line of “Core”-branded ice creams, each featuring a solid, well, core of fudge, caramel, or jam. Anyway, turns out these things have been available in the UK since 2012, which makes us wonder: why keep such a brilliant creation so hush-hush? We mean, it’s not like we’ve stolen any cool British stuff before . . . (*ahem, ahem*)

Each pint in the line features two halves of flavors separated by the topping core. The four new flavors are: Hazed & Confused, chocolate and hazelnut with fudge chips and a hazelnut fudge core; That’s My Jam: raspberry and chocolate with a raspberry core; Peanut Butter Fudge, chocolate and peanut butter with a peanut butter fudge core; and Salted Caramel, sweet cream with blonde brownies and a salted caramel core.

In other words, the perfect ice cream sundae in a pint, and now in your grocery’s frozen aisle.


Two Ingredient DIY Ice Cream Pudding Sounds Too Good to be True


From the makers of Oreo Rice comes yet another incredible food innovation. In the same realm of Ice Cream Bread and just as easy Ice Cream Pudding is as easy as melting down your favorite pint, mixing it with some eggs and baking it to perfection.

RocketNews 24 has the recipe in its entirety but mentions that cooking the pudding is up to the creator. If it’s a matter of convenience the microwave might be your best option otherwise an oven or steamer will do, but you’ll have to play around with the cooking times since none are specified.

The recipe given uses a ratio of one ice cream container to one egg. The 4oz snack size container of Häagen-Dazs is used since it has a higher milk fat content than other brands. That’s not to say you can’t use other brands but it’s recommended you stick with ice creams in the 15% or higher milk fat content range to ensure a rich flavored pudding. Lucky for me Ben & Jerry’s also happens to be a fatty ice cream which means I’ll probably be enjoying some Chunky Monkey pudding later tonight.

The best part of this recipe is the fact that you can literally choose any flavor you want, Mint Chip, Rocky Road, or even Pumpkin, just be sure to strain out the chunks before you cook your beloved pudding.

H/T + PicThx RocketNews 24