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Burger King’s Latest Campaign Threatens To ‘Dethrone’ The Actual King of Belgium

Burger King’s latest ad campaign is definitely not going as well as they hoped.

The burger chain has managed to piss off Philippe, the king of Belgium, with a website that asks visitors to vote between King Philippe or Burger King with the question “Who is the King?”

The site was meant to be a fun marketing stunt ahead of the release of Belgium’s first-ever Burger King at the end of June, and fans have until June 19 to cast their vote, but the site may get taken down before that, based on the reaction from the royal family.

A royal spokesperson told BBC that King Philippe is not down with the campaign and that “since it is for commercial purposes, we would not have given our authorization.” Belgium law requires that a company must contact the royal family if they wish to use a picture of the monarchy, even if it is in cartoon form like it is on the site, so Burger King’s campaign might technically be illegal.

Burger King told Reuters that they are looking into the situation and “deliberating on how to proceed” as a result of the Royal Family’s remarks.

Considering the King of Belgium probably doesn’t want to give up his crown to a fast food mascot, even if it is a fictional scenario, there’s a good chance Burger King is gonna lose this battle.


What ‘American Food’ Aisles Look Like In Other Countries

We’ve become accustomed to seeing aisles at the grocery store labeled, “Mexican Food,” or “Asian Food,” and it roughly encompasses some foods from the different cultures.

Well, apparently, when you visit other countries, they have similar aisles, except they label them “American Food,” and they try their best to stock the shelves with whatever they feel embodies American culture.

Whether it’s England filling up the shelves with A1 steak sauce and Pop Tarts, or Belgium filling it up with Soda and Mayonnaise, it’s interesting to see how other cultures see our cultural food.

You can’t really be mad at the selections in these aisles. We do love our snacks and sweets here in the US, so they’re not really wrong.

Check out these photos, taken by several people, as we learn a bit about what other countries think represents us best:






New Zealand








Scientists Just Turned Pee Into Water, Then Made Beer With It

In an interview with Munchies, a Belgian scientist discussed his latest venture of turning urine into beer and it all started with a truly noble cause.


The scientist’s, Arne Verliefde, initial goal with his partner Sebastiaan Derese was to turn pee into potable water to help farmers in developing countries fertilize their crops, totally commendable.

After they successfully did this and were able to extract desired nutrients from the urine using solar energy, they took it a step further and sent the “water” to a brewery to be turned into a beer.


“The first version was based on recovering wastewater from a brewery. The second one was a step up: it was actually filtered wastewater from a municipal wastewater treatment plant. The third version is going to be the urine version, From Sewer to Brewer. And you could actually buy the second version of the beer at the festival.”

Verliefde explains their multiple attempts with the “beer” and have also used wastewater from a brewery, then from a wastewater plant before they used actual urine to extract water from for the brew.

These are three equally nauseating ideas.

They’ve tried their hand at the “Sewer to Brewer” idea several times and they tell Munchies that there are other people trying to turn urine into beer, and one of them has appropriately given it the name “From Piss to Pilsner.”

In the interview, Verliefde talks about how it actually tastes good resembling an amber and has about a 7% ABV.

Behold, extracted urine-water makes for quite a strong brew!

Verliefde adds that the brew will be available towards the end of this year, which is being produced by the home brewer in Belgium, De Wilde Brouwers. He says that the whole thing was “a gimmick and a bit of a social experiment” to see how willing people would be to drink the stuff, but their main goal was to help farmers in developing countries.

These mad scientists have a twisted idea of fun!

Source: Munchies

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Belgium’s “Drunk Fishing Championship” Is The Best (And Funniest) Event EVER

I don’t know why nobody told me about this earlier, because I’ve been doing it my whole life and nobody has ever given me a gosh dang trophy, just tickets, fines and lectures.

“The trick *hiccup* is to use bive lait *hiccup*”

In the small and all but forgotten country of Belgium, there is a crossover sporting event called the “Drunk Fishing Championship,” in which contestants (presumably) try to get as drunk as possible and catch the biggest fish.

Although the video is depressingly short, the message is quite clear. And here I’ve been drinking on my couch and in bars and not in fishing competitions, like an IDIOT.

Despite how awesome and amazing and Andy-heavy that video is, there are still many questions that were raised and never answered, as if I was watching LOST. How are the contestants scored? Is there some sort of scale that averages your drinks and your catches? Where can I get my own Andy? I need him…

From what I can gather, the winner is chosen by some sort of combination between drunkenness and number and/or size of the fish captured. While most men seem to be finding a balance between the two, Andy the Amazing decided to lean more towards the drinking part.

And then, of course, he simply decided to lean more towards the lake altogether.



Photo Credit: YouTube


Ben & Jerry’s Is Releasing An Ice Cream-Flavored Beer


Nope, you heard right. The popular ice cream duo Ben & Jerry are now stepping in the beer business. In a recent release from the ice cream brand, Ben & Jerry’s is partnering up with New Belgium Brewing to come up with an ice cream-flavored beer.

The new flavor is called Salted Caramel Brownie and is expected to be in store fall of 2015. While the extent of their partnership is still few in details, the two businesses have been known to support the same causes. These include minimizing carbon pollution and the support of agriculture that’s sustainable.

With Ben & Jerry’s ever-growing popularity, it’s safe to say quite a few ice cream enthusiasts will try to get their hands on the beer when it’s released. If successful, we can probably expect to see more ice cream beer hybrids from the two companies.


Protesters Sling Fries and Mayo at Belgian Prime Minister, Mayo and Fries Upset [Watch]


The Belgian Prime Minister, Charles Michel, got a surprise snack when he started a speech at a business conference in Namur, Belgium. A few anti-austerity activists threw fries and mayonnaise on Michel in protest of budget cuts and “the criminalization of the poor.”

Michel laughed it off and didn’t press charges against the four women from the organization LililthS, a branch of Femen.

Michel, 39, is the youngest prime minister in the history of the Belgian title and his coalition government has been subject to protests amid a recent announcement of plans. The government plans to raise the retirement age to 67, cancel a typically automatic annual cost-of-living raise, and numerous other austerity measures to cut government spending.

“French” fries with mayonnaise are a Belgian specialty.

H/T + PicThx RT


Belgium Petitions United Nations for OG ‘French’ Fries Status

Belgium is currently in the process of having potato fries recognized as a part of the country’s cultural heritage. Yes, Belgium.

For years, Belgium and France have been arguing over which country invented the popular side dish. Either Belgians began slicing and frying potatoes in the late 17th century or both nations started using this method about a century later.

Belgium is putting its foot down and petitioning the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to have fries permanently associated with Belgian culture.

Though Belgians have interesting ideas about mayonnaise’s relationship with potatoes, this request is within reason. Belgian fries are typically sold in paper cones from one of about 5,000 “fritkots” throughout the nation. These fritkot shacks permeate 10 times more market space, per capita, than McDonald’s restaurants in the United States.

Should Belgian petitioners gain the support of one of their three cultural ministers, Belgian fries would be added to UNESCO’s cultural preservation list with other notable items like Turkish coffee.

We might have to stop calling them French fries.

H/t Reuters


Belgian Town is Creating Beer Pipeline to Cut Back on Traffic


Belgium Venice is taking measures towards being one of the most beer delivery efficient places on Earth. The city has approved the construction of a three-kilometer polyethylene pipeline that connects the famous Brouwerij De Halve Maan brewery to its bottling plant located in the outskirts of the town.

The point of the pipeline, according to the brewery’s CEO, is to keep as few delivery trucks on the streets of the 500-year-old town as possible. GrubStreet reports that the beer delivery vehicles account for 85 percent of Bruge’s truck traffic. From the brewery the beer is said to take about 10-15 minutes to travel to the bottling plant.

Though residents of the town shouldn’t make plans to tap directly into the line for free beer. Sources say, the Brewery will find out.

They’ll find out.

H/T GrubStreet