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A KFC In China Can Guess Your Order By Scanning Your Face


Indecision can sometimes be the bane of fast food. It would be so much easier if robots could pick and choose what we wanted to eat before we wasted any more time in contemplation.

Mashable reports that a partnership between Kentucky Fried Chicken and Chinese search engine company Baidu is creating a “smart restaurant” concept in Beijing. Thus putting the whole robots choosing what you eat thing in a whole new light.

Beijing’s new restaurant features kiosks that will scan a customer’s face, making menu suggestions based on their age, gender, and mood they’re currently in. The tech will store facial scans and make future suggestions for repeat customers based on things they’ve ordered in the past.

The point, according to TechCrunch, is to guess what the customer wants before they even have to ask. So far, one concept is slated to open in the near future, with no official release date as of yet.

Are you ready for restaurants to eventually know your every food preference?


35 Restaurants In China Shut Down After Getting Customers High AF

Within the last year, 35 Chinese restaurants near Beijing have either been shut down or investigated for allegedly seasoning their dishes with opium.

RT reports that five of the restaurants are currently facing criminal charges, while the other 30 will be going through thorough investigations into these allegations.

For those who don’t know, opium is the key ingredient in morphine and heroin that causes hallucinations, feelings of euphoria and a variety of other (mostly bad) side effects . If you’re one of the particularly unlucky ones, it could lead to a coma or death.

One of the larger restaurant chains in China, Huda, was found using ground up opium poppy flower at several locations. Whether or not these restaurants were trying to create an addiction for their customers or simply giving their dishes more flavor is still uncertain.

The pandemonium surrounding this controversy can be traced all the way back to 2014, when one restaurant owner was caught using the opium in his food to actually get his customers addicted.

Frankly, if I went to a restaurant and was offered a joint with my potato skins, I would likely come back too.


China Debuts ‘Airpocalypse’ IPA, Inspired By Beijing’s Terribad Pollution


Beijing has a pollution problem. A really bad pollution problem. As of today, the air quality index in the China capital clocked in at 180 on a 500 point scale, with 100 – 150 being considered unhealthy for sensitive people such as senior citizens or those with lung disease, and 151 to 200 considered unhealthy for everyone. Los Angeles, for reference, sat pretty this morning at a neat 85.

All those smog clouds aren’t without their silver lining, though. Nope, turns out really bad air can sometimes make for some really cheap beer.

In a shining case of dark humor, Beijing microbrewer Jing-A-Brewing recently released an unfiltered, 8.8% alcohol by volume IPA inspired by the city’s notoriously awful breathing conditions. Dubbed “Airpocalypse,” the beer has been the strongest for the brand so far, and even featured a launch party where prices were decided by the city’s current AQI. If readings hit beyond 500 (the top of the scale — as they did in January of last year at an insane 755), beer would be free.

“We wanted something strong and that had some quality that’s beyond index,” Alex Acker, creator of Airpocalypse, told the Wall Street Journal.

(Un-)luckily, conditions that day were fair enough only to garner a 5 yuan discount, though several fans have requested another party around Chinese New Year, when air quality is “almost always off the charts.” Talk about glass half full.

H/T WSJ + Picthx Jing-A


Someone Opened a Real-Life ‘Friends’ Central Perks Cafe in Beijing


Friends fans, rejoice! While the sitcom that pretty much ran the 90s may have fallen from prime time grace in America, it’s apparently still all the rage in China. So much so that one super-fan, Du Xin, recreated the show’s famous Central Perk Cafe in Beijing (originally located in Central Park in New York, but not really, which is news to me). It’s got the same giant window logo, same entry way, and even the couch where Ross, Rachel and company shared witticisms. But this is 2013. You don’t have to share witticisms any more. Instead, you can sit on that orange couch and watch reruns while sipping your latte.

“I’m crazy about Friends,” Xin said in an interview with NPR. “For me, it’s a religion. It’s my life.”

Don’t worry. This isn’t creepy or crazy. Xin managed to turn his obsession into a business, opening a second cafe in Shanghai. The menus serve snacks (and lulz) from the show, so prepare for lots of Joey-esque references over the pastry you’re nibbling.

This gives me hope. Maybe someone will do this for Boy Meets World. Hint, hint, readers. Hint, hint.

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Beijing’s Hello Kitty Restaurant

A Hello Kitty enthusiast might wake up in his Hello Kitty bed, woken up by his Hello Kitty alarm clock, and start his day off with some Hello Kitty toast. Erm, her day. But a Hello Kitty zealot might just wake up and book a trip to Beijing and visit the Hello Kitty Restaurant.

The popular cartoon feline has cast a huge global net and reeled in hundreds of millions of fans with her oh-so-adorable image. The Hello Kitty Restaurant, which opened earlier last month, has been booked to capacity since it’s grand opening. The restaurant includes waiters and chefs who are required to wear Hello Kitty themed uniforms. I’m talking big dudes in pink and white outfits.

via: Telegraph Photo: Rex Features


Video of the Day: Beijing Delicacies

Something quarky and unique about this video. Maybe it’s the eating of things we normally squash with our foot? Maybe it’s them being deep fried? Maybe it’s Brandon (Triumvir) second-guessing everything he eats, not because it may be disgusting, but because his conscious eggs him about the endangered-ness of the creatures he’s devouring? Nothing is off limits…everything from sea horses and centipedes to scorpions and baby dragon flies. Whatever it may be, you be the judge. Eat on!