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Filmmakers Create Stunning Stop Motion LEGO Breakfast Video

Filmmakers Brick Bros. Production love making LEGO films, but after seeing their latest project, it seems like they might love LEGO breakfast even more.

“LEGO In Real Life,” is a fascinating stop motion video posted to YouTube by Brick Bros. Productions, who turned thousands of LEGO blocks into food. But, this run-of-the-mill breakfast almost looks better than the real thing.

There’s something special about watching a slice of translucent LEGO butter fade and sizzle in stop motion. It’s visually stunning, but the familiar sounds of breakfast provide a soothing ASMR aspect to this video.

However, it’s not as easy as it looks. It took three days of filming and 1,500 photos, to create this video, according to Brick Bros.’s YouTube page.

The filmmakers also uploaded a behind the scenes video to show how this LEGO breakfast stop-motion masterpiece came to life.

Now, with more than 4 million views on YouTube this Brickfilm is clearly sitting on top of the food pyramid.

There’s only one question: What’s for lunch, Brick Bros.?

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Watching This McDonald’s Employee Make 4 Big Macs At Once Is Surprisingly Impressive

Making burgers at McDonald’s isn’t exactly considered an art, but with the way this employee put together these Big Macs, you can at least appreciate the hustle.

A YouTube channel called How To Work At McDonald’s gave a behind the scenes look at how Big Macs are made behind the counter. Whether he was just showing off for the camera, or this is actually how things work back there, the guy made four of them at once and it’s fascinating to watch.

From the way he placed the buns, to his form when seasoning the meat, this guy actually looked like he enjoyed what he was doing, which you wouldn’t expect from a minimum wage fast food job.

Big ups to this guy and his technique, and shout out to all those who put in proper effort to make sure our food comes out bangin’.

*Previous version of this article said he made eight Big Macs, but we’re blind, and it was indeed only four. Still impressive.*


‘Day in the Life of a Pizza’ Proves You Can Attach a GoPro to Anything


For the sake of science or something similar, a pizza shop worker mounted a GoPro to a pair of pizza tongs. Why? Because washing GoPros in your dishwasher is blasé and you haven’t procrastinated nearly enough today. 

While Kotaku muses that the video was most likely taken at a Pizza Hut, the presence of giant prawns on one of the pies suggest a location outside of the US. Japan, we’re looking at you.

If you’ve ever worked a pizza shop, the video may bring back fond/dreadful memories. Half topping porn, half monotonous repetition, if you have an attention span of more than 2 minutes and 52 seconds, enjoy the action below:


Watch How the World’s Most Hated/Loved Food is Made


The first time I tasted Marmite was in my auntie’s kitchen nestled in the Brighton countryside of England. My auntie handed me a jar with a yellow label and lid, smiled and asked, “Have you ever tried Marmite before?” I shook my head no, opened the lid, and peered inside the jar inquisitively — the thick spread had the consistency of Nutella, something I ate religiously.

Except that it smelled like sour apples and cat piss, making me want to throw up in my mouth a little. Naturally, I had to try it and unsurprisingly, it tasted just like I imagined sour apples and cat piss would taste like. Never. Again.

Or course, there’s a great number of people who will disagree with me and swear by this stuff. So, for all the Marmite lovers out there, here’s a fun behind-the-scenes factory tour of  the famed “Hate it or Love it” yeasty spread.

Enjoy the ukulele background music and watch two dudes sip some Marmite drank.

H/T First We Feast