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Animated Infographic Explains The Truth Behind Ancient Greek Superfoods

We’ve alway been fascinated with Greek mythology, with gods and monsters battling it out, going on quests, and just performing legendary feats.

When it came to Greek foods, superfoods specifically, there have been quite a few myths and legends. It was believed that herbs could heal battle wounds, beetroot could keep you beautiful, and almonds could prevent drunkeness.

Travel Supermarket asked nutritionist and registered dietitian Katie Peck if there was any real-world merit to these myths. Through a series of animated infographics, she explains the true story behind these ancient “superfoods.”

Check them out below:


Cretan dittany

Poppy seeds

Goat’s milk


Pretty fascinating to see the facts behind these legends. Might grab a bottle of goat’s milk on the way home.

Also, we asked resident Greek Constantine Spyrou if he had any superfoods to add to the list, he only had this to say:

“The only real Greek superfood…is lamb.”