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New York Airports Will Be Banned From Charging Up to $28 For a Beer

Grabbing a drink at the airport bar is a necessary and simple pleasure for many. It takes the edge off the stress of flying or serves as a deserved moment of chill from the usually hectic airport scene. But what’s not chill? Paying $28 for a beer at the airport bar.

That’s what travelers at La Guardia Airport had to pay for after a tweet from a customer revealed that a Sam Adams Summer Ale Draught costs $27.85 in a viral tweet. The alarming tweet then prompted the state’s Port Authority Office of the Inspector General to audit the menu prices of New York airports.

The price audit lead to a new policy that caps beers in New York airports at local, off-airport “street prices,” plus a 10% concession.

“Nobody should have to fork over such an exorbitant amount for a beer,” declared Kevin O’Toole, Port Authority board chairman, in a statement.

OTG Management, which owns restaurants at La Guardia, JFK and Newark airports, stated at the time that the $28 Sam Adams beer was a mistake.

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Shiner Bock Goes South Of The Border For Inspiration

¡Órale! It’s one of those terms that means so much to so many in Mexican culture. It can be a greeting, a question, an affirmation or a call to action. For Shiner Bock Beer, it’s now a rallying cry for a good time.

The Texas-based brewery recently introduced its new Mexican-Style Cerveza, ¡Órale!. Crafted with 2-row malt and lager yeast and brewed with agave, this beer features an earthy, mildly sweet flavor.

While Mexican imports have had a decades-long run of growth in popularity, consumer preferences are now moving beyond just imports and into craft-brewed Mexican-style lagers, up nearly twofold in 2021. Shiner has the combination of resonating with craft beer fans and an expertise in brewing sessionable lagers.

“I am thrilled at the opportunity to combine my Mexican heritage with a Mexican style lager bearing the Shiner label and the Spoetzl Brewery’s commitment to quality,” says Carlos Alvarez, CEO of The Gambrinus Company in San Antonio, TX, who acquired the Spoetzl Brewery in 1989. “I know Shiner fans will enjoy ¡Orale! – a word that expresses so much in the Spanish language.”

¡Órale! is also crisp and sessionable, pairing especially well with spicy, flavorful foods. Shiner Bock’s ¡Órale! is rolling out nationally this month and will be sold in 6-pack and 12-pack cans and bottles.

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Allagash Brewing Company Debuts Beer Brittle

Poland Spring introduced us to “what it means to be from Maine.” Now, two other Maine-based brands have teamed up to offer a new product from the Pine Tree State.

Bixby Chocolate and Allagash Brewing Company have teamed up to create Beer Brittle. 

Both having values rooted in community and sustainability, the duo cooked up three different kinds of brittle to reflect the brewery’s signature flavors: The Allagash Sixteen Counties Chipotle Peanut Brittle, Allagash White Peanut Brittle and Allagash Nibby Stout.

Sixteen Counties Chipotle Peanut Brittle features a spicy combination of Allagash Sixteen Counties (brewed with 100% Maine-grown grain) and dash of chipotle and Maine Sea Salt. Made with the famous Belgian-style Allagash White, peanuts, and a hint of Maine Sea Salt, Allagash White Peanut Brittle is the lightest and most mellow of the three. Lastly, the Nibby Stout is made with Allagash North Sky Stout, Bixby nibs and a mix of nuts.

Bixby Chocolate Founder Kate McAlee had the inspiration for collaboration. “Bixby was seeking a way to innovate a new brittle concept and craft beer seemed like a wonderful addition to the flavor profile. Allagash was our dream partner — we started R+D with Allagash White and grew the concept from there.”

“Kate and the folks at Bixby represent so many of the things we love about working with local, independent companies,” added Jeff Pillet-Shore, Marketing Director at Allagash Brewing Company. “They ethically source their ingredients, they invest in their local communities, and they make some absolutely delicious sweets. The whole collaboration has been a pleasure and we couldn’t be more excited to share and enjoy the result.”

The Bixby Chocolate x Allagash Brewing Company’s Beer Brittle are available now at retailers.

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Modelo Introduces Five New Flavors

Modelo is making some major moves. The Mexican beer brand recently announced the introduction of five new drinks, including its first light beer, Modelo Oro. 

The new offerings include:

  • Modelo Chelada Naranja Picosa – available nationally
  • Modelo Chelada Limón y Sal, 12 oz. 12-pack – available nationally
  • Modelo Oro – available in Charlotte, NC; Fresno, CA and Houston, TX
  • Modelo Cantarito-Style Cerveza – available in Atlanta, GA; San Diego, CA and Arizona
  • Modelo Ranch Water – available in Texas and New Mexico

Available nationally, Modelo is releasing a 12oz 12-pack of the popular Modelo Chelada Limón y Sal flavor. The newest, vibrant flavor in the Chelada lineup is Modelo Chelada Naranja Picosa — a fun and zesty blend of refreshing flavors including orange, lime, salt, and a hint of spice.

“We know that consumers are increasingly reaching for lighter, more premium sessionable offerings5, so we developed Modelo Oro, a light cerveza that seals in Modelo’s golden flavor. Meanwhile Modelo Cantarito-Style Cerveza is inspired by the vibrant cantarito cocktail from Jalisco, Mexico — a drink to celebrate the strong Mexican culture and heritage we see throughout the U.S.,” said Saúl Trejo, Senior Brand Manager at Modelo.

Modelo’s new premium light beer offering is Modelo Oro, a time-crafted and premium light beer with an exceptionally smooth, crisp clean finish. Modelo Ranch Water is a fresh, spiked sparkling water crafted with real flavor and Mexican ingredients — with a splash of real Mexican lime juice and a hint of 100% blue agave. Modelo Cantarito-Style Cerveza is a light lager made with a hint of real grapefruit, orange and lime juices.

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Guinness Debuts a Breakfast Beer Just in Time For St. Patrick’s Day

If you’re the type to imbibe a bit in the AM — you know, Bailey’s in your coffee kind of vibes — then Guinness’ newest offering is ready to fill your glass soon. And what better day than St. Patrick’s Day to give it a try?

Guinness sure would be the ideal way to tip a glass to today’s holiday, but even more so with the brand’s new Guinness Breakfast Tea Amber. The new ale is brewed with actual Irish breakfast tea that’s included to steep in the beer during the dry-hopping phase.

The notion of some pre-noon sips sounds a little intriguing, enough to fill a mug in honor of good old St. Patty. If you’re as convinced as I am, you can grab Guinness Breakfast Tea Amber in four-packs of 16-ounce cans at your local retailer now.

Beer Nightlife

Stella Artois Starts Program to Help Bartenders Make the Perfect Pour

To celebrate our first March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day IRL in a few years, Stella Artois is raising a chalice and giving back to the backbone of the hospitality industry – bartenders – via its “Perfect Pour.”

The program plans to educate bartenders that will ensure that customers experience a perfectly poured beer every time. A Perfect Pour requires fresh beer and clean draught lines, served in a chalice with a head of foam, and presented with a smile. Stella Artois is dedicated to engaging bartenders to ensure that each beer is served precisely the same way each time it’s ordered. Through the “Perfect Pour,” Stella Artois will provide bartenders with quality-focused training sessions, host “Perfect Pour Day,” and engage the bartender community with local events.

“It’s no secret the industry has seen tremendous change and staffing challenges and turnovers over the past two years. And with March as the busiest month in the on-premise, we’re proud to launch Stella Artois’s Perfect Pour initiative to assist training servers on the importance of quality execution with every single pour,” says Tony Romano, Vice President, On-Premise Sales, Anheuser-Busch.

Bars and restaurants have faced an unprecedented two years. As consumers return to their favorite bars and restaurants, bartenders are on the frontlines providing that quality experience that brings us all together for more cheers.

On March 9th, Stella Artois hosted bartenders for the “Perfect Pour Day,” a day that will provide them with a refresher of all the tips, tricks, and tools necessary to fine-tune the craft of pouring beer into a glass and mastering the perfect Stella Artois chalice.

The day’s training sessions was by two of the only 20 Master Cicerones in the entire world, Ryan Daley and Max Bakker, who shared tips and tricks of the trade that will help bartenders advance their pouring skills. The event was hosted by Saturday Night Live frontman Mikey Day.

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Natural Light Will Pay You and Give You Free Beer to Grow a Mullet

Some things just never go out of style: good beer, delicious food and great hairstyles.

To celebrate the launch of their Vintage Cans, Natural Light will pay fans to get a mullet haircut and send them beer every month for as long as they keep the “business in the front, party in the back” all year long.

Natty Light is going back to its (natural) roots, circa 1977, with the nationwide release of their Vintage Cans.

As you might’ve seen, the mullet has made waves recently, rising in popularity amongst both celebs and Gen Zers. The mullet was even the most searched hairstyle of 2021 with over 15.5 million searches — a 142% increase over the previous year.

“The mullet might be returning, but true Natty Fans know it never really went out of style,” said Daniel Blake, Group VP, Budweiser & Value at Anheuser-Busch. “That’s why we want to make it easier than ever for fans to celebrate this iconic look. And though this hairdo has stood the test of time, these Natural Light Vintage Cans are limited edition so be sure to grab them before they’re gone!”

For your chance to get your mullet haircut covered by Natty Light and score a case of Vintage Cans, all you need to do is post of photo of yourself with your mullet haircut to social media using #NattyVintage and #sweeps between now and March 31.

The brand will keep that monthly shipment of Natty Light coming for as long as you keep the mullet this year. Remember to share your mullet progress on social using the same hashtags on the first of every month.

For fans of Natty Light, did you know that they have Lemonade Vodka?

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In 155 Years of Brewing, This is Leinenkugel’s First Session Sour-Style Beer on the Market

Leinenkugel’s is releasing their first-ever session-sour style beer — Leinenkugel’s Juicy Peach

What is a session-sour style beer, you ask? Well, it is usually defined by its refreshment and drinkability. The goal is to reach a balance between the character and the lower ABV. This new brew balances the sweetness from natural peach juice with subtle tart notes and has an ABV of 4.4% — below the 5% benchmark. In 155 years of brewing, this is Leinenkugel’s first session sour-style beer on the market.

Perfect for pairing with a charcuterie board or spicy food, Juicy Peach is a light body beer with a crisp, tingly texture. You’ll get ripe juicy peach flavor upfront followed by a subtle tartness, finishing with lingering notes of peach. The beer uses Cluster Hops, Moravian Two Row Barley, Red Wheat and Caramel Malt and is brewed in Chippewa Falls and Milwaukee, WI.

“Leinenkugel’s is known for brewing different and exciting styles of beers.  It’s what we do best and our drinkers expect it.  Juicy Peach is our latest example of that.  It’s our refreshing take on the popular tart session-sour style and we’re thrilled to offer it right now,” said Tony Bugher, 6th generation Leinenkugel and part of the brand’s marketing team.

Leinenkugel’s Juicy Peach is available year-round throughout the Great Lakes region in 6-pack and 12-pack 12oz cans and draft.