The Beer Tusk Could Be the Future of Shotgunning

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Apparently using your keys to pop open a can for shotgunning purposes can be dangerous. You could end up with a jagged edge or have half your beer explode before you can get your mouth over the hole. (That’s what she said.) The Beer Tusk, created by two college buddies was designed with the stereotypical college kid in mind to avoid such noob party fouls.

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An ongoing Kickstarter project at the moment the introduction video describes how the Beer Tusk works:

The beer tusk works by puncturing a small hole into the bottom of the can, to release pressure and then creates a custom size hole to shotgun out of. By rotating the tusk you’re able to increase the size of the hole to fit your shotgunning preferences.

The Beer Tusk’s design obviously gets its inspiration from a real tusk but it’s more for practical purposes than aesthetic. The design allows the tool to anchor onto the bottom of the can for stabilization so the Beer Tusk pops into the can easily. Once the tusk is in the can it creates a “perfect hole with no spill or spray” making shotgunning messes a thing of the past.

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The Beer Tusk fits on a keychain and is also useful for popping tops off of bottles, possibly making this the most convenient all purpose booze tool ever devised.

The project still has 11 days left to raise about $7000 before the Beer Tusk can be made available to colleges nationwide. Until then keep it old school and use that key, just beware of backsplash.

H/T + PicThx Beer Tusk Kickstarter