Beer Hit-Or-Miss

Man Dresses Up As Batman And Steals 2 Cases Of Beer [WATCH]

Working three years in a grocery store, I saw my fair share of beer thieves trying to walk out with cart-fulls of Budweisers and Coronas. A lot of times we’d catch them, politely telling them, ‘Hey, I don’t think you paid for that,’ and take the cart back, but surely, there were several times they got away.

In the latest instance of beer-thievery Police need a little help finding a someone who was caught on surveillance totally breaking the comic book rules and cross-dressing as both a Marvel and DC character. This man wore a Batman suit, a Captain America mask, and casually walked out of a New York convenience store, holding two 18-packs of beer, according to WIVB News 4.

The man was described by police as white, 5-foot-9, and in his twenties, but that description’s probably not much help unless the dude walks around with his Cap mask on.

He really needs work on his sneaky Batman skills, though, because the camera got a pretty good shot of him. So far, he has managed to stay away from the police, so he’s got that vigilante part down.