Bros Combine Beer Pong And Golf For A New Way To Get Wasted

Combining the ball-in-cup base of beer pong, with the hand-eye coordination required for mini golf, this Kickstarter campaign for Beer Pong Golf is a frat bro’s wet dream.

People have taken numerous stabs at revolutionizing beer pong, from the tall task that Mountain Pong provided to the Futuristic Pong Bot, but this concept just might be more fun than either of those.

The plastic beer cups are placed on a corn hole-like board, still in its traditional 10-cup triangle formation. These plastic balls used are not heavy enough to break things, which allows you to play indoors. The provided mat to hit the balls off is made with “high quality” artificial turf, whatever that means.

With the Beer Pong Golf makers knowing their demographic, there are specific blank spaces where you can put your favorite sports team’s decal or logo and create rivalries.

The only drawback I can think of for this thing, is the “not easy at all,” claim. Sure challenges are fun, but when a bunch of people are getting together to get drunk, having to work hard for it isn’t exactly what they’re looking for.

Still, your beer pong form wasn’t built in a day, so a little practice would probably do you some good in this.

While you might be in the, “why change a game that’s already perfect,” camp, this looks like a pretty awesome deviation from your usual tailgate game, and people seem to be behind it. With Beer Pong Golf’s modest goal of $20,000, that number has been obliterated with over $100,000 in backing, still with 20 days to go as of this writing.

The $75 pledge is no longer available, so getting your hands on the the board itself will cost you $89, while a complete set that includes the special golf balls and chip mat will cost you a pledge of $159. Beer Pong Golf is estimated to go out for delivery in October 2017.

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This Beer Pong Dart Board Is Totally Leveling Up The Game You’re Used To

We’ve seen our fair share of wacky beer pong concepts, from Pongbot, to Mountain Pong, and just when you thought there’d be no way to keep this trend going, Oche Pong appeared out of nowhere.

Oche Pong is like playing darts and beer pong at the same time, as the cup setup can be attached to your wall, or pretty much anything in a vertical position.

The unique pong game comes with both suction cups, and a bungee cord, which give you the option of taking it on the road, and possibly sticking it on a car window, or even hanging it on a canopy.

“We wanted to keep to the original spirit of the game but at the same time add all the practicality of darts.” Oche Pong says on its Facebook page. “Oche Pong creates the opportunity for continuous and spontaneous play without the hassle of the table.”

There is a big difference that might be a bummer for heavy drinkers, as the board only allows for one set of 10 cups, instead of two sets you see in a regular beer pong game. You could buy two boards and put them next to each other, but that’s not the most convenient. Your best bet is just shooting until one team makes six shots.

It’s essentially a good, on-the-go beer pong set that still tests your shooting skills, and still gets you buzzed.

Unfortunately, it’s already sold out, but if and when they do restock, the Oche Pong set retails for $34.99.

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International Drinking Games We Never Knew About, But DAMN I WANT TO PLAY


Drinking games combine the two greatest things in the world—drinking and games. Together, they make drinking seem more silly and innocent and games all the wilder and cooler. But they’re born out of a country’s boozing culture. People don’t drink the same around the world, so their method of game-ifying the drunken activity wouldn’t be the same approach. Let’s look at a couple of wild ways people around the world get straight up lit.


1. Kastenlauf


Photo: Wikimedia

Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Finally, a game for drunks who want to work off the calories as they come in. This “race” pairs up at least two boozehounds to a team, and they carry a crate or cooler of beer to the finish line. The caveat here is that you have to finish all the beer before crossing. Is it just a brisk stroll through a park? Hell no, the routes are usually between, like, 5 km and 12 km. This drinking game probably started centuries ago when two dudes got kicked out of the house and had to walk to their friend’s farm in the next village to keep partying.


2. Bear Paw



If the little I understand about this country is even remotely true, then this is the most Russian game ever. It’s basically drinking until everyone passes out or dies. Here’s how the carnival of madness works: Fill a big stein with beer, take a sip, and pass it on. In between those last two steps, however, top it off with vodka. Eventually, the entire stein will be vodka, so you start topping it off with beer once that happens. Then you just keep doing this. Last person awake or alive “wins.”


3. Ping Pong Pang


Photo: Youtube


What basically feels like a Mexican standoff, this drinking game has everyone yelling and pointing fingers at each other (which sounds like most holidays, honestly). One player starts things off by saying, “Ping.” The person on their left has to quickly follow it with, “Pong.” Then the person on their left calls out, “Pang.” That person then points to another boozer at the table to start the three-word process all over again. If anyone’s too slow or forgets to point at that pivotal moment, everyone chants while the person drinks.


4. Hammerschlagen


Photo: Wikipedia


Sure, on the lower end of the list of things you want to hand your friend is a hammer and nails, but this should, in theory, work out on the side of fun (not murder). Going back to an Oktoberfest in the early 19th Century, this game has everyone sticking a nail in a tree stump (or some random piece of wood). When it’s your turn, you have to hit your nail or drink. That goes around until someone totally sinks their nail into the wood. First person to do so wins a free shot and the last person gets the next round. It sounds like it was specifically designed for camping bachelor parties.


5. Napkin, Beer, Cigarette



South Korea

This game is so literal and cool. You could probably guess the rules on its name alone, if it weren’t for the lack of a “coin” mention. Basically, you lay a coin atop a napkin and place that napkin atop a full pint of beer. Then everyone at the table takes turns burning a hole in said napkin with a lit cigarette. When the coin inevitably falls through, that person has to drink the beer (but not the coin!). It’d also be the raddest way to accidentally cause a house fire.


6. Goon of Fortune


Photo: Youtube


Named after Wheel of Fortune, the game entails you rounding up your friends and a goon bag (it’s just the bag in boxed wine). Clothes-pin the bag to a rotary clothesline—often called a Hills Hoist—and then spin the thing with everyone around it. Whoever’s standing closest to the goon bag when it comes to a stop must drink the proper amount of “goon,” which is agreed upon beforehand. I now realize this is what’s been missing from barbeques out here in the States.

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Meet Pongbot, The Future Of Beer Pong

Beer pong is a legendary party game that continues to evolve to this day. Recently, we wrote about how robots were being used to add another level of difficulty to the game, when we discovered players began placing beer cups on top of moving iRobot Roomba vacuums, that move and spin around the table it was placed on. It’s too bad, however, that a Roomba can retail for more than $500.00, making it difficult to have Roomba beer pong tournaments.

Well, you can thank the Kickstarter campaign, Pongbot, for thinking of an easier and less expensive way for everyone to enjoy a good ol’ fashioned game of robot beer pong.

Pongbot has two modes; automatic and manual. In manual mode, players use a Pongbot-specific remote control to navigate the moving caddie out of their opponent’s scoring line, adding to the game’s difficulty and increased interaction with other players.


Introduced to the Kickstarter community on August 22, 2016, the Pongbot project still has more than a month to acquire full funding, but according to its creators, this product is, “fully developed and ready for production.”

Looking for a startup goal of $100,000, Pongbot has accumulated more than $1,900 just hours after launching.

The Pongbot Kickstarter is accepting pledges starting from $5 up to $300. Backers who donate more than $300 will receive 10 full-sets — one set includes the Pongbot motor and the 5-cup caddie — Pongbot logo themed balls, and some t-shirts.

Think you can beat team FOODBEAST in a game of Pongbot beer pong? Become a backer on their Kickstarter page and bring it on!

Beer Hit-Or-Miss Video

This 100-Year-Old Woman Celebrated Her B-Day By Crushing A Game Of Beer Pong

This lovely lady has just won our hearts with her incredible beer pong skills. She’s Foodbeast’s new spirit animal, and everything that us 20-somethings aspire to be in life.

The video was taken at the woman’s backyard birthday bash and posted to Facebook. Notice the guest of honor wear a sash that bears her age of the big-100.

She demonstrates the highest level of skill as she seamlessly sinks the final shot in what looks to be her first try at it. She channels a true Rocky Balboa moment after sinking her shot, amidst shock from her family members on hand.

What a way to turn 100 and show up those grandkids. Grandma also received a good amount of deserved internet fame from the video.



Photo Credit: You Tube 


Gamer Hacks Halo 5 Map To Create Epic Beer Pong Game

Leave it to gamers to figure out a way to play beer pong without beer, a cup, or a ball.

Today, there is no shortage of competition in the constantly expanding industry of personal gaming. With professional gaming tournaments getting national coverage, gaming is becoming a new frontier with its full-potential still under development. Now, with new technology, game modifiers are adding personal touches that are pushing the limits of what is possible inside these virtual worlds.

As users create new concepts for gaming maps — they are also creating new ways to interact and play inside these virtual worlds. Reddit user, Zandril, discovered Forge user and Halo player AFTM Reclaimer created a map that included a really cool beer pong game that the Halo soldiers can actually play. Zandril posted this find to the subreddit, ‘r/gaming’ and it received more than 6,000 points in three hours. That’s a lot.

Clips of Halo 5’s newfound adult drinking game is a little less violent than running around throwing grenades and firing rocket launchers at each other, but sadly, it is not officially released on Xbox or PC. However, the Forge-based Halo 5 version of beer pong looks super fun and very easy to operate.

YouTuber, ZannyVids, posted a video breakdown of the Forge-based Halo 5 map on July 25, and it looks pretty legit.

The Forge Gaming Network is a platform that prides itself on allowing users to build maps inside of existing games for free. Forge, according to its website, is a “clan development and support platform,” that was launched in 2012.

We thought we’d seen it all when we discovered Roomba beer pong a few weeks ago, we have to say we’re pretty intrigued with this new discovery.


The Unexpected Origins of Our Favorite Drinking Games

While everyone screams, debates, and challenges the rules of drinking games, nobody ever asks where these friendship massacres even came from in the first place. Don’t you want to know what you’re fighting for? Don’t you care what historical side you’re on? Oh, you do? Ok, good, because here are the stories of those four drinking games you always seem to be playing.

1. Beer Pong

beer pong

Main Objective: To sink ping pong balls into all 10 of your opponent’s geometrically arranged cups, forcing them to drink after each successful attempt.

Since booze isn’t a direct component of baseball—just its fans—it’s likely safe to call Beer Pong the closest “sport” Americans can claim as our national drinking pastime. Everyone understands the basics, even though every house has a different set of quirky tweaks for no reason. But nobody ever really stops to ask how the game came to be. Well, since you should know your history, I’ll tell you.

It supposedly started at Dartmouth University in the late 50s, where frat guys playing ping pong noticed their beer cups resting on the table could become targets. It was known as Beer Pong (or simply Pong) because teams used a handle-less ping-pong paddle back then. The game spread, mostly by word of mouth, from campus to campus. In 1980, though, Leigh University and Bucknell University were playing the modern-day “Beer Pong” (a.k.a. “Throw Pong” or sometimes “Beirut”). Whether they just preferred throwing the little balls or all of their paddles broke remains disputed as the origin story of this ubiquitous drinking game.

2. Flip Cup

Flipcuppers (1)

Photo Credit: stangls

Main Objective: Flip a cup, precariously hanging off a table, onto its lip faster than the opposing team.

Another game created by bored college students aiming to make cheap beer exciting, Flip Cup has certainly taken second or third place in drunken heart of American young adulthood. Rumored to be born out of New Jersey in the late 1980s — lookin’ at you Hoboken — the game naturally spread to everyone who loved team sports that could turn into a huge fight within five seconds of winning.

3. Quarters


Main Objective: Bounce quarters off a table and into a cup in order to make another player drink or establish additional rules.

Quarters has probably been called a million things over the centuries since it’s been played in European taverns. I mean, to play, all you need is ale and a coin. It’s not exactly the Monopoly. But if we’re really digging deep into history, we’d have to look at its predecessor. Kottabos was a game drunk lounging Greek men—often financially well off—would play. Tossing the dregs of their wine cup toward a target, either a dish or a saucer, seeing who could land the most. There’s also the assumption that there was a lot more weird sex going on in this game than its modern-day evolution.

4. King’s Cup


Photo Credit: Michael Morales

Main Objective: Play close attention to a list of rules associated with a deck of cards and avoid pulling the last King/drinking the King’s Cup (often filled with an unsavory mix of alcohol).

The best drinking game to play holed up in a cabin, where you have nothing but time and nowhere to go, has many names. To me, it’s King’s Cup. To others, it can be Kings, Ring of Fire, Circle of Death, Donut, and so on. Nobody knows for certain where this game came from, though it bears a slight resemblance to the Norse drinking ritual of Sumbel or “ale-gathering.” It’s like Jumanji. One day, it showed up in our world with the sole purpose to make an insane mess of everything.


Microsoft Sent Out A Sketchy E-mail About ‘Baes’ Playing Beer Pong

In a world dominated by the ‘coolness’ of Snapchat, Facebook and Google, Microsoft has become the ugly older sister in the corner that no one wants to chill with, unless you play Xbox all day. So, being the resourceful thing Microsoft is — it decided the easiest way for people to pay more attention to Microsoft would be to get “bae” interns super “lit” on, “lots of dranks” at a post Internapolooza party in San Francisco, on Monday July 11.

Like, hells yeah, right!? Not so much.

The Internet spoiled Microsoft’s date with destiny when people started circulating the crudely worded email. Twitter user, Patrick Burtchaell, posted a screenshot of the email he claims was sent to his roommate.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 4.19.06 PM

Intenapolooza, according to its website, is the largest gathering of interns in the world, where everyone can connect and learn from professionals.

So, what’s wrong with stating just stating the facts?

For example a message that simply said, “You’re invited to Microsoft’s Post-Internapolooza After Party! Hope you can make it!” would have been so legit. With that said, Microsoft’s introductory salutation was, “Hey Bae Intern <3,” and concluded with the phrase, “HELL YES TO GETTING LIT ON A MONDAY NIGHT.”

Really, all caps? Talk about desperate. At least the event is co-sponsored by Snapchat, Google and Facebook, because I don’t think Microsoft has pure intentions.

What the hell is a Yammer beer pong table, anyway? Roomba beer pong is where it’s at.

Sorry Microsoft, I’m really busy that week.