This Guy Just Crushed The Beer Mile World Record, Twice

This man might be the world record holder of one of the weirdest (or at least one of the drunkest) sports in the world. And he didn’t just do it once.

Corey Bellemore, a 21-year-old Canadian man, broke the beer mile record running a speedy 4:39.56. The objective of a beer mile is relatively straight forward, run a four lap mile, drinking a beer between each lap.

Rather than take a few days off and relax with his new record he kept going like a champ.  Competing just three days later, he set ANOTHER record, this time for 4:34.25.

These also were just his third and fourth beer miles ever, not to mention a lot of adults can’t run this fast sober. These will be the top two fastest records, as long as they are officially approved. His records are still pending official approval by the experts.

Attempting the beer mile isn’t easy.

The event may sound fun, but the actual beer mile rules are actually fairly specific, especially considering the blood alcohol level of its participants. They even recommend that anyone going for a record tips the empty bottle or can to prove it’s truly empty. The most basic rules specify that the beer must be at least 5% alcohol by volume, at least 355 ml, and consumed before the lap is begun.  If a participant pukes at all during the competition they are given an extra lap.

Could you finish this boozy run?