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Ballsy College Student Shotguns Beer On Stage Right After Getting His Diploma [WATCH]

If you’re a college student about to graduate, nothing is more exciting than the thought of walking up on stage, getting your diploma, and then celebrating. For some people, the festivities start on stage with some epic pose or public display that gets the crowd cheering.

Loyola Marymount University student Christopher Nathan Barrett decided to take celebrating graduation to the next level by shotgunning a beer on stage, right in front of the cameras.

Immediately after getting his diploma, Barrett pulls a beer out from what appears to be his stole. Since he had already punctured a hole into the can, he was able to quickly pop the top and start chugging like there’s no tomorrow, getting about fifteen seconds of viral internet fame and glory as a result

While there’s no word yet as to what the exact consequences of Barrett’s stunt will be from the university, it’s pretty clear what should happen. This man deserves two diplomas: one for his college degree and one for being a legit hero for frat bros everywhere.

You the man now, Chris.