Instant Frozen Beer Slushie Maker Keeps Your Beer Cold


Summertime is synonymous with ice cold beers and slushies. At least in my booze-addled, slurpee-addicted mind. A nice frosty beer or an icy blended drink is a definite must every now and again. Naturally, Kirin’s frozen brews peaked my interest combining those two summertime loves.

The Japanese beer brand has been known to dabble in the slushie game through the years. You’ll probably recall their curious frozen beer foam spotted at Dodgers Stadium. The only problem is having to get tickets and shelling out $10-plus per drink. Turns out you’ll no longer have to wade through the multitudes of baseball fans at Dodgers just to get your hands on a boozy treat. Kirin’s Frozen Beer Slushie Maker lets you pour a frozen head on top of your brew from the comfort of your home, sans pants. Like the one at Dodger’s Stadium, the frozen foam keeps your beer chilled for longer.

If you really have your heart set on one (why wouldn’t you?), they’re available at Japan Trend Shop for $65 US. If it’s anything like the original, it’ll pay for itself.

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So, Who Wants To Drink Some Blue Beer?


Before we start, let’s have three guesses at where this oddly-hued brew this comes from. (Hint: if you didn’t say “Pandora,” “Smurf Village,” or “Japan” just now, get it together man, honestly.)

Last year, we discovered the glory that was frozen beer foam — not a beer slushy, but a kind of whipped snow developed by Kirin Brewing Company to cool beers by watering them down. Well, in Japan, it seems they’ve taken this neat invention to its next logical step: sports branding.

For a limited time, the Kirin Ichiban Beer Garden in Tokyo is selling an awfully Breaking Bad-esque summer beer in promotion of Japanese soccer team, Samurai Blue. Topped with frozen, bitter beer foam, the Listerine-colored lager is actually nice and “refreshing,” according to Rocket News, with a surprising sweetness at the bottom we can only assume comes from whatever syrup gave the beer its color.

Since it’s only available at the beer garden until July, there’s probably a slim chance this grown-up Kool-Aid will ever make its way to the States. No, we’d never drink anything so weird.

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This Portable ‘Beer Server’ Insta-Cools Your Brew


This is the Premium Beer Server GOKUREI, a kind of portable cooler machine that can chill a can of beer to 40 Fahrenheit in under 4 minutes.

Made by Japanese toy manufacturer Takara Tomy, the Gokurei comes with a cooling chamber and mixing faucet and works similarly to a water cooler. You just add ice and water to the chamber (plus salt, if you prefer your beer below freezing), set the machine to “cool,” and proceed to knock back a few refreshing shandies in probably less time than you’d spend asking your bro why you can’t open that damn twist-top. If you’re in Japan, keep an eye out for it on May 22, when it hits shelves at a price of 7,800 yen (US$77).

And, because the Japanese just love their bubbles, the Gokurei also features a high-speed internal whipping blade, so you can adjust the level of beer foam to your heart’s desire. Take that, Igloo.

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