Drunk Guy With Incredible Accuracy Nails Baby In Head With Beer During Blue Jays Game

A mini riot ensued in the crowd at Wednesday’s Toronto Blue Jays game, and at some point, a baby got sprayed with beer, leading to an arrest.

Without getting too much into the sports specifics of the situation, a controversial play went down as the Blue Jays hosted the Texas Rangers in Game 5 of the ALDS.

The Toronto fans didn’t take that play too kindly and began throwing debris onto the field in protest. It got pretty crazy. Even the players came out of the dugout asking the fans to stop.

While fans in the upper deck threw their beer cans down onto the field, one of those cans reached a baby in the front row. Thankfully it was just beer that landed on the baby, on not the physical can, but it was just as upsetting to the mother.

The cameramen were on top of their game and even showed the crying mother as the incident happened live.

Somehow, Toronto PD found a male suspect in the sea of over 49,000 fans and arrested him, according to CBS Sports.

The man is being charged with “mischief,” which is the most Canadian sounding crime ever. Friendly bastards.

Now the Blue Jays are scrambling, trying to figure out what to do about selling beer cans at the stadium.

So the idiots who threw beer can not only ruined that family’s day, but probably ruined future days of beer can-drinking fanatics if the stadium does away with them.


How to Unwrap Your Beer Can With an iPhone [Photo]


There’s David Blaine, then there’s this magic: A beer can unwrapped using the power of your mobile phone.


Here’s All the Beer Can Knowledge You Might Ever Need

Before you do this . . .



Let us drop some knowledge on ya:


That can you’re about to crush on your head? It’s a fuckin beast and is more of a man than you’ll ever be, ever. In fact, before you chugged it of its soul, it exerted 95 pounds per square inch of force. That’s physics, bitch.



The first beer cans were produced in 1935:




Cans have gone through several phases of opening mechanisms over the years:




Did we mention it’s made from a disc of aluminum thinner than paper and stretched out to create a container that’s 400X its original size? What did you do with your life today?




Once the cans are pressed into shape, they’re shipped off to breweries to be filled and capped.





The cans are capped?! That explains why you can remove the tops with a can opener:





Mountaineer Jim Whittaker was the first American to reach the summit of Mount Everest. He brought a beer can to celebrate:





Oh, and here’s what it looks like when you touch the can where you shouldn’t:





If you have an exuberant amount of free time, watch the process below:


Now go forth, pray this knowledge proves useful in some trivia contest when you’re 40, and share that boozy wealth.



Here’s How to Boost Your Wifi Signal Using a Beer Can

One of the top first-world problems is battling your temperamental WiFi signal. It can ruin your mood in one fell swoop, sending your bowl of cereal across the room and disrupting not only your breakfast, but your entire day. Actually, if that’s ever happened to you, you probably have anger issues and should see someone about that… Anywhoo *slowly scootches away*, the folks over at Hack College have solved your WiFi woes with their nifty “Minute Hack.” The trick involves a beer can and utility knife. We’ll let them take it from here:


via HackCollege


Make This DIY Beer Can Advent Calendar

Last month we brought you the boozy brilliance that was the Whiskey Advent Calendar, but as many people pointed out, at just .33 ounces per day, there wasn’t nearly enough booze there to get you through your Mayan Doomsday.

And okay, so this DIY Beer Can version probably isn’t much better in terms of alcohol content, but at least it won’t cost you $240. Essentially 25 shipping tubes covered in Ski Free wrapping paper (win), this 10-step instructable by user mikeasaurus is the everyman’s way of ringing in Christmas, grown-up style.

Now, Advent started yesterday. Get a move on.

via Laughing Squid/ photo courtesy mikeasaurus


Canned Beer Dispenser: The Beer Hour

Beer in a can is all well and good, but there’s something about that perfect amount of frothy head that you can only get from the tap. Well thanks to the brilliant minds from Takara Tomy, you can get that perfectly carbonated beer head in the comfort of your own home, straight from your favorite can of beer with the The Beer Hour.

The dispenser stirs the beer as it pours at a high speed to create more carbonation, which gives you that extra head as you pour. Simply hold down the lever as you pour to froth up your brew to your personal liking. You can also adjust the dispenser to fit the standard 350 ml cans and the 500 ml tallboys. The Beer Hour gives you a straight from the tap taste, straight from the can at home!

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