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Someone Threw A Beer Bottle Into A Wall And It Didn’t Break

Someone Somehow Managed to throw a Budweiser Bottle Inside the Wall of my University Campus Without Smashing it. from mildlyinteresting

It’s not everyday you see a full bottle of beer stuck into a wall.

Reddit user OxygenPremium definitely thought so when he encountered one stuck in the wall of one of his buildings on campus at Surrey University. He uploaded the photo to Reddit, where it took off as the internet was just as surprised as OxygenPremium as to how this came to be.

Of course, everyone had their ideas of how the bottle got up there in the first place and how it didn’t break upon impact with the wall.

One person even suggested a conspiracy theory that Budweiser was behind the whole thing, since the post title described the bottle as a “Budweiser Bottle.”

Others just found the whole ordeal hilarious and contributed some pretty funny jokes to describe what happened.

In the end, though, some building pros came in to the comments and made it pretty clear how this was all possible.

Well, now that the case of the curious beer bottle is resolved, the only question that’s left is how long the bottle will stay up there. Guess time will eventually tell on that part of this interesting and humorous tale.


Listen to the World’s First ‘Playable’ Beer Bottle


No, you’re not drunker than you thought. That Beck’s beer bottle is actually making music.

Taking inspiration from Thomas Edison’s original cylindrical phonograph (a predecessor to the “record”), Beck’s Brewery partnered with creative agency Shine Limited to create the Edison Bottle, the world’s first playable beer bottle. The idea — according to the accompanying nifty promo video featured below — was that “Beck’s has had a long association with music and art,” and that Edison had invented his phonograph around the same time that Heinrich Beck first started brewing back in the 1870s. (History guys, it’s not just for reading and forgetting immediately after the final.)

The video and website explain the final product was a “formidable technical challenge,” which debuted at a design conference in New Zealand in May to a “standing ovation from the assembled media and design community.” Based on the video alone, heck, I believe it. Luckily all we have to do is sit back, relax and press play to see the Edison Bottle in action.

Getting to hear the catchy single “Here She Comes” by New Zealand band Ghost Wave, which was inscribed on the bottle, is a nice plus too.

H/T + PicThx Laughing Squid


How to Open Multiple Beer Bottles Like a Boss [VIDEO]


Gotta love the Germans.

While most of us are content with being totally inefficient and opening our 24 packs one-by-one, a group of guys decided to design their own custom bottle opener capable of unleashing the majesty of all 24 bottles at once.

The video demonstrating their nifty rig has been making its rounds on the internet, with more than a few bloggers noting the four lonely bottles left sadly unopened. Personally, I’m of the school of thought that says they were meant to be unopened because there are only 20 guys in the group. C’mon people, these guys are, like, practically geniuses. I’m sure they know what they’re doing.

H/T The Awesomer


Behold: the Beer Bottle Car Seat, for Scumbag Parents

For basically being over 70% water, most people’s most precious cargo is still remarkably fragile. But luckily for those parents who strive to take at least as much–if not more–care of their favorite brews as they do of their children, now there’s Growler on Board.

Essentially a holster-like foam “Beer Transportation Unit” designed to keep your little darlings safe on long car rides, GoB can hold up to three ~64 ounce growlers, keeping them from tossing around and making messes all over your back seat.

And for that bit of extra safety, the Growler on Board website also offers $2 car decals so you can warn other drivers to keep far, far away from your precious water bags–or you know, just convince them of what a horrible, horrible parent you are.

Growler on Board/BTUs are $30 online and available in yellow, grey, red and black; 2 for $50.

Drive responsibly.

[Via Gizmodo]


3 Tier Beer Bottle Chandelier

Every frat boy dreams of having this in their house. Nothing says classy quite like a 3 Tier Beer Chandelier, don’t you think? When illuminated, your empty beer bottles will cast a beautiful glow on your ceiling. The actual unit comes without the bottles, so you can spend some time drinking your way to a complete 41-bottle chandelier.  ($599 @ Tabby, Inc.)


Hopside Down Beer Glass — Glass & Beer Bottle Combo

Ready for yet another beverage container contradiction? Intro the Hopside Down Beer Glass. The outside of the container has the distinct shape of every other typical beer glass. Pour in your favorite brew to reveal your beer housed in an upside down beer bottle. Your favorite beer can now be enjoyed from a glass and a bottle at the exact same time! ($20 @ ThinkGeek)