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There Is a Whole Beef Rib Inside This Taco

The beef rib is a coveted meat in the barbecue world, and it’s no wonder why — it’s a huge fucking chunk of juicy, tender meat. What else is there to love? Turning it into a taco might up its already high approval rating.

Now where can you get such a dream menu item? According to @memosmunchies, the dream gets fulfilled at El Barrio Cantina in Long Beach, California. There they’re serving up a Carne Asada Beef Rib that’s described as mequite-grilled, and slow-cooked. It’s served “Sonoran with flour tortillas,” thus letting us wild out carnivorously on a taco train to self-satisfaction.

For sure this might be the only time I can finish only one taco in one sitting, but as you can see with what you’re up against, you’ll understand.


Heritage Barbecue Blends LEGIT Texas Barbecue With A California Twist

If you don’t live in Texas, it’s damn near impossible to find a legitimate Central Texas-style Barbecue.

Southern Californians, however, need look no further than Daniel Castillo’s own Heritage Barbecue based in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

Heritage Barbecue began as a pop-up at local breweries in SoCal, accruing a cult following over the years. Once a kitchen manager at Whole Foods, Castillo would smoke meats in his yard and bring them to the breweries.

After years of hosting pop-ups, Castilla finally opened, Castillo finally opened a brick-and-mortar location for Heritage.

Offering the classic staples of Texas barbecue, such as brisket, ribs, pulled pork, and sausages, Castillo also brings a bit of a California twist into his menu.

Items like clubs, burritos, and dips are featured on his menu pretty regularly.

Castillo also takes advantage of the rich ingredients the land has to offer, sourcing locations vegetables from local farms.

Still, what’s been drawing the crowds is what brings folks to any barbecue spot: the meat. Heritage boasts smoked beef that melts in your mouth like an ice cube on a hot skillet. Castillo has become a veritable master of his craft.

While the lines are long, it goes without saying how worthwhile a trip to Heritage could be—especially for Californians craving that Texas-style meat.

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‘Brontosaurus Rib’ At NYC BBQ Joint Will Trigger Your Inner Carnivore

Take one gander at this hulking beef rib at Mighty Quinn’s in New York City and you’ll understand the prehistoric comparisons. Headed up by Pit Master Hugh Mangum, this meat centric paradise is an amalgamation of Texas and Memphis style barbecue techniques, resulting in what he calls as ‘NYC BBQ’.

One of the feature items at Mighty Quinn’s is the Brontosaurus Rib, a massive 6-pound beef plate short rib cut that’s rubbed with Hungarian paprika, salt, and pepper. To get the Jurassic-sized portion to become fall-off-the-bone tender requires 12 hours in the smoker, cooked low and slow.

The outcome? One giant excuse to eat like a Flintstone for a day. The duality of the Brontosaurus Ribs’ sheer size and its resulting supple meat makes for an unforgettable dining experience already. Pair that up with Mighty Quinn’s other excellent bbq offerings and you’d swear you were farther down south in the U.S.