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Gordon Ramsay Goes Off On Hotel Owner For Not Paying His Employees

For everyone in the restaurant industry, from owners to chefs to servers, Gordon Ramsay could easily be as frightening as the Grim Reaper himself. It’s safe to say Ramsay can turn into a complete savage when it comes to ensuring that owners and chefs are doing everything in their power to produce quality cuisine for customers.

But, after watching this clip from Ramsay’s series Hotel Hell, it’s clear that the fiery chef is willing to stand up for employees who feel they aren’t getting fair treatment. That’s exactly what happened during his visit to the Juniper Inn, a luxury bed and breakfast in Vermont.

In this episode, Ramsay meets a hotel owner who seems to be obsessed with opulence and excess, but needs a reality check in fair employment.

The visit to the Juniper Inn got off to a rocky start after Ramsay was served a plate of, “testicle-sized crab cakes,” and a rack of lamb that wasn’t up to his culinary standard. However, he becomes infuriated to learn the hotel’s staff is being severely mistreated and underpaid, with the head chef earning less than $400 a week.

Things only get worse when the head chef explains that he hasn’t been paid in three weeks — all while the hotel’s owner just purchased a $100,000 luxury motorhome.

“What are you doing to these people?” Gordon asks the owner in dismay. “This is their livelihood. This is your responsibility.”

It’s great to see Ramsay acknowledge that it takes more than a good cook to make everyone happy.

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Gordon Ramsay Visits The Worst Bed & Breakfast Ever In Hilarious Sketch

Gordon Ramsay has long been associated with restaurants, with fixing them up in terms of image and food being his particular niche. After having maintained his stellar popularity for many years, it’s time he takes his area of expertise to another corner of the service industry.

With two seasons under his belt already, Ramsay has proven successful in helping people rebrand their lodging establishments in order to turn their misfortune around.

Well, Late Late Show host James Corden decided to turn his home into a bed n’ breakfast, then made the next logical step by inviting Ramsay to his “Home-tel.” Check out the hilarious clip below to see how well Corden pulled it off.