This New ‘Cafeteria Goddess’ is Winning the Hearts of Chinese University Students


The boys in the cafeteria are once again drooling over their cafeteria lady in China.

Pictures of a new “cafeteria goddess” have recently surfaced on the Chinese Internet, adding fuel to the China craze of beautiful people working ordinary day jobs. Yan, the newly crowned lunchtime goddess is a student at Jiangxi Normal University.


The third-year student recently accepted a work-study program at her campus cafeteria. According to Shanghaiist, Yan took the job not seeking money nor fame, but needed some good old working experience. She describes herself as very ordinary and strives to prove herself through her hard work.


The humble goddess has only increased the love from her admirers by her modesty. One head over heels fan said, “She’s beautiful on the outside, but her heart is even more so.”

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Some have even commented on her easygoing personality that makes her more likable.


Sina reported that Yan has attracted business for the cafeteria where she works and serves meat and steamed rice.


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Real Burgers, Real Beauty



Wake Up Smelling Like Toast Perfume

Do you ever wish you could capture the mouthwatering aroma of fresh toasted bread? Well, with Eau de Toast you too can smell like you’ve just popped out of the toaster. Crafted by The Federation of Bakers (of course!) this perfume debuted at London’s Fashion Week. Free samples of the toasty body spray were available to residents of the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Channel Islands aged 18 years or over, but we hear they’ve all been snatched up.

According to the fragrance’s site, the scent was designed to “challenge the fashion for bread-free diets. With just 80 calories per slice, bread provides (at least) 10% of the adult daily intake of protein, fibre, calcium, iron, copper, zinc and manganese.” However consuming the spray is absolutely not the same thing. Just a friendly FYI.


We’re not sure if this smells like toasted bread or if it’s a bit fancier and has that warm buttery goodness all up in there. Maybe that’s the next fragrance in the line to debut, Eau de Buttered Toast.

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Coca-Cola Teams Up With Drug Company For New French ‘Beauty’ Beverage


With concerns over the sugary content of soda growing in America — le gasp, sugar in soda?? — Coca-Cola is exploring other avenues of profit. The Atlanta-based company has set its sights on France,  partnering with Sanofi for a new line of beauty-minded drinks tailored for French women. While the drink line will be overseen by the Oenobiol Beautific brand, Coca-Cola has yet to answer any inquiries on the product.

However, the the Coca-Cola business unit in France admitted that they plan to sell the beauty drinks during a limited “small scale pilot” within the country.

Hints as to what exactly a Coca-Cola sponsored beauty drink will offer throngs of French women? Well, Sanofi, a pharmaceutical company in Paris, bought Laboratoire Oenobiol in 2009. The clutch comes in the fact that Oenobiol is a drug maker that specializes in nutritional and beauty supplements that fight hair loss and aging skin. The WSJ reported that there will be a range of four drinks consisting of fruit juice, mineral water and nutrition additives intended to help with everything from rejuvenating your skin to weight loss.

Hmph, sounds like sugar water to me.

Via Business Insider