This Japanese Restaurant Serves Noodles In Ice Cube Bowls And It’s The Most Beautiful Thing


A few weeks ago, we found footage of a restaurant in Japan serving noodles through a bamboo shoot. Think of it as a delicious super-slide. Now, it seems noodles in Japan are getting yet another unconventional treatment. This one’s slightly more beautiful.

Tempura Matsu, found in Kyoto, Japan, is known for serving their noodles in stunning bowls made of solid ice. According to Rocket News 24, the noodles (inaniwa udon) are made from mugwort and topped with wasabi and a raw egg yolk.

As you can see, the udon rests beautifully in the icy container.

It seems diners can’t help but share their photos of their stunning dish through social media. Hey, if we were lucky enough to be there, we’d probably do the same.

Fast Food

The Fanciest McDonald’s In The World Just Opened In Rotterdam


Perhaps what can be considered as the most beautiful McDonald’s in the world now stands where “the ugliest building in Rotterdam” used to be.

The newly designed McDonald’s building is nestled on one of the city’s most popular shopping streets in Coolsingel in a spot that has been occupied by McDonald’s for 45 years. Residents in Rotterdam had voted the building the ugliest in their city, and the city council was itching to demolish it. However, the popular fast food chain still had 40 years on their lease and thus decided to give their restaurant a new makeover.


The restaurant was originally intended for a cigar shop that was built in the 1960s.



The restaurant features a perforated golden facade and spiral staircase.



The newly designed McDonald’s was envisioned by a team from Dutch firm Mei Architects.



Studio founder Robert Winkel wanted a building designed to seamlessly blend into its surroundings.



The white steel staircase spirals from the service area on the ground floor to the dining room upstairs.



The McDonald’s features panels of gold-anodized aluminium dotted with small heart-shaped perforations that form a pixelated image of a crowd of people.


Source: Dezeen Magazine || Written by Laura Dang of Nextshark