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‘Bear Ramen’ Is Being Served At This Japanese Chain Restaurant

There are so many types, flavors, and consistencies to ramen that further ensure our love for the rich Japanese noodle dish. You could enjoy ramen immersed in broth, served dry, and now even with bear meat.

Menya Musashi, a restaurant chain in Japan, boldly added a new Bear Ramen to their menu. The broth is made with Asiatic Black Bear stock seasoned with miso and garlic, reports Rocket News 24. The Japanese dish is topped with 3.5 ounces of the bear meat.

Asiatic Black Bear meat is said to be more flavorful and less gamey than other varieties of the family Ursidae.

You can find the dish at the Okachimachi Menya Musashi location for a limited time from Dec. 28-31 for 2,000 yen ($17 USD).

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This Is What Happens When A Giant Gummy Bear Is Exposed To Molten Copper

It’s been a while since YouTuber Tito4re threw molten copper on some kind of food. You may remember him buying some McDonald’s Big Macs and French fries and dousing them with the hot liquid metal a little while back. Now, he’s at it again.

This time, he’s gonna maim one of those giant gummy bears that weigh five pounds. In the latest hypnotizing video, a stream of red-hot molten copper covers a sweet giant gummy bear.

Check out the fiery, sticky mess in the video above.


This Hilarious Coca-Cola Mascot Makes Us Believe In Walking Polar Bears [WATCH]


We’ve seen tons of mascots in our line of work. Some are more into their jobs than others. However, this Coca-Cola polar bear is probably one of the few mascots that takes his or her job to a whole new level.

A hilarous and adorable video surfaced featuring a Coca-Cola employee inside the polar bear costume interacting with fans while they have their photos taken. Part of us wonders if it’s just an anthropomorphic polar bear collecting checks from the beverage company.

From his or her movements, mannerism and comedic timing, it becomes quite clear that this person really enjoys making others smile. Or it could just be that they get paid the major dollars to mess with people in a bear costume. Either way, sounds like a sweet gig.

Footage of the polar bear mascot can be seen below.


Ninja Bear Breaks Into Bakery, Avoids All Cameras And Eats 38 Pies


This bear was living the thug life to its fullest, breaking into a Colorado bakery and downing 38 pies.

According to Fox31, the bear broke the back window and climbed into the Colorado Cherry Company, where he proceeded to gobble down 24 cherry pies, 14 apple pies, a sack of sugar and baking cocoa.

This wild bear, literally, tried to take off with some to-go boxes, but dropped them in front of the store on his way out.

The clever bear even avoided security cameras somehow, which is unfortunate for him, because the fridge in the camera’s view had a ton of pies he could have gobbled up.

Of course, Colorado is known for its legalization of marijuana, but there was no evidence that this sneaky bear-thief was intoxicated with a serious case of the munchies.

h/t little things


Bear Falls Through Skylight into Home, Snubs Humans and Goes for Cupcakes


A black bear fell through the skylight of an Alaskan couple in the middle of their child’s birthday celebration Wednesday, CBC reports. The bear then proceeded to eat all the cupcakes. Because priorities.

The couple lived in a mountainside home that overlooked downtown Juneau. Because the area is closer to the woods, it also sees more bears. According to wildlife management, the bear was a young male weighing around 82 kg. When it landed in the Alaskan family’s living room, it caused a panic among the guests devouring all the kid’s cupcakes while ignoring all the delicious humans.

Homeowner Alicia Bishop opened the door as the bear casually walked out, belly full of cupcakes.

Sadly, the bear had to be put down by police officers as it posed a threat to human life. The bear was also believed to have entered another residence earlier in the week. RIP, buddy.

H/T CBC News


Japan Offers Miniature Bear Cubs Wrapped in a Donut


Sold at the bustling Ueno Zoo station in Tokyo, these panda-baked goods come from the Shiretoko Factory. The variety pack contains doughnuts in five flavors:  Hokkaido Milk, Hokkaido Pumpkin, Cocoa Chip, Choc Chip, and Salty Fresh Caramel. Each panda face is created by hand, giving every bear a unique character.

Shiretoko, the peninsula at the northeastern tip of Hokkaido in Japan, contains a unique population of brown bears which provides the inspiration for these doughnuts. In homage to the local kuma (bear), this particular brand of Shiretoko doughnut is called Kumagoron.


You may have qualms about eating these cute little bears, but think of it like a Teddy Graham. Yes, you feel guilty biting its cute little teddy head off, but the sweet reward makes you forget all about that.


The variety pack retails online for 1,580 yen ($16.20 USD) at Rakuten.

H/T + PicThx RocketNews 24


A Sleeping Omelet Bear So Cute You Could Eat It


When we first stumbled upon this picture on the internetz, our intern Erika remarked, “I hate when people make really adorable food because then you feel really bad eating it.” We’re guessing it has something to do with how peaceful the lil’ guy looks sleeping under his eggy blanket and his adorable cheese ears . . . all cooked to perfection. Mmm, throw some bacon and Tabasco sauce on this super presh omelet and I’d have no problem calling it a day.

Come on, you can’t tell me that doesn’t sound tasty. Pair it with a mimosa and it’s practically bearrrunch. Ooo, bad joke, I know.

H/T Neatorama


Fur Reals: UnBEARably Cute StrawBEARy


We can only imagine what Reddit user Taybow thought when this bear-shaped strawberry was spotted among the batch of average-shaped fruits. Most likely, a string of unbearably obnoxious puns ensued