Hangry Bear Destroys Donut Delivery Car, Looking For Goodies Within

If you’ve ever been hangry, you know exactly how this bear probably felt when he tore up a doughnut delivery car in Colorado.

Kim Robertson, owner of Moose Watch Cafe woke up to the bumper of her car completely removed from her Ford Focus. Her first thought was that another car hit it, but she found claw marks and paw marks all over the car.

Robertson explained that the car, which is primarily used for doughnut deliveries, always smells like sweet doughnuts, so you can imagine how this bear got his Yogi on, and followed the smell.

While there weren’t any doughnuts in the car, the bear must have smelled the aprons, as it clawed at the trunk after ripping off the bumper.

Police on scene said you can smell doughnuts while standing by the vehicle (too easy), so the lure was there.

The owner took the bear accident pretty well and is even offering special bear claws at the cafe in the perp’s honor.

h/t nbc