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This Bottle Service Includes A MASSIVE 15 POUND Lobster

Bottle service at the club tends to be a rip off. Spending a quick $2000 only to have two measly bottles of alcohol and some sparklers show up is absolutely shameful. Luckily, Foodbeast is here to take a stand.

At Foodbeast’s upcoming noodles festival, Nood Beach, which takes place on September 1st in Huntington Beach, CA, bottle service is an all-encompassing affair. You can not only get bottles delivered to you and your friends’ table, but also a massive 15lb lobster.

Fif-teen. Just look at how big the claw is.

In case you’re still hungry, it’s served over a bed of luscious noodles, cherry tomatoes, and bok choy, all sauteed in garlic sauce. 

The service doesn’t skimp on the alcohol, either. The default can be Dom Pérignon – two bottles of it on ice – but ultimately, the choice is yours! It all has the same effect anyways, right?

If you’re interested, email for pricing here at Prices range depending on the package you choose. 

So, if you want to eat a 15 pound lobster, see a 15 pound lobster, or just be in the spiritual presence of a 15 pound lobster while you eat at one of the other 20+ noodles vendors, make sure to head out to Nood Beach in a couple weeks.

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What You Should Eat After A Hot Day At The Beach

Photo: So Delicious

Do you know what you should eat after a hot day at the beach or after you’ve spent a huge part of the day in the sun? Besides drinking a lot of water, you should consume foods high in water content to stave off dehydration.

Do you like spending the entire day at the beach in the summer? Even if you stay under the umbrella, a long hot day may dehydrate you, and leave you exhausted. This can also happen if you stay outside for a long time, on a hot day, no matter what activities you have. We love summer days, but the truth is the heat can reduce our energy level and eliminate the nutrients from our bodies. If you’re not paying attention and you don’t eat the right foods and drinks after a hot day, it can be bad pretty bad for your body.

Lucky for you, we already made a list with what you should eat after a hot day in the sun. There are foods you can consume so that your body recovers completely, and you can be ready for a new day at the beach.

5 Foods You Should Eat After a Hot Day


Icy bananas help you cool down when you’re hot.

Bananas are high in potassium, which is a mineral important for our muscles. If you spend an entire day at the beach, you may be dehydrated in the evening. Dehydration can reduce the potassium in the body, causing muscle cramps. You can eat a banana in the morning, in your granola, but also have one at the end of the day.

And, to refresh yourself even more, do you know what you should eat after a hot day outside? A nice helping of banana ice cream! No sugar, no dairy, just mashed and frozen banana! If you want a special recipe, you can try this one, because it’s also easy to make and has natural ingredients. Icy bananas help you cool down when you’re hot.

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk has the perfect ratio of simple carbohydrates, sugars, and proteins your body needs so it can replace the nutrients lost after staying outside on a hot summer day.

According to a study from Indiana University, chocolate milk is an amazing recovery tool post-workout, and it performed as well as Gatorade and almost twice as well as another sports recovery drink, Endurox.

To reduce your body temperature after a long day at the beach, serve it with ice cubes. Some say it’s a good idea to also sprinkle some salt on it because the salt will encourage your body to drink more while also making the chocolate milk taste extra delicious.


Cucumbers contain more water than any other fruit or vegetable: 96 percent. They’re light, they’re refreshing and very hydrating. If you’re going to the beach, eat some raw cucumber every evening. You can also eat cucumber sticks dipped in hummus or a cheese spread, chopped in summer salads, or make a refreshing cucumber gazpacho. You can also add cucumber slices to a classic lemonade.


Watermelon is 92 percent water. It’s an amazing refreshing fruit, high in electrolytes, antioxidants, and vitamin A. Eat watermelon after every day at the beach! It will not only make you feel full, but it is a tasty way to stay hydrated. Here you can see how to incorporate watermelon into your meals more often.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is tasty, refreshing and very good for you. It also has electrolytes and potassium, which makes it a great recovery option after a long day at the beach. The natural sugars and digestible carbohydrates allow coconut water to refresh your system quite quickly. Do you need another reason to drink it? Know that it’s sweet, with a subtle, nutty flavor, and low in calories and carbs.

As general rules for what you should eat after a hot day outside, look for food high in water content to stave off dehydration, then eat meals high in potassium and electrolytes. Some sugar and simple carbohydrateswill also help you in the summer.

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Article by Raluca Cristian from So Delicious. View the original article here.

Cravings Products

For $10,000, You Can Own A Bikini Made Entirely Of Pizza

Ever want to rock an outfit made entirely of pizza? Now that it’s summer, you’re going to want to hit the beach and strut your stuff. And what better way to grab someone’s attention than to wear a bikini made entirely of pizza?

DesignTaxi reports, in honor of National Bikini Day, Villa Italian Kitchen teamed up with renowned food stylist Jessie Bearden to create what’s referred to as the “Pizza-Kini.” Whether you’re a guy or gal, this is sure to turn some heads.

The swimsuit is supposed to be form-fitting and made from homemade dough, whole milk mozzarella cheese, sauce made from California tomatoes, and good old reliable pepperoni. The only downside to this novelty two-piece, however, is the $10,000 price tag, which is due in part to the exclusivity of the item and the fact that it’s designed by Bearden himself.

If you do have the spare dough and want to rock a pizza to the beach, you can find out more about the Pizza-Kini here. Boy do I have to hit the gym.

Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss

KFC Wants You To Look Extra Crispy With Their New Sunscreen That Smells Like Chicken

It’s well-known that KFC loves to stay ahead of the trends. A few months ago, the company introduced edible nail polish in Hong Kong, and shortly after, KFC India released a portable meal box that actually charges your phone, called Watt-A-Box.

While the previous items were released outside of the U.S., the brand’s latest promo item seems to target the American beach loving demographic.

From now on, KFC Extra Crispy Sunscreen will be the first item on your beach day packing list. However, KFC wants you to know that while this product will give the user UV protection — SPF 30 — KFC’s Extra Crispy Sunscreen is NOT edible, according to its website.

KFC debuted their new cosmetic product via Twitter on Aug. 22, but at the time of this report, KFC’s corresponding website ran a disclaimer explaining that supplies had ran out, but remains confident customers can, “still look at it.” In fact, KFC fine print revealed that supplies were very limited.

However, that didn’t discourage Twitter users from immediately jumping on the Extra Crispy bandwagon. Twitter user, Chris W., said he’ll be blasting the, “good stuff” all over his body, soon.

KFC Sunscreen OutWe are really looking forward to eating a bucket of KFC Extra Crispy, on the beach, while using the Watt-A-Box to charge our phone, tweeting with our KFC nail-polished fingers, about how delicious KFC’s Extra Crispy Sun Screen smells.


This Bar Serves A ‘Ring Of Fire’ Shot That Will Burn Your Insides

Imagine taking the worst parts of Napoleon Bonoparte (his mentality, face and violent legacy) and the worst parts of Hitler (his mentality, moustache\face and violent legacy) and combining the two to create one super shitty person. If the Ring of Fire shot was a person, it would be Napodolf Hitlaparte.

I’ve been scouring the globe (aka Orange County) looking for the worst shot of alcohol the world has ever known. So far, none have made me vomit on the spot, and I feel like the worst shot of all time should be bad enough to make that happen, right?


I walked into a bar in Long Beach, CA called Ashley’s On 4th. There were two or three people seated on stools, and no one near the pool tables or dartboard. My kind of day-time emptiness. We walk up to perform the traditional meet and greet with our bartender, Courtney.

She mentions an old douchey guy that tried to impress a bunch of girls in the bar by purchasing the Ring of Fire for them. Suffice it to say, old man pervy balls went home alone that night.

After flooding our ears with terrible stories about this shot, Courtney begins cheerily pouring the Fireball into the shot glasses, and had no qualms with blatantly filling that shit to the top. I’m normally never one to complain about getting every bang for your buck, but this is one buck I’d rather not bang.


Courtney fills our glasses and my mouth instantly begins salivating, but in a bad way, in a “here’s some saliva to coat your mouth with so you can taste as little of this hot shit garbage as possible.” She calmly grabs a bottle of red Tabasco sauce and begins all-too-generously dumping it in each of our shot glasses, shaking the bottle like a cartoon criminal shaking a victim upside down by the legs until all of their gold coins fall out of their pockets.


She slides the shot over to us, we cheers, and down the hatch they go. Almost immediately my body goes into vomit mode. My face muscles move involuntarily and begin cringing on their own. I get an immediate urge to sit on the ground and I have no idea why. I guess being closer to the floor makes me feel safer, and yes, this shot was so bad that my body instinctively reacted by activating its safety protocol. That’s about the time I fell to the floor and hugged my knees like a father hugs his estranged prodigal son. Tightly and shrouded in emotion.

At this point, I can hear Hayley talking to me, but my brain struggles to process and comprehend what she’s saying because I’m concurrently trying to quell the evil spirits (pun intended) being harbored in my mouth and throat.

While not the worst shot I’ve had so far (see the “shoot the dog” shot from two weeks ago), it came at the end of the day after I’ve already had a bunch of other shitty shots, so it settled in a particular troubling part of my stomach. Still, I kept it all inside. So far that’s eleven poop shots I’ve taken so far, and none have bested me.


Sean – 11

Shots – 0

Bring the muthafuckin’ noise, bartenders.


Alcohol Friendly Beaches In Orange County


California beaches bring good times, blue skies, and golden-bronzed people where you can’t help but feel like you’re in paradise while relaxing with a gorgeous view and the soft lulls of the ocean waves that erode your stresses. The perfect way to top the laid back, hang-ten vibes and the peaceful environment of the beaches, is with a nice cold beer or alcoholic beverage in hand.

Fortunately, there are a few beaches that allow you to get both your tan and buzz on as you sink in sun rays, enjoy a mini staycation and escape reality for a few hours.

Once your session of laying out while getting your drink on is finito, please keep these little backyard paradises enjoyable for all visitors and staycationers by picking up all cans, bottles and trash you may have brought or that you see at these alcohol-friendly beaches.

Kehoe Beach


Kehoe Beach, a part of the Point Reyes beaches, can be found after a 0.6 mile walk along a peaceful trail of marshes and sand dunes at the northern end of Great Beach. This tranquil beach is calming to the eye and inspires adventure with a smooth stream that runs into the Pacific Ocean and vast sand dunes and cliffs that are enticing to explore. Kehoe is also an alcohol-friendly beach for those who are 21 years of age and older. A couple things to keep in mind if you plan on drinking and relaxing at Kehoe is that no kegs are allowed and that all beach goers have to be off the beach by 11 p.m., so remember to give yourself enough time to hike the small trail back to your car.

Native Knowledge: Heads up, there is no overnight parking! Also, for all the dog lovers out there, this beach is dog-friendly as long as your pup stays on the leash.

Inverness, CA. 94937
415.464.5100 |


Carmel Beach


Carmel Beach really does have it all under the sun, from surfing to volleyball, to bonfires and weddings. This eye-catching beach has white sands, gentle coves, and incredible sunsets to end any day in awe. While soaking up all the fun and beauty of Carmel Beach, feel free to sip on a nice glass of wine or alcoholic beverage of your choice until 10 p.m., as long as it’s not a keg. Not only is this beach booze-friendly, but also dog-friendly even sans a leash.

Native Knowledge: About two or three blocks from the beach on Ocean Avenue is free two-hour parking! There are also side streets available with free parking!

Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA 93921
831.620.200 |


Descanso Beach Club


Live a life of luxury at the Descanso Beach Club, where you can dive into an array of lavish activities. This beach club offers 17 cabanas ready to rent that come with complimentary goodies such as, bottled water, delicious smoothies, Wi-Fi, chaise lounges, a personal beach butler and towels, as well as private massages and bottle service for an extra fee. Imagine lying out with margaritas at hand and being waited on by your own personal cabana butler. That sounds like the perfect way to spoil yourself to me! If you want a break from the celebrity treatment, the Descanso Beach Club also offers vibrant beach parties to shake and groove all your worries away with live entertainment, DJs, and wallet-friendly happy hour.

1 Descanso Ave
Avalon, CA, 90704
310.510.7410 |


Malibu Paradise Cove


Keeping it simple and to the point, Malibu’s Paradise Cove, has beach-goers stick to the classics when it comes to alcohol consumption, allowing only beer, wine and champagne on its warm, sunny beaches. Opening its sandy beaches and clear skies to the public at 8 a.m., all the beach bums can hang out, drink and have a good time until the beach closes at sunset. If you need food to hit the spot or to absorb the brew or liquid courage you’ve been sippin’ on, Paradise Beach Café is located on the beach so you may walk in and out as you please when you need a bite to eat.

Native Knowledge: This beach can get crowded, so arrive early or be ready to expect some hectic parking.

8128 Pacific Coast Hwy
Malibu, CA, 90265
310.457.2503 |

Written by Michelle Andrews of Locale Magazine


These Flip Flops Say it All: Beer Me


Of all the summer “must haves,” these custom flip flops are at the top of our list. Just imagine frolicking on the beach in that little number (whether it be a bikini or a speedo) and having your boo/comrades/minions chase you around with bottles of ice cold beer. It’s like having your own little party follow you wherever you go, and that’s always a good time.

Granted, you can customize these clever flip flops to say anything you want, like “Just Married” or “Free Hugs.” Although, we don’t know why you would do such a thing when you can have something as practical as “Follow Me, Bring Beer” or even, “Will Work, For Bacon.”

Just think about it.

Follow Me Bring Beer, Custom Flip-Flops $20 @Etsy

H/T Cool Material

Celebrity Grub

Celeb Grub: Ashley Greene Washes Off Her Bikini Body Paint


Ashley Greene seems to be a dazzling the world with her down to earth life style. She keeps it simple and real with out an actual bikini on and some colorful SoBe LifeWater. I’m just waiting for that water to wash off that paint, ya know!? (THX The Superficial)