Watch Video of Disney’s Enchanting New Beauty & The Beast Restaurant


Disney is killing the game with their latest addition to the Magic Kingdom: A Beauty & The Beast-themed restaurant. If you’ve seen Disney’s classic animated film, you’ll be mesmerized by this video tour that walks you through the Ballroom to the Rose Gallery. The detail that went into creating a realistic experience that could live up to the beloved animated film is apparent in the refulgent splendor of every room. Ominous gargoyles guard the entrance, enormous chandeliers hang from the ceiling and stained glass mosaics capture iconic moments from the movie. Simulated snow even “falls” outside the windows for added realism.

The menu also aims to achieve the same high standard as the decor itself. A French-inspired menu offers guests dinner entrees such oven-baked layered Ratatouille for $15.99 and Thyme-scented Pork Rack Chop for $21.99. A wine and beer list is also available, featuring  French and Belgian imports.

However, the spell is momentarily broken for those ordering lunch, as guests customize their orders on automated, touch-screen terminals. Dinner, thankfully, is spared this high-tech obtrusion, and guests are seated and served by Disney personnel.

As an “imagineer” explains, “For those of us who truly love Disney, it is so over the top that I’ve seen tears come to people’s eyes.”

The Be Our Guest Restaurant opens November 19th.

Watch the An Imagineer Tour of Be Our Guest Restaurant below:

Via DisneyFoodBlog