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America Gets Free Wings If The Super Bowl Goes Into OT

Both the Rams and Patriots went to overtime in their respective roads to Super Bowl LIII, and Buffalo Wild Wings is putting some high stakes on the line if it happens again.

If the Super Bowl game between Los Angeles and New England goes into overtime, B-Dubs will give away free “snack size” wings to all its hungry consumers in the U.S.

The “snack size” at Buffalo Wild Wings usually comes with five wings (eight if boneless), and there is a limit of one order per person.

The only catch is that you have to redeem your free wings between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. (local time), February 18. If you try to go before or after those times, you’re out of luck.

While no purchase is necessary, there’s a good chance the lines will be out the door, as is customary for any food giveaway, anywhere.

The odds are against us, though, as only one Super Bowl has ever gone into over time, and that was in 2017, when the patriots and Falcons needed extra time to settle their battle.

There were, however,  17 overtime games this season. It wasn’t the record for most, that belongs to the 2002 season with 25, but it was a hell of a lot, giving us hope for free wings if the Rams and Patriots can have an epic overtime showdown on February 3, 2019.


Buffalo Wild Wings Adds Their Wings To The Pumpkin Spice Bandwagon

Just when you thought you’ve seen everything topped with the spice powder that dominates the fall, Buffalo Wild Wings jumped into the mix with pumpkin spiced wings.

B-Dub’s newest wings are made with a BBQ pumpkin ale sauce, as nothing says fall quite like watching football and jack-o-lantern flavored fingertips.

The sauce is a combination of ale, BBQ flavors, and pumpkin spice. The autumn staple has aromas that blend with the flavors of BBQ sauce, making for a festive combination of tastes smothering each wing.

Unfortunately, the wings will only be available through the end of October, which is a bummer, ’cause these would probably continue to be popular through the Thanksgiving season.


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After this we’ll be waiting for Buffalo Wild Wings’ inevitable gingerbread and eggnog-spiced wings.