Papa John’s Porks Up Pies With New Pulled Pork Pizzas


Looking to spice up their line up with a new summer pie, Papa John’s has added pulled pork to their menu for a limited time. The new Spicy Pulled Pork Pizza features pulled pork, a blend of pepperjack and mozzarella cheeses, sweet “Kansas-style” barbecue sauce, and crushed red pepper flakes. Reminiscent of summer barbecues, it sounds like this new pie will be more of a smoky, sweet, spicy pizza.

Backyard barbecue inspired pizzas seem to be a summer trend among several pizza chains. Back in May, Pizza Hut teamed up with country crooner, Blake Shelton, to create a new line of themed pizzas, however Papa John’s is the only one bringing the heat with pulled pork.

Papa John’s Spicy Pulled Pork Pizza is $12 for a large pizza and is available until Sunday, August 24.

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A Bacon Wrapped Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Because You Can’t Have Too Much Pig

Tired of the chicken-vs-gay debate? Here, have some pig instead.

This monstrosity, affectionately named the “Wrathchild,” sprung out of maker Reed Rothchild’s desire to eat . . . well, like a pig.

“This sandwich,” he writes, “when being held with two hands, is the closest you can get to eating out of a troth.”

Featuring at least eight strips of bacon, wrapped around four slices of bread, encasing pulled pork, baked beans and shredded cheese on whole slices of American, the Wrathchild has been proven to put even the worthiest of adversaries into three hour comas, followed by 11 hour sh*t shows spent praying to meet your maker.

Best part? When you finally come to, you can treat yourself to Rothchild’s other creation, the pancake-syrup-beef-bacon-egg-and salsa-stuffed “Breakfast Taco Bomb,” because if you tried the Wrathchild in the first place, I’m sure you’re making all kinds of smart decisions.

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Craving: Kentucky Nachos

A batch of potato chips layered with BBQ pulled pork, blue cheese crumbles, coleslaw, a dosage of cheddar cheese, and topped with sauteed onions and peppers. If it were me, I would drizzle a little ketchup and hot sauce on the entire ordeal and call it a night! (PicThx LilaLeatherman)