X-ray of Hamster Eating Reveals True Purpose of Chubby Cheeks


Watching tiny animals eat on the Internet is probably high up there in workplace pastimes. However, if you were able to learn something cool along the way, then maybe your five minutes on YouTube wouldn’t be a complete waste of time.

In a BBC One documentary called Pet—Wild at Heart, a hamster is filmed up close stuffing food into its cheek pouches. To get a more detailed look at how the mini mammal is able to fit so much food into its face, the hamster is X-rayed.

It’s fascinating to see how much the tiny creature is capable, and willing, to shovel into its mouth before it gives up. Those cheeks definitely aren’t just for show.

Side note: Hamster eating contests could be way more entertaining than hamster races. Though maybe don’t mention this to PETA.

Check out the adorable video below.

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Drift Away to Your Mind Palace With This Sherlock Coffee Mug


Who needs Starbucks Coffee when you can have Sherlock Coffee? Wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket with your new Sherlock Coffee mug filled with piping hot tea (because British) and drift away to your mind palace.


If you like your coffee like you like your Sherlock villain: dark, bitter, and a little bit crazy then perhaps you should check off that little Moriarty box right there. It’s okay, the fandom will forgive you…maybe.

Interestingly enough, this reusable porcelain mug isn’t being sold by BBC, it’s available in limited quantities on Ebay. Can you imagine how cool you’d look at Comic Con with this thing…

*Frantically rushes to Ebay to purchase future dreams of Comic Con popularity*

Sherlock Holmes Starbucks Cup, $39.99 @ Ebay

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McDonald’s Refuses Service to Woman Riding Horse In Drive-Thru, Resulting in Smelly Retaliation


Pro-tip: if you want McDonald’s to serve you while you’re on horseback, try not to let it leave a steaming pile of doo-doo in the dining room.

BBC reports that a woman in Whitefield, England and “a girl riding a pony” were denied drive-thru service Saturday after the staff informed them it was against company policy to do so, for “health and safety” reasons. Apparently not one to take such terrible customer service sitting down, the woman then took the horse inside the restaurant, where it let rip the whole McFlurry of reasons McDonald’s was right not to serve its owner in the first place. (Starting with the fact that she rode a horse through a McDonald’s drive-thru. I mean, at least class it up with a Starbucks or something, come on.)

“The sight and smell” of the horse’s droppings “caused obvious distress and upset to customers trying to eat, as well as staff members,” the Greater Manchester Police told BBC, earning the woman a fixed penalty notice and fine. Let’s just hope it’s big enough for her to give a sh*t.

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French Bees Eat M&Ms, Puke Rainbows

In case you’ve been dying to know what happens when a bunch of French bees consume the waste from a nearby M&M factory, here’s the short answer: kaleidoscopic honey.

This past summer, beekeepers from Ribeauville in Alsace noticed something was off when their bees starting producing blue, green and red-colored honey, as opposed to the traditional shades of white, gold and black. The reason the bees were eating M&Ms in the first place? Probably for the ratchets sugar.

According to a spokeswoman for the British Beekeepers’ Association, “Bees are clever enough to know where the best sources of sugar are, if there are no others available.”

Sadly, the rainbow honey has been deemed “unsellable” and prompted the factory to enact stricter disposal policies to prevent further contamination amidst rising bee mortality rates.

It’s too bad it wasn’t a Skittles factory though – then maybe we’d have found a quick way to make fruit-flavored honey.

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BBC / Ice Cream Waffle Laptop Case

Now available at select BBC / Ice Cream dealers, the hype driven brand has released their now familiar waffle print on a laptop zip-case, utilizing a fun red with yellow butter splatters. (Thx Hypebeast)