The Portable Deep Frying Tabletop Grill, Because This is America

Have you ever sat down at a picnic with four servings of fries and eight hamburger patties and just wished you had some way to deep fry and grill those sonsabitches at the same time, with the exact same appliance? Yeah, me too.

Luckily, this Deep Frying Portable Grill made by Hammacher Schlemmer (ermahgerd) just might be the answer to our prayers. Joining the ranks of such self-effacing products as the Best Electric Wine Opener, the Best Commuter Cup and the Best Vacuum Food Sealer, the DFPG folds down to only 10 inches wide and boats the ability to hold “up to 16 oz. of cooking oil” and “up to four servings of chicken wings or French fries” in its center reservoir.

It also promises that its 452 sq. inch grilling surface “accommodates up to eight hamburgers,” and “includes a grate for high-temperature searing, a griddle ideal for cooking bacon or vegetables, and a warming plate that toasts buns.”

Battery powered and equipped with a push-to-start button, the DFPG is so easy a child could and probably will use it, which makes it super-comforting that it can generate temperatures in excess of 600 degrees Fahrenheit and “produce restaurant-worthy charring.”

At least DFPG also comes with a bag “for ease of portability.” Because if you or your child are accidentally going to turn into Two-Face while making deep fried cereal, you’ll probably want something to cover your burns with.

The Deep Frying Portable Grill can be found online for around $209.