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A DC Comics Restaurant Featuring Superheroes Could Be Coming To London Soon

Marvel may be getting a few sections of Disney theme parks coming soon, but the DC superhero universe could possibly be getting its own immersive restaurant.

Documents filed with the city of Westminster within London reveal a proposal for a multi-experience DC Multiverse restaurant, featuring superheroes like “Batman, Superman, and Wonderwoman.” What currently exists as a larger fine-dining steakhouse will be broken up into multiple parts, with at least four different dining sections present in the new restaurant.

The four areas include a lounge bar, a dining area with live entertainment, a fine dining experience, and an “immersive experience.” There’s also a back area called “Arkham Asylum,” named after the fabled psychiatric hospital in the Batman series. It will have a separate, speakeasy-esque entrance via a corridor, and will reportedly sell street food.

The restaurant itself isn’t going to be heavy on theme park vibes, with a lack of props and costumes heavily featured throughout. Instead, according to the documents, it will “invite guests to experience the DC Universe without breaking the fourth wall.”

Eater London reports that the development is being led by an unknown “high-end restaurateur.” The appropriate paperwork has been filed with the city of Westminster, whose council should reach a decision on the future of this concept by mid-April 2019.

Beer Hit-Or-Miss

Man Dresses Up As Batman And Steals 2 Cases Of Beer [WATCH]

Working three years in a grocery store, I saw my fair share of beer thieves trying to walk out with cart-fulls of Budweisers and Coronas. A lot of times we’d catch them, politely telling them, ‘Hey, I don’t think you paid for that,’ and take the cart back, but surely, there were several times they got away.

In the latest instance of beer-thievery Police need a little help finding a someone who was caught on surveillance totally breaking the comic book rules and cross-dressing as both a Marvel and DC character. This man wore a Batman suit, a Captain America mask, and casually walked out of a New York convenience store, holding two 18-packs of beer, according to WIVB News 4.

The man was described by police as white, 5-foot-9, and in his twenties, but that description’s probably not much help unless the dude walks around with his Cap mask on.

He really needs work on his sneaky Batman skills, though, because the camera got a pretty good shot of him. So far, he has managed to stay away from the police, so he’s got that vigilante part down.


Baker Made Lifesize Batman & Superman Cakes With Impressive Detail

The United Kingdom is notorious for making less-than-stellar food in a wide variety of categories. One baker has made certain that nobody ever questions her gangster ass skills again.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 2.30.54 PM

Rose Macefield, an accomplished author, tutor and artist of all things baked and sugary, recently made two of the most impressive cakes we’ve ever seen in time for the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 2.30.26 PM

After nearly 200 hours of work, Macefield finally completed her larger-than-life cakes just in time for both the March Cake International Show and the release of the film in theaters.

Macefield has done some astounding work with cakes, including a long list of other amazing creations, namely the giant head of a Tyrannosaurus Rex in honor of the gargantuan reptilian classic, Jurassic Park.



Photo Credit: Macefield’s School of Sugarcraft

Packaged Food

Batman v Superman Cereal Is Here, And It Demands Justice


A few weeks ago, we Geoff Johns posted  photos of Batman and Superman cereal he received. The DC Comics Chief Creative Officer got an early look at the breakfast foods that General Mills was planning to sell early this year.

Now, the consumer foods company has officially announced a release date for the two cereals based on the two iconic heroes. In honor Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, General Mills has created two specific options for comic book fans to choose from.


The two flavor combatants are Batman Chocolate Strawberry and Superman Caramel Crunch. Batman’s cereal will have chocolate strawberry pieces in the shape of the Dark Knight’s bat symbol, while Superman’s cereal will be shaped as his emblem.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is hits theaters March 25. It will be the first time the DC characters Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman will be featured together in live action on the big screen.

You can find the at select grocery retailers starting Jan. 8.

Photos: General Mills


Cheeseburger Super Mario, Sailor Moon, and Batman Are Super Chubs, Super Adorable


It’s true, there’s no real reason to reimagine all our childhood heroes as adorably chubby cheeseburgers. But then, there’s no real reason not to, either.

In his latest series “What if They Were Cheeseburgers?,” San Diego, Calif.-based illustrator Philip Tseng shows us what it would look like if cartoon characters from Sailor Moon to Skeletor even to the Morton Salt Girl decided to trade their internal skeletons for cheeseburgers — buns, tomatoes, and all.

c3 c2

The drawings, as you might expect, are delightful and pill-like, reminiscent of the minions from Despicable Me, and all available on Tseng’s shop at


On another note: so that’s what’s inside R2-D2.

Check out more of our favorite chibi-cheeseburgers, below:

c1 c10 c7 c4

H/T Design Taxi


Photorealist Artist Creates Incredibly Realistic Paintings of Snacks and Comics


I have a tremendous respect for photorealist painters. To capture on a canvas what many people fail to capture through a photo takes incredible talent. When I discovered Doug Bloodworth created a series of paintings combining two of my favorite loves, he immediately jump shot to the top of my list of artists.

Through oil-based paintings, Bloodworth formed a theme of vintage snacks paired with old-school comics and funny books. The Florida painter definitely knows how to hit the nostalgia bone.

Using grids and a blank canvas, each piece can take Bloodworth more than two months to complete. The end product, however, is absolutely worth the time spent. Check out some of his paintings below.

Comics-Snacks-Quik-PeteComics-Snacks-Angel-PeteComics-Snacks-Pie-PeteComics-Snacks-Hulk Comics-Snacks-WonderWoman-Pete Comics-Snacks-Superman-Pete

Picthx Doug Bloodworth


‘Brews Wayne’ Batman-Themed Beer is Strangely Not a Stout


If superheroes didn’t exist, Bruce Wayne would probably be an alcoholic. Thankfully, instead we got a hyper-aggressive masked vigilante/billionaire playboy with a flair for dramatic costuming. Oh, and this Batman-inspired beer, fittingly dubbed — of course —the Brews Wayne.

For the third year in a row, Denver Comic Con enlisted the help of Breckenridge Brewery to create an official superhero-themed beer for its upcoming annual convention. Following last year’s “Caped Brewsader,” 2014’s submission is also Gotham themed: an amber ale with a “hearty malt base and lively hop character,” meant to represent the duality of its “playboy by day and superhero by night” namesake, reports the Denver Post.

With 6.1% ABV, the limited-edition beer is perhaps a even more fitting a tribute to the Dark Knight than a black-as-vengeance stout or porter would be. Then again, considering how bleak and beefed up Affleck’s version is looking, maybe we will need something with a bit more brooding.


Tony Stark-Level Lifehack: Now You Can Have Your Own Personal Brand of Whiskey


If you’re one of the 5% of people living in the developed world who hasn’t seen any of the Iron Man movies, just know that Tony Stark is the king of personal branding (second only, perhaps, to Joel Schumacher’s Batman, for who could forget those lovely Bat-Nipples?). And if Tony knew he could create, brand and sell his own personal “Iron Man” whiskey, you know he’d be all over that. Heck, he’d probably say it was his idea.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have mountains of disposable income and personal hi-tech “bodyguards” to play with, so we just have to settle for that personal whiskey thing to make our billionaire playboy dreams come true. Luckily, we do have the Mississippi River Distilling Company to make things a little easier.

They call it their “My Whiskey” Custom Whiskey Program. For just $6,000, the distillery will partner with a licensed retailer to bring you your own 30 gallon barrel. Just pick the grain bill, the yeast, the barrel, the age, the proof and the name and wait for delivery in the mail. Once completed, your 80 proof stock will be able to produce about 160 bottles of finished whiskey, which, if you decide to sell them, will end up working out to about $38 per bottle.

But that’s not including all the celebrity sponsorship you’re gonna get. Ooh, and the advertising money from Facebook. Or the movie product placement! Honey, by the time you’re done, these bad boys will be going for $1000, easy.

Malibu beach house, here I come.

H/T + PicThx Cool Material