Starbucks Repeatedly Denies Restroom Access to Pregnant Woman

toilet paper

Starbucks can get a little picky with who they let defecate in their stores, but this is ridiculous.

AZ Central reported that a pregnant woman in Phoenix desperately needed to use a restroom, went to a Starbucks and asked if she could have the code to open the bathroom door Tuesday. As a lot of Starbucks do, the store in question requires customers to buy something before using the restroom. LLana Scheinker, eight months pregnant, said she’d buy something after, she just really needed to go now. The employee refused to help her.

Her husband then came in, gave the barista his credit card and asked to just charge anything to it. The barista still ignored the request.

Finally, another woman in line who was about to make a purchase asked for the code, so she can give it to them. For whatever reason, the Starbucks worker still didn’t want to give them the code and even threatened to call the police. The pregnant woman was forced to quickly make her way to a nearby Subway and handle her business there.

The Starbucks store manager personally called to apologize for the incident, but Scheinker is still boycotting Starbucks.

It’s one thing to misspell our names on purpose, but it’s a totally new level of douchebaggery to not let someone use the restroom for no apparent reason.

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Finally. An All-Chocolate Bathroom Where You’ll Want To Eat The Brown Stuff


In today’s edition of, ahem, shit nobody asked for, has partnered with U.K. chocolate designers Choccywoccydoodah to create an impressive bathroom set including toilet, tub, basin, and bidet that’s made of more than $133,000 worth of Belgian chocolate.

The idea, reports NY Daily News, came from the common confusion of the words “suite” and “sweet.” Calories for the fixtures weigh in at an estimated 9.4 million combined, and each of the fixtures is made to order and available for individual purchase on


No word on whether any of the pieces (particularly the toilet) actually work or not, but we’re kind of hoping for the latter. Otherwise we’ll have to be extra careful about eating the “brown stuff.” *shudder*


Places Where The Five Second Rule Doesn’t Count: Bathroom Stall


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Bacon Body Wash is the Closest Thing We’ll Get to Bacon Showers


Let’s be honest, bacon lovers. How many of you out there have ever wondered what it would feel like to shower in bacon glory? The feeling of pork grease on your skin as you lather, rinse and repeat.

While that sounds incredible impractical, one can dream.

Well, thanks to this Bacon-Scented Body Wash, we just got that much closer to making that dream a reality. While it’s not as delicious as showering in bona fide bacon, it will leave you smelling like you did. Imagine bringing it to the gym after a good workout and walking past all the people on treadmills, letting them get a good whiff.

Although I feel like I don’t need to mention this, I probably should: Do not eat the soap. You should never eat soap, no matter how delicious it smells.

Bacon Body Wash, $5 at McPhee 


Los Angeles Toilet-Themed Restaurant Serves ‘Bloody Number Two’


Hmm, so you’ve read about restrooms turning into restaurants eh? Well, how about I do you one better?

Only in Los Angeles can you find the officially worst place to take a girl on a first date (or any date). Yes, a toilet-themed restaurant called Magic Restroom Cafe is now in business. It holds the “honor” of being America’s first toilet-themed restaurant, but not the only one, for Taiwan has beaten us the the punch (what a shame right?). The chairs are toilets and the food is served to you in bowls that look like toilets, along with meals named “Bloody number two” (which is a vanilla strawberry sundae) and black poop (chocolate sundae).

How anyone keeps their appetite while eating is mystery to me. We’ve yet to get word on whether their bathroom is restaurant-themed but you can keep your fingers crossed.


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Nihilist Toothpaste is Like Brushing Your Teeth With Reality


You’re definitely not interested in this. You’re too busy burying your head in a Dostoyevsky novel, lamenting the materialism of the world, caring about nothing, existing in an endless, unchanging vacuum. But if, by some small chance, you are, then let me direct your attention to Nihilist Toothpaste, for the nihilist in you.

No flavor, no color, and minimalist packaging make this small tube unassuming and unexciting, perfect for someone who doesn’t believe in flavor, or anything really. And while the commercial is pretty heavy handed with its nothingness pitch, it almost seems like they actually want you to buy something. How very capitalist of them. But do what you want. Go back to negating all the meaningful aspects of life, like minty fresh breath, and see if I care.

Nihilist Toothpaste, $5 @Archie McPhee

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Tea-Scented Toilet Paper Ain’t Your Average Cup of Tea

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 1.04.07 PM

So, apparently, Japan is, like, all about the bathroom comfort. Understandable, really. Did you know the average person can spend up to three years of their lives on the toilet? That’s a lot of time to feel uncomfortable/bored/smelly. So, Japan is just way ahead of the game, with their heated seats and washlets. And while they may not be the first to think up scented toilet paper, tea-scented toilet paper is probably a pretty niche thing. It inspires thoughts of brewing sodden lumps of TeaP(aper) in the toilet. The whole thing is just screaming for puns.

The point is this: Starting April 1, two different tea-scented TPs by Nisshinbo Paper Products will hit the shelves in Japan — pink for Southern Countries Tea Time, blue for English Tea Time. Now you’ll be able to chill on the toilet and contemplate brewing tea while doing your business. Because who doesn’t want that?

Although, after a quick internet sweep for these fragrant tissues, we weren’t able to find any official deets in terms of pricing/online purchasing. So while the validity of the product remains questionable, we’re crossing our fingers that thousands will be enjoying impromptu tea seshes on the loo come April.

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Public Restroom Turned Earl of Sandwich Evokes Ew’s

If you don’t mind defecating where you eat, visit the newly opened Earl of Sandwich in Boston, MA. This prime location happens to be a renovated public restroom from the 1920’s that was operational for 50 years until it was closed in the ’70s. As if worrying about hairs in our food wasn’t enough…

Okay, so maybe we aren’t being fair, the fast food chain restored the historic building with a $750,000 renovation and all of the old, grimy poop from the last century has been removed. Not to mention the current Earl of Sandwich and part-owner of the chain is the great-great-great-great-etc. grandson of the 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu, who invented the sandwich. We should probably show some gratitude.

No one wants to think of all of the bare bottoms that once gloriously unloaded themselves while they wait in line for lunch, but it’s safe to say our hang-ups are largely psychological. We can give Earl of Sandwich the benefit of the doubt. That’s not to say we’re above sharing this photo, though:

via Boston Globe