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Barack Obama And Guy Fieri Are Saving American Food [The Katchup Podcast]

What does it mean for something — or someone – to be basic, honestly? We throw the term around when it comes to things like Starbucks, avocados, and many other food items, but do we have a complete understanding of what it means?

That’s what we dive into on this week’s episode of Foodbeast’s podcast, The Katchup. After a deep discussion on ancient bacteria waking up and making people sick, climate change, food systems, and an important speech given by Barack Obama on the future of food, Editor-In-Chief Elie Ayrouth brought up some of his experiences at a Guy Fieri restaurant in Cancun to myself and Managing Editor Reach Guinto. That led to me making the comment that “Guy Fieri is basic,” triggering some passionate debate and discussion into Guy Fieri, Barack Obama, and the entire notion of what it means to be basic. Video producer Michael Priestley also jumped into the discussion with some good points about the entire thing.

Eventually, we do come to a conclusion as to what it means to be basic and whether someone like Guy Fieri, Barack Obama, or even Gordon Ramsay can be classified as basic. You’ll have to listen to our podcast to get the answer to that question.


One Human Spice Latte, Please


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Super Basic Starbucks Truck Brings Sloppy Handwriting, Bad Tumblr Memes To The Streets


This is the Starbucks Frappuccino Truck, the latest Ugg Boots-wearing, Mean Girls-quoting, #summerselfie-powered publicity stunt that’s been rolling around Southern California for the past couple of weeks. Let’s just say, if their goal was to create the embodiment of basic bitchdom on wheels, they nailed it. Twice.

Decked in a bright magenta patchwork, the Frapp Trap has been slinging Starbucks classic and limited-time frappuccinos in San Diego and Los Angeles since May, and will continue to do so in select California cities until June 30, reports HuffPo. Where space permits, the truck also rolls out giant Jenga pieces and croquet games — you know, as if the drinks themselves weren’t already #InstaWorthy enough.


In addition to following the actual truck, zealous Frappers can visit the Frappuccino tumblr for a salvo of cat .gifs and breezy beach scenes, or text “flashy” to 22122 for another shot of a cat shooting laser beams from its paws.

The full list of L.A. locations can be seen here. Our advice? Stay far, far away. There’s only so much basicness an Instagram feed can take.

Picthx Starbucks


Mashed Potato Bacon Thin Crust Pizza