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Competitive Eaters Will Attempt To Devour This 25-Pound Ice Cream Cone LIVE

Barton G, home of lavish desserts and going big beyond belief, just launched a new 25-pound, 4-foot-tall ice cream cone. Called the “Oops, I Dropped My Ice Cream Cone,” it is the epitome of size when it comes to ice cream treats.

Of course, being a dessert as tall as a toddler means that competitive eaters are itching to take a swing at conquering this behemoth. Since 25 pounds would test the limits of even the most voracious eaters, a few have decided to team up in an effort to take on Barton G’s newest mega dessert live.

Competitive eaters Raina Huang, Naader Reda (aka FreakEating), Kevin Ross, and Bear Claudillo will all join forces on the Foodbeast Challenger League to take on the massive ice cream cone. To finish, each will have to down over 6 pounds of ice cream, cake, graham cracker crumble, whipped cream, and phyllo dough cone, making this a tough bout, especially considering most of it is sugar.

For those interested, you can head to Foodbeast’s Twitch livestream at 12 PM EST on June 13, 2019 to see if these eaters can down the entire 25-pound dessert.

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This Enormous Ice Cream Cake Includes a 4-Foot-High Cone

Sitting on the precipice of summer, we’re slowly being reminded of visions of lovely weather, sunny skies, lazy beach days, and ice cold refreshment of any sort. It’s an ideal situation, really, especially when we’re at the height of our threshold for heat and suddenly come upon any sort of cold relief. But how would you feel if I told you that said cold relief came in the form of a 25-pound ice cream cake?

Wipe that (understandably) blank look off your face, friend, because this isn’t a make-believe scenario when you’re at Barton G. That’s because the restaurant is famously known for their over-the-top and outlandish menu items. Past desserts at the spot pale in comparison to their newest creation, though, as the ‘Oops! I Dropped My Ice Cream’, is an approximately 25-pound ice cream cake that’s crowned with a four-foot tall cinnamon sugar cone.

Barton G.’s Corporate Executive Pastry Chef, Jessica Scott, is the mastermind behind this ice cold behemoth, which is made up of nine combined layers of vanilla cake, chocolate frosting, strawberry ice cream, chocolate crumble, and whipped cream. “The idea of the cinnamon sugar ice cream cone came from my childhood! Every single year on my birthday, my family would take me out to get Mexican food and it would always end with a vanilla ice cream cone with a flaky cinnamon sugar crust,” gushed Chef Scott.

Now Barton G. is not all flair without substance, as their high-end restaurant quality dishes live up to every bit of hype they generate on their own. For instance, to ensure you’re getting the freshest giant ice cream cake, the cake layers and ice cream layers are combined right before ordering so that your dessert is fresh and not frozen.

So whether you’re feeling like the brain freeze of the century or can squad up with your fellow ice cream loving friends, the ‘Oops! I Dropped My Ice Cream’ at Barton G. is available at their Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago locations, and is your ticket to cold, creamy summer bliss.

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Gold Bars, Blow Torches, And Giant Steaks: Barton G. Is Serving Up New Craziness

Barton G. is a restaurant in Hollywood, CA that is the epitome of EXTRA. From gigantic rat traps that present mac ‘n cheese to over-the-top rubber duckies accompanying decadent desserts, culinary theatrics are in play for every dish served at the swanky spot. Keeping in line with their penchant for the dramatics, Barton G. has included two new menu items that are sure to blow us away with the visuals and, of course, taste.

For carnivores looking to level up their steak experience, look to the B.G. Platinum Ranch Tomahawk For 2, a 32oz. KERWEE Silver Grade Australian Wagyu Ribeye with charcoal yucca “logs” and charred tomato — all with the backdrop of a platinum cow’s skull standing as a monolith of deliciousness.

Finish that steak up in a sweet way with Barton G.’s newest dessert, the Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all, a literally RICH chocolate ganache and dulce de leche tart, under a gold brick shell torched table side by a waiter donning a welder’s mask. Liquid nitrogen chocolate–feuilletine golden nugget ice cream is served on the side for maximum dessert vibes.

So for a dining experience that plays to your visuals as well as your palate, hit up Barton G. for a night of foodie flair and whimsicality that one will never see anywhere else.


This Whimsical Restaurant Serves You Tuna with a Samurai Sword and Cotton Candy Wigs


Initially, you might assume that Barton G. The Restaurant is all about gimmicks. I mean, it’s restaurant that serves you a filet mignon with a 3-foot fork and popcorn shrimp out of a popcorn machine? We were recently invited to check out the LA opening of Barton G., which until now, was a restaurant only exclusive to the great state of Florida.

Barton G. was known for their theatricality. If you ordered their Samurai Tuna dish, you’d get a dish served with a real samurai sword (though it’s frowned upon to unsheathe it and use it to cut said tuna). Upon first impressions, we thought to ourselves: “Hey this is kind of gimmicky. Cool, but gimmicky.” It couldn’t be further from the truth.

While each dish has a signature prop to accompany it, the food more than made up for the cheese (so to speak). We’ve tried some of the most flavorful dishes we’ve had in a really long time. Honestly, without all the crazy showmanship Barton G. could stand on its own against some of the best restaurants in the LA area.

Then again, you’re probably skimming this, anxious to get to the food porn. Well here it is you gluttonous bastards.




Served right out of a tray via waiter, each piece of bread is shaped and designed as if it were a donut. However, they feature savory flavors like truffle and aged cheese.


Lobster Pop Tarts


Commuting from Orange County to LA can be rough. Especially on a weekday workday. That being said, our eyes immediately glazed over to the Lobster Pop-Tarts. Served out of a faux toaster, the pop tarts were flaky and moist like a pastry sent from heaven. They broke open to reveal a hefty helping of lobster meat swimming in a creamy gruyere sauce.



The Upper Crustacean


As children, we’ve all dreamed about owning a personal popcorn machine for our bedrooms the day we moved out of our parents’ house. No? Just us? As we got older, the idea seemed more and more unnecessary and impractical. However, if that dream popcorn machine was to produce crispy popcorn shrimp and lobster with a variety of dipping sauces, then that’s a different story.



Samurai Tuna


We had to be careful not to gorge ourselves on the appetizers, delicious as they might be. We were only a third into the tasting, after all. First of the entrees was the Samurai Tuna. A thick, seared tuna patty served rare with a savory rice cracker crust and topped with a roasted Shishito Pepper. It also came with mandarin-laced soba noodles and a Yuzu-Pomegranite sauce.

Oh, did we mention the bad-ass katana that came with the meal?



The Great American Filet


Final entree of the night was this behemoth of a filet mignon. Served with braised short rib, bone marrow and roasted snow peas and carrots and whipped potatoes the entire dish was shadowed by the giant that was attached to the serving board. If this is what it feels like to kings, then kings we were that night.



Marie Antoinette


Finally, once we loosened a few notches on our belts, we got ready for dessert. The Marie Antoinette was a wig made out of cotton candy and served with an array of strawberry shortcakes. Interestingly enough, Marie’s hairstyle would change frequently much like the historical figure. Unfortunately, if you’re thinking of removing the wig and placing upon your own head, note that it’s not only advised against, but it’s also attached to the mannequin with a caramel coating.


Like that stopped us.

Barton G Isai Wig

To sum it up, Barton G. exceeded our initial impressions by a huge margin. Not only was their food entertaining gawk at, but they also backed it up with amazing flavors that blew us away. Any self-proclaimed foodie in the Miami or Los Angeles areas should make a note to experience this place at least once.

So to slightly modify a popular quote from a very wise person:

Giant forks. Samurai Swords. A foodie craves not these things.

Though it is an added bonus.



1427 West Ave.

Miami Beach, FL 33139

Los Angeles

861 N. La Cienega Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90069