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For Just ONE Weekend, Bill Murray Will Be A Bartender


Ever wonder what it’d be like to grab a drink with Bill Murray? Well, if you’re fortunate enough to be at the opening of his son’s new spot in Brooklyn, NY, you might have that chance.

According to Time Out New York, the Groundhog Day star and former Ghostbuster will be tending bar at 21 Greenpoint’s opening in Brooklyn. This restaurant and bar is owned by Murray’s son Homer, who got his dad to be there Friday, September 16, through Sunday, September 18, to help ring in the grand opening.

The 65-year-old actor isn’t green when it comes to bartending, either. Six years ago, Murray showed up at the Austin Shangri-La during SXSW with the Wu-Tang Clan and started serving drinks to guests.

Unfortunately, Time Out says that the event is a closed affair with guest list-only in attendance. Still, if you were one of the lucky folks to be invited, make sure to leave a tip. Maybe he’ll make another appearance at the restaurant. You really never know with a dude like Bill Murray.


Tips On Making A Great Drink From World- Class Mixologist, Rob Floyd


To be served a drink by one of the world’s best mixologists means that you’re about to indulge in a perfection of craft. To share said drink with such a person means that you’re about to engage in some quality conversation.

Amidst a vibrant room soundtracked by clinking glasses and excited chatter, Rob Floyd, master mixologist-bartender, is letting this very scenario play out for me.  We’re both in Las Vegas — a city where you could say the drinks are flowing more than the money out of each casino patron’s wallets — and the energy of the scene is fueling our discussion.

The details of Floyd’s Vegas stay coincide with his involvement with Pepsi’s launch of a unique, sophisticated new beverage, “1893,” and Caesar’s Palace’s 50th anniversary. For the festivities, his expertise lent a hand to four exclusive cocktails in celebration of the occasion, adding to the enticement of the gala.

“Specifically, 1893 goes back in time and uses really simple ingredients. Now what I wanted to do for the cocktails for the festivities is that I wanted to give everybody a different flavor profile. First, I wanted to make it simple, so you can make it at home and have a great experience. Secondly, I wanted to have something for someone who loves spicy. Spice releases dopamine in the body. It gives you that natural pleasure, that rush.”

When it came to picking his brain about the good, the bad, and the ugly about cocktails and bartending, Floyd obliged and was scrupulous with his knowledge.

“Cocktails are binary — they’re either good or bad. And unfortunately, most of them are bad. So if you’re able to go back to the basics and make a great, simple cocktail, with bright colors and flavors to it, that’s something that somebody can make at home, you’ve really achieved something.”

Why do we love this? What makes us want to make this drink?

Such commentary about going back to the basics, was straightforward advice from the guru himself; albeit advice that I didn’t readily expect from the showman who’s been known to make some otherworldly concoctions.

“I can make a great cocktail — so what. What is that ‘why’? Why do we love this? What makes us want to make this drink?”

So a great drink needs to be simple, have good character, and include an interesting story behind it? Noted. I mean I do remember that one time I named one of my own half-baked home concoctions, “100 MPH,” in honor of the exact speed I got slapped with a ticket for that morning. It was a hit with my party guests.

Floyd continued, “Reaching someone, empowering them, that’s something that drives me everyday.”

And that mindset is a reason why he had linked up with Pepsi and Caesar’s Palace in the first place. Using both brands’ significant reach, he was now able to influence more of the everyday individuals who endeavor to learn the art of mixology.

For the many wondering what a master mixologist’s go-to drink would be at the bar, or what he’d have in his collection, Floyd divulges, “At home I usually have either a great rye, a great bourbon — I usually go a little dark — or I’ll go with a mezcal. I’ve been into mezcals lately, they’re dynamic and fun.”

Feature image: Jessica Zollman
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10 Tips For Perfecting Your Holiday Bar

The bar at a holiday party is like a bedroom in an episode of MTV Cribs—it’s where the magic happens. The rest of the venue, to be honest, is more or less unimportant.

So what if you didn’t hang up any tinsel, or you forgot to pick up a spruce at the tree farm? Maybe you didn’t grab enough Doritos? Or maybe you’ve lent all your chairs and convertible sofa to your buddy who wanted to build a human-sized beaver dam, and as a result don’t have anywhere to seat your guests—no biggie. As long as you master the bar area, your holiday bash is guaranteed to be killer. Think you can do that?

Of course not! That’s why you’re here reading this right now (or you misread the headline’s ‘Bar’ for Bra). Don’t worry, we’ve got just what the doctor ordered. Here are ten easy tips for setting up a stellar holiday bar, brah:

Use Hat Toppers to Turn Bottles (and everything else) into Lil’ Santas


Everything becomes instantly festive when wearing a cute little Santa hat, and we mean everything. This was actually proven by science a couple years ago. You got some bottles? Top ‘em. Empty bottles? Top ‘em. Mounted animal heads? Top ‘em.


Serve Grown Up Apple Cider

It goes without saying that the best part of any bar is the drinks which are born from it. We’ve got you covered with a brand-spankin’-new holiday cocktail recipe: the “Apple-Spiced Stoli Mule.” Feelin’ all warm and fuzzy already.

Bust Out Funny Holiday Napkins


The only con to offering your guests humorous holiday napkins is that they won’t actually want to use them—they’ll want to pocket and frame them in an elaborate scrapbook solely dedicated to how awesome your party was.

Step Up Your Ice Game


It’s time to shape up that ice, ice, baby—cubes are for noobs, and yes, I do miss 2005. Pick up some crazy/seasonal ice molds to add a touch of cool to your signature drinks. Bonus tip: add food coloring to coordinate with cocktail colors.

Give ‘Em the Red-Nosed

We lied—we’re actually giving you two holiday cocktail formulas out of the goodness of our hearts (and also, we figured you probably need all the help you can get). Glow up with this Rudolph-inspired recipe.

Get to Know Your Cocktail Herbs and Spices


Most people treat garnishes like some kind of magic pixie dust that makes their Instagram picture look better, which is not only wrong—it’s an abomination. Make sure you really know what’s up with herbs and spices when it comes to what flavors they’ll pair well with, especially holiday-centric ones like cinnamon, vanilla bean, and ginger.

Hang Stockings Full of “Good Cheer”


Let’s be honest, booze is what we really want in our stockings, right? Hang a couple of these behind the bar for a quick way to fill cups. You can even label them by the type of spirit (ie: “VODKA”).

Keep Up Spirits with Holiday Drinking Games


Either team up with your crew to dream up some crazy holiday-inspired drinking games, or look to the web for ideas. When in doubt, there’s always spin the bottle (insert wink).

Pump Up the Jams with a Holiday Playlist

Your friends should be drinking, singing, and dancing at this shindig, so keep a steady stream of holiday jingles on at all times to keep things merry. REPEAT: AT. ALL. TIMES.

Red Cup Party Lights


Glow up and string up these easy DIY red cup lights, because there’s just something about a red cup that screams “Let’s paaaaartaaaayyyy.”

List created in partnership with Stoli Premium Vodka


Guy Dresses in a Bruce Lee Onesie and Starts Bartending. Alcoholic Kung Fu Ensues


What if Bruce Lee hypothetically decided to pursue bartending instead of martial arts?

Two film makers from Utah have decided to imagine this in a YouTube video featuring the “World’s Best” flair bartender. While we were impressed with his abilities, we couldn’t help but notice how long it took him to make one damn drink! This is not going to fly during happy hour:


4 Essential Cocktails Every College Student Should Know in 60 Seconds


If you’re a college student looking to (slightly) refine your boozy palate, here’s a quick how-to video on the “4 Cocktails Every College Student Should Know.” Because, you know, once you’re sufficiently stuffed with ungodly amounts of Coors and Popov, you might as well exercise those untapped bartending skills. The 4 cocktail recipes deemed essential by our clever friends at Hack College are simple enough: A Manhattan, A Hole in One, The Headless Barman and a Bloody Mary. The video (below) details everything you need to know in just 60 seconds — so you can start your pseudo-career as a mixologist in no time.

H/T Hack College


Bar10der – The Swiss Army Knife for Bartenders

Introducing the Bar10der– “The only tool that turns you into a master mixologist in minutes.”

I’ll be honest, I don’t know what most of this stuff is, but it looks awesome. This is the sort of thing you buy someone else, and then have them test it out on you frequently. You want me to try your homemade Old Fashioned? No, I don’t know what that is, but yes. Yes, I will.

And it comes in different colors! Merry Christmas, indeed.

Bar10der: $49.99 @ Bar10der

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