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Bar Offers Free Beer Until Green Bay Packers Score, Team Gets Shut Out

A Milwaukee bar has fumbled a promotion they did to get people in to their place to watch the Green Bay Packers play. Now, they’re giving away free beer for the entire week as a result.

The bar, called The Bavarian Bierhaus, offered up free beer to anyone who came in during game time this past Sunday until the local NFL team scored a touchdown. Unfortunately, their opponents that day, the Baltimore Ravens, swooped in on the opportunity and shut out the Packers on their home turf. Thus, patrons of the Bierhaus went the entire game with free beers to drown the sorrows of their crushing defeat in.

The free beer game time special has been going on all season, ABC7 Detroit reports. Considering that Green Bay hasn’t been held scoreless at home since 2006, it was a good bet that the free beers wouldn’t last too long. Alas, this past evening was not the case.

The Bierhaus is holding up their end of the deal, however. They’ve committed to offering free beer all week long until they score against the Pittsburgh Steelers (who has the second-best defense in the league) in an upcoming bout this Sunday.

That’s a true class act by the Bavarian Bierhaus, but they better hope the Green Bay Packers don’t walk away scoreless in this matchup as well as future ones. The bar could be in for a long, costly remainder of the season otherwise.