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Jennifer Lawrence Got Into A Beer-Flying Bar Fight In Budapest

Jennifer Lawrence often plays ass-kicking roles in her movies, but you’d probably never think she actually lives that kind of kick-ass lifestyle.

While on the Late Night show with Seth Myers, Lawrence talked about being in Budapest to film her new movie “Red Sparrow,” and when she went out for drinks with a friend, she got in a bit of an incident.

“I got in a real bar fight!” Lawrence said.

Apparently while lounging at a Budapest bar, a man came up asking for a selfie. J-Law politely turned down his request a couple of times, and the angry man reacted with a “Fuck you!”

Being a couple drinks in, Lawrence snapped, grabbed the man and started pouring beers on him. A shouting match ensued, Lawrence’s friend pulled her away, and apparently the guy ran into the restroom soaked in beer and crying.

Ms. Katniss Everdeen will mess you up in real life, so don’t come at her, bro.


Watch A Mountain Named Bubba Slap The Sh*t Out Of A Woman Beater At A Bar

Violence is never the answer. However, when someone is asking for it, sometimes they get what they deserve. This belligerent asshole slapped a woman, then immediately gets WALLOPED by a giant man named Bubba.

This dumbass is shirtless, clearly slurring his words, not to mention talking very disrespectfully to the young woman he claimed was “his sister.” That’s no way to treat your sister, either, by the way.

The man is obviously being kicked out of whatever establishment he was visiting, but was too belligerent to leave without a fight.

The video was uploaded to on July 20, the video now has more than 400,000 views in a few hours.

Hopefully, someone knows who this guy is and reports him to the authorities. This is unacceptable behavior.

The only person that can be thanked is Bubba. Thank you, Bubba for not killing this dumbass on camera.