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Heineken And BAPE Come Together To Create A Super Exclusive Capsule Collection

Heineken, one of the largest multinational beer brands, and A Bathing Ape or BAPE, a Japanese streetwear phenomenon that has dominated the fashion scene for years, has collaborated to create an extremely limited-edition capsule collection.

The collaboration was able to come to life thanks to #Heineken100, a program that partners Heineken with the most innovative names in retail to develop limited-edition, co-branded items that are seeded to 100 of the world’s most influential people.

If anything, this capsule collection is further proof that food and fashion have somehow created something unique and special that really resonates with lifestyle of millennials. It also proves that rare, unique, and basically unobtainable products will always remain a hot commodity amongst the youth.

If you don’t believe the hype, just check out the resell prices online.

And if those prices depress and remind you that you don’t have the funds, enjoy the capsule collection responsibly by checking out the photos below:

BAPE® x #Heineken100 Camo Coach Jacket

BAPE® x #Heineken100 Half-Zip Pullover Shark Hoodie

BAPE® x #Heineken100 Six-Pack Bottle Carrier

BAPE® x #Heineken100 T-Shirt



BAPE® “Ohasi” Chopsticks

Clothing and lifestyle brand BAPE® have put out a set of chopsticks for their hardcore followers. The sticks are accented with Ape heads and come in a nice green camo wrap. Want to scoop some up? It’ll run you 3,800 yen ($42.0774 to be exact). (Thx Hypebeast)


BAPE Candy

Just when you thought BAPE couldn’t get enough coverage on more street wear culture websites, they’ve branded their infamous ape on candy pieces, and found their way to the leading food-hype website. According to the fine folks over at Hypebeast, these candies will run you around $60 HKD (or around $8 USD) for 5 candies.