Hopefully Not a Trap: Rumors of a Mos Eisley Cantina and Star Wars Land at Walt Disney World


Growing up, Chalmun’s Cantina represented everything I was meant to avoid in the world: Alcohol, seedy characters, bad lighting. So while my inner goody-two-shoes shouldn’t get excited over rumors of Disney’s possibly recreating Star Wars’ infamous divebar, my outer dark side is screaming “oh f*ck yeah.”

Oh right, this is Disney. Sorry, I meant “eff-yeah.”

Eater reports that “’inside sources’ at Disney have confirmed plans to build Star Wars Land” at the company’s Florida resort, similar to last year’s rumors of a Star Wars Land at Disneyland Paris. Of course, both locations wouldn’t see the light of day for at least a few years, but that hasn’t stopped fans from waiting and wishing, particularly for a brand-new themed restaurant, hot on the heels of the “Be Our Guest” restaurant at Walt Disney World.




Diorama photos from blog Disneyandmore help illustrate what a physical Mos Eisley Cantina could look like if rumors are true, though according to Eater, a Disney rep recently told a local news outlet that the company has “nothing to announce.”

Regardless of if and when a real-life Mos Eisley Cantina is in the works, however, one thing’s for certain: I will be so sad if it doesn’t offer a shooter called the “Han Shot First.”

H/T Eater + PicThx Disneyandmore