Fight Hunger by Moonlight with Sailor Moon Chopsticks


As much as we’d love to believe otherwise, there really isn’t any room in our healthy, adjusted adult lives for Sailor Moon toys. Luckily, these gorgeous Sailor Moon-inspired chopsticks by Bandai aren’t toys — they’re dining utensils!

Now you can pig out on your favorite odango (dumplings) with the same magical scepters used by your favorite odango-atama (“dumpling-head”). The pink wooden accoutrements come with three different toppers: Sailor Moon’s “Moon Stick,” from the first season; the “Cutie Moon Rod,” from the second season; and Sailor Mini-Moon’s “Pink Moon Stick,” from the third season.


Best of all, each topper can be removed, so you can totally throw the chopsticks in the washer while you go off to talk to cats, twirl around naked for 30 seconds, and throw sparkly confetti at bad guys.

Sailor Moon Chopsticks: available online from Bandai for $15 each; delivery expected for March. 

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This Curry-Colored Gundam Model Is Everything You Never Knew You Wanted


Imagine a giant robo-mobile suit capable of taking out a whole military base with a single shot of its Twin Buster Rifle. Now imagine it carrying a tea kettle instead of a weapon and tell me that isn’t strangely more badass. Almost as if spilling the blood of your enemies with anything sharper than a tea leaf is suddenly just too easy. Beam Sabers? Pah!

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of its Cup Noodle Curry, instant ramen company Nissin has once again partnered with Bandai to bring about a new set of three special edition Gundam-themed curry cups — each with its own miniature plastic Gundam model for our playing or displaying pleasures. (Because face it, if you clicked this article and have any idea what a Gundam is, you know you totally would.)


Best of all, the campaign will also feature chances to win a limited-edition Cup Noodle Curry-colored Gundam, which is perfect for protecting our pantries’ worth of choice nourishment. Now if only they could shoot the noodles into our mouths.

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