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Banana Bread Is Quarantine’s Unlikely Hero

The unspoken hero of this quarantined time is the humble oven. Since most of the world went into hiding, people have taken solace in one of the few acts that is productive, comforting, and time consuming: baking banana bread.

Cookies, brownies, muffins, all have been given shine on social media these past couple weeks. But, nothing has made the rounds more than banana bread. Not a day has gone by in the last week in which a load didn’t touch down on my timeline. 

The phenom even made its way to the cream of the crop of Twitter, with Chrissy Tiegen taking to the platform to offer a loaf of her famous banana bread in exchange for romaine lettuce, which she eventually found.

We decided to join in on the hype, and started with the very bread seen in Tiegen’s exchange, which can be found in her recipe book, Cravings. Check out the video above to see the process and our delicious results.

Now, I wasn’t satisfied with just the bread, I wanted answers. Why on Earth has banana bread taken ahold of our collective mind as we all sit, bored as hell, in our homes?

I sent up a signal. I posted on my Instagram story, asking people to DM me if they’ve made banana bread while pent up. To those who DM’d me, I simply asked, “Why?”

I expected to be able to make this into a quick, heartwarming story with the responses, one that hopefully alluded to banana bread being a childhood favorite to many that, in turn, is providing comfort in a time of need. And while some responses did support this theory, I overwhelmingly received two specific sentiments:

“I saw it on TikTok/YouTube,” and “I had rotten bananas.” 

After digging around a little, I found multiple TikTok’s showing recipes for banana bread, some with hundreds of thousands of views, while some in with millions. 

Also, apparently, a lot of people panic bought bananas. And, no one actually ever remembers that they bought them, so there were a lot of rotting bananas out in the world.

The trend seems to have been borne out of virality and necessity, as is everything in this day and age. Hell, most of my meals in the past few days can be sourced from the same ideals, too. 

And it seems like for the next few weeks that frame of mind will dominate the kitchen. People will continue baking, using whatever they have in their kitchen. Maybe keeping something from exploding in the oven will distract from the world seemingly exploding around us, who knows. 

But, hey, until it does, keep making that scrumptious banana bread.

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15 Foods You Either Loved or Hated Growing Up

Growing up, everyone had drastic opinions about food — maybe all things, if we’re being honest here. As kids, we’d take one bite of a meal and declare it to be the only food worth eating ever again, or we’d sniff something on our plate and knew it to be non-edible slop that had been served to us for reasons beyond our understanding. We weren’t exactly known for our nuanced palates.

But it’s not like kids agreed on what those foods were. We didn’t have nationwide or global meetings deciding which pizza toppings were good or bad. Weirdest of all were the foods that offered no middle ground whatsoever. They were the foods that no one was simply “meh” about. Throughout our childhood, these were foods that we either super absolutely loved or very much absolutely hated. Let’s look at those top contenders of what drove us wild, whether good or bad. Let’s celebrate that divide!


A meal that could arguably drum up suspicion from the get-go, casserole has a history of being a thick, creamy jungle of who knows what. However, sometimes it could just be a savory cascade of all your favorite goodies inside a deliciously layered festival of flavor.

Brussels Sprouts

A post shared by RINGO P. (@ringoappleberry) on

Well, well, well… look what food’s become the big ticket item in hip gastropubs these days, the food that was steamy, bland nonsense back in the day. This is a food that sincerely, wholly depends on who’s at the kitchen’s helm. It could either be crispy Heaven or boiled Hell.


A post shared by Barb Pawelek (@barbpawelek) on

A loaf of meat? Incredible. A loaf of meat? Gross. Yes, this truly drove a wedge between families, as some would consider it a mysterious piece of meat combo that could get you insanely sick or a wonderful combination of all things savory.

Banana Pudding

A post shared by Deyanie (@deyanie77) on

A relic leftover from the era when suburbia exploded, this recipe features a crazy amount of cream (just as a lot of things did back then). Not everyone was into that as youths. In fact, some kids hate biting into such floofy nonsense, only to get a bite of a Nilla Wafer, which wasn’t exactly Oreo. But then there were those who adored banana pudding. It was unique! It was carefree sugary mania! It tasted like a season that didn’t exist! In short, it was paradise found.


A post shared by Chad Smith (@chefchadsmith) on

This one definitely carries over into adulthood, with some of the kids who hated mushrooms turning into fungi lovers. Growing up, this could make or break pizza. They could be tolerated or savored in soups. It was sibling against sibling, spouse against spouse; rare was it for an entire household to agree if mushrooms were good.

Goat Cheese

When it comes to tang, goat cheese would basically slap around your tastebuds. You were just trying to enjoy your pizza, sandwich, or what have you, and in came this flavor that was super tangy aggressive and entirely without chill. But for others, it was such a weird, unique flavor you couldn’t help but love it. Goat cheese took otherwise predictable meals and gave them a tangy, cheesy twist. It was always just the right amount too, so it never got to be too wild.

Black Licorice

To you, this was either a lie posing as candy or a very unique sweet treat that not enough folk appreciated. Some argued it was for old people; some argued that most people’s mouths are just broken. It was either a pungent funk or a pleasant surprise. No one will ever agree and we’ll fight about black licorice until we’re all dead.


A post shared by Sergio @ Cancun (@sobrisergio) on

These remain insanely divisive, but everything was magnified when we were kids. For the most part, these were too weird to add to anything and even stranger to add little fish to the most sacred of all kid’s meals — pizza. But to those craving salty meat, what delivered like anchovies? Plus, they always came in a bunch, so it felt like a relentlessly giving snack.

Nilla Wafers

A post shared by Jessica Kokal (@eatinginarizona) on

These always seemed like adult cookies, like the kind of sweets people who never lived enjoyed. They’d eat these for some reason, even though ice cream sundaes and every kind of candy bar existed. But, on the other hand, these were still cookies and cookies are chill and can always be dunked in milk and make your day right.


Ah yes, the coconut wars of our youth, where it could ruin Halloween or save a birthday cake. If you were anti, you’d take a bite of something and a slow realization would sweep over you as you spit out everything in your mouth. It wasn’t ever sudden. If you were pro, then you licked your lips and would accidentally eat, like, five helpings of anything with coconut. That was like consuming summer and feeling the sunshine course through you.

Blue Cheese

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Sure, the idea of eating moldy cheese outright sounded unappetizing for some (insane even), but for others, blue cheese brought with it a pure, scrumptious, wild tang. There was no taming it and no one who loved it would’ve want to anyway. But the naysayers wouldn’t come near it.


A post shared by WenCo (@wendycohen) on

Not everyone loved the jiggly sensation of whatever alien life form Jell-O counted as. Some found it unnerving at best and just a waste of time and energy otherwise. And yet, the other half of youngins were crazy all about it. Any flavor ruled; all of it was good. Somehow it felt like a health food you could play with?

Cream of Literally Anything Soup

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You’re born with the cream-of-soup gene or you aren’t. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. What may feel like eating soapy sewage to one individual may seem like devouring a warm sweater for your stomach on a cold day. And so on and so on.


This one can be blamed on simple science. According to SciShow, for an estimated 4-14% of the population, cilantro can taste like soap, due to a group of olfactory-receptor genes called OR6A2. It picks up on aldehyde chemicals, which are found in both cilantro and soap. However, to everyone else, cilantro is an amazing addition to anything from tacos to soups to pastas and it should be celebrated accordingly.


With strange foods, polarizing opinions seemed inevitable. But a raging debate over bananas never made sense to me, and yet I saw it happen time and time again in my youth. I would watch someone bite into the long, yellow fruit like a monster and laugh about how good it was and then I’d behold a livid other person wanting to watch a world of banana-lovers burn to the ground. One day, there will be a war. Which side will you be on?


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Feel Good News Science Technology

These Golden Bananas Could Prevent Thousands Of Children From Going Blind

A groundbreaking new banana was just developed that could help prevent blindness and nutritional deficiencies that result in the death of thousands of children.

Around the world, roughly 300,000 children suffer blindness and another 650 to 700 thousand die as a result from Vitamin A deficiency annually. While we get plenty of vitamin A through the food we eat here in the United States, several other parts of the world, especially rural areas, don’t have the same luxuries that we have when it comes to nutritional availability.

In Uganda, for example, many people suffer from vitamin A deficiency because their primary food source is a cooking banana that’s extremely low in terms of pro-vitamin A (a group of molecules that our body can naturally convert to vitamin A) content. Thanks to 12 years of hard work and research of Professor James Dale from the Queensland University of Technology, however, Ugandans and many more people around the world may be able to finally combat this malnutrition crisis.

Dale and his team, which includes PhD researchers and farmers from Uganda, have been able to develop a “golden banana” that’s rich in the pro-vitamin A compounds. They were able to do this by taking a gene out of a banana in Papua New Guinea that contains a lot of the needed molecules and spliced it into the DNA of the native Ugandan bananas. Professor Dale’s research has now paid off, as field trials are going well and the bananas are able to be successfully grown by Ugandan farmers in Ugandan soil. They’ll be made available for more farmers to grow and cultivate outside of research fields by 2021.

This isn’t the first time genetic modification has been used to combat malnutrition. Golden rice was a product created for a similar purpose in China, but received so much negative backlash from those unaware of its benefits that nobody’s wanted to grow or sell it.

Hopefully, this time around, people will be more receptive to the life-saving and nutrition-providing abilities of these orange-fleshed bananas to allow them to nourish vitamin A-deficient populations and prevent thousands of children from suffering from blindness their whole lives.

Fast Food Features Humor Restaurants

10 Crazy Tales of Servers Getting Revenge On Patrons, Coworkers, Or Upper Management

Have you ever had a frustrating dining experience and wondered whether or not you’ve pissed off your server enough to warrant some kind of food revenge? Did you have an off day and directed your decaffeinated aggression towards an undeserving barista? Maybe your boss or coworker has done you wrong. Well, you’re not alone.

We dug around Reddit and found some of the most epic, hilarious, and horrifying instances of server justice ever to be confessed on the Internet. While we remind you to try your best to not be an asshole to the food service industry, sit back and enjoy these tales of food revenge inflicted upon deserving patrons.

Like with an unseasoned steak, these stories should be taken with a pinch of salt.

[X-post /r/TalesFromYourServer] You fuck with my Work Fam, I fuck back. from ProRevenge

We’ve all had that boss that just makes your job miserable. However, this ramen girl got some well-deserved revenge on her tyrannical manager.

The time a coworker stole my tip. [Xpost from r/Talesfromyourserver] from ProRevenge

Never come between a server and their tips. This act of revenge took months, but the payoff was pretty generous.

Customer calls back every time we send him food and demands that we comp his order. Today was his last meal from our establishment. from pettyrevenge

If you cause a consistent ruckus as your local mom and pop pizzeria, you better believe they’ll notice.

If the customer before me was a bitch. I guess I should keep the ball rolling and be a bitch myself. from pettyrevenge

Everyone makes mistakes. Don’t flip out over them, just use your words.

Douchebag customer gets put in place from pettyrevenge

The bacon burger comeback of the century.

The Pettiest Barista Revenge from pettyrevenge

Coffee soaked fingers might be the most terrible act of revenge yet. Imagine the smell sticking around all day.

“Everything on the burger” from pettyrevenge

If you’re ordering “everything” on your burger, expect to pay for everything.

If you’re rude to me I’ll give you the shitty bananas. from pettyrevenge

Soggy banana tips are the worst.

Fast food revenge from pettyrevenge

A fast food server is like a genie, be careful with your words when you order.

If you are mean I’ll give you small chicken strips from pettyrevenge

This douche deserved tiny chicken strips.


You Can Actually Buy A Working BANANA PHONE

A phone with appeal.

No better pun could describe what potentially will be the most sought-out food-themed gadget to hit the markets: the banana phone.

Created by a group aptly named Banana Phone, the device is shaped like the bright yellow fruit beloved by monkeys and humans alike.

The phone is actually a bluetooth enabled handset that connects to your smart phone. Once paired with your device, it’s able to receive and make phone calls. Through Siri/Google Assistant, you won’t even have to dial.

One percent of phone profits will to towards Gearing Up For Gorillas, a nonprofit that focuses on the conservation of the rare mountain gorilla in Virunga National Park.

The banana phone is estimated to cost a suggested retail price of $50 once it goes on sale, but you can back it for $40 on the company’s Indiegogo page, where you can also find more information about the product.


Gordon Ramsay Makes American Pancakes [WATCH]

Master chef Gordon Ramsay tackles on of America’s most popular breakfast items: Pancakes.

Specifically, in a recent recipe video, chef Ramsay shows us how to make American-style Scotch Pancakes with caramelized bananas. Using a pretty simple and straightforward recipe, Ramsay explains the chemistry behind the sweet breakfast cakes.

This includes everything from measurements, oiling the pan and caramelization technique.

He also gives a quick pro-tip on slicing the bananas that you plan on caramelizing.

Check out the video for the full experience.

We might want to try making these tomorrow if we wake up on time. Doubt it though.


Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas Resurrects Elvis With Bacon Banana Peanut Butter Cannoli


Photo by Geoff Kutnick

It’s a shame Mr. Presley didn’t live to see all the culinary creations that were inspired from his infamous “Elvis sandwich,” because today, we’re all shook up about this Elvis-Inspired Fried Bacon Cannoli.

The rock-n-rollin’ cannoli comes from Chef Justin Cooper of Serendipity 3 in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas (speaking of, we are living for the fact that this King-inspired pastry came from a palace). To create such a divine dessert, Cooper strategically combined the flavors of deep-fried double-smoked Baker’s Bacon, banana chocolate cream filling, peanut butter, hot fudge, white and semi-sweet chocolates, and brûlée banana. Talk about a hunk of burnin’ love.

This work of art was created exclusively for Foodbeast by Chef Justin, but you can always request/beg him to throw it on the Serendipity 3 menu! In the meantime, why not go for a Bacon Weave Elvis Sandwich, Bacon Elvis Pop Tarts, Bacon Elvis Donuts, or good ol’ Elvis Bacon?


Deadly, Erection-Inducing Spider Found Living In Supermarket Bananas

A Welsh woman got the surprise of her life when she discovered the cocoon of a deadly spider on a banana meant for her daughter.


Maria Layton noticed a little more than potassium on the first banana she pulled from the bunch, but when the more visible cocoon on the second one began to move, she sprang into action. She locked the bananas in a sealed container and threw it in her freezer because she had read it was the way to kill such spiders.

Layton knew what to do because Brazilian wandering spiders, aka banana spiders, have garnered substantial media coverage in the UK over the past couple of years. More often, they make their way into people’s homes, carefully hidden in the bananas. But in 2013, a Tesco supermarket had to be shut down for several hours after one was found in a box of bananas.


The spider gets its name from the way it wanders the forest floor at night and hides in bananas during the day. Banana spiders are considered the deadliest arachnids in the world and can kill victims in as little as two hours.

Their venom can also create a four-hour erection in male victims (and is being studied for use in erectile dysfunction medication), but is more likely to bring about a rapid and painful deterioration of bodily functions if untreated.

So, don’t get any ideas.


Layton’s bagged bananas were in her house for an entire day before she discovered the spiders, so she frantically tried to get help from authorities or Tesco, to no avail.

“I spent about an hour and a half ringing round trying to get some help,” Layton told the Bristol Post. “[Mean]while I had this potential killer spider in the house.”

Though she managed to get hold of several Tesco customer service representatives, they didn’t offer more than an apology or a refund. A spokesperson stated that it wasn’t their policy to send a professional out to the home to assess the potential danger to the family, despite the company doing so in other cases in Essex and Staffordshire, England.

Tesco’s borderline indifference could be simply attributed to the company not wanting to send anyone to Wales. I get that. It’s the New Jersey of the UK with more complicated accents.

Thankfully, no one’s been hurt in any of these situations, but this is additional bad press for the already ailing Tesco. Good thing corporations aren’t people.

Oh, wait.

H/t Bristol Post