Bodoki Cutting Board Will Solve All Our First World Food Prep Problems

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Cutting boards can be such a pain sometimes. You have to wash the whole damn thing to avoid cross contamination, they don’t clean themselves when juices get everywhere and you have to remember which side’s for meat and which side is for product. Lame.

Lucky for us a Kickstarter project is underway that will alleviate all our first world cutting board problems. Bodoki is a reversible cutting board that does it all. It’s marked on each side with a cow head for meat and a carrot for produce, its beveled edges helps force excess liquids into the food grade sealed basin and it’s made from a renewable resource, bamboo. The basin holds up to five cups of liquid ensuring your counters don’t end up soaked with meaty juices.

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The original project goal was $5000 which was raised in a single day. With 10 days remaining Bodoki has already raised four times that amount and currently sits at over $21,000 raised. Right now the only way to get your hands on a Bodoki board is by pledging $39 as part of their “Early Bird Special”. If you miss out on being one of the first 300 to snag the special you’ll have to pledge $55 to guarantee yourself this all-in-one cutting board.

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Behold the 12-Inch Long All-Black Hot Dog and Please Try Not to Be a Freaking Perv About It


I wish I could say my mind didn’t ever go *there* after seeing this thing, but I am sadly much less evolved than I’d like to pretend. But don’t let my personal shortcomings stop you. Dirty minded or not, this 30 centimeter (or ~11.8 inch) all-black hot dog is still the coolest f*cking thing you’ll see all day.

Sold at the Vegas Premium Hot Dogs in Tokyo’s Akihabara district, the “Black Terra Hot Dog” gets its color from the edible bamboo charcoal powder used to make it and – believe it or not – actually doesn’t taste like ash. In fact, the gorgeous pigment is used as a natural food dye all throughout Asia, doesn’t affect the dog’s taste “at all,” and could even be “good for your health,” according to Oddity Central.


So go ahead, take a bite. Take a picture. Share it with the world. Just, erm, try to avoid the “#deepthroat” hashtag, deal?

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Bamboo Bottle

We’ve all heard the warnings about drinking from those plastic bottles after they’ve been in the sun due to those leaked chemical contaminants, but I’ve always felt all the long-term bottle alternatives were a wee bit boring! This time around, we are looking at a safe and stylish bottle made from a rather inexhaustible resource of bamboo and glass. The bottle is strong from the bamboo, the glass guarantees safe and clean drinking at all temperatures and makes a fitting container for ice-cold water or steaming-hot tea. A BPA-free bottle made for $25. Drink on Foodbeasts! (Thx IncredibleThings)