Timmy’s Ghost Pepper Super Hot Candy Balls: A Mouthful of Heat

Now I like like a mouthful of Super Hot Candy Balls as much as any other guy, but will my mouth be able to handle Timmy’s Ghost Pepper Super Hot Candy Balls? These candies are reported to hit over one million SHU of heat on the Scoville Scale. To put that in terms of everyday spicy things we put in our mouths: A jalepeno only hits 8,000 on the SHU scale at most and the infamous habenero pepper maxes out at 350,000. That’s not even anywhere close to these candy balls.

Each box of Timmy’s Ghost Pepper Super Hot Candy Balls comes with 30 pieces of “The hottest balls you will ever eat.” So ask yourself, are you brave enough to put a ball in your mouth? Maybe even a mouthful of balls? If you think you’re game, the candy is available now at ThinkGeek for $7.99 a box.