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PANCAKE BALLS Are The Ultimate Form Of Pancakes In Bite Size

I love breakfast and everything associated with the meal. When savory items are combined with the sweet components, a perfect meal is born. On a recent food crawl with fellow Foodbeast Reach, we stopped by Grits in Fullerton, CA, to try what the chef proudly refers to as Pancake Balls.

While crude-sounding upon first impression, the pancake balls are so much more than their names suggest.

Chef Cody Storts, the genius behind these balls, prepares the staple three different ways.


The first are the Maple Bacon Coco Puff Balls, for lovers of chocolate. They’re made with candied bacon, ganache, and topped with maple bacon syrup and Coco Puffs. The candied bacon adds the slightest amount of saltiness to an otherwise sweet-heavy dish. Definitely not for the faint of heart.


Next there are the Toasty Balls made with a cinnamon pastry cream, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and roasted sweet apples. This dish tasted as if we were eating a plate of freshly baked cinnamon rolls for breakfast, but with less butter.


Finally, the best of the bunch brunch, were the Thai Pancake Balls. These are made with fried pork cutlets, cilantro, shallots, jalapeño, fish sauce, and maple syrup.

Now before you lose your minds over the thought of combining fish sauce and maple syrup, Grits does it in a way that they pair so perfectly together, it’s a harmonious bite of sweet and savory.

Seriously, guys. We’ve yet to finish a dish and immediately order another box to-go for later in the day.

Reach had this to say:

Top 3 things I’ve eaten this year.

You can find the dishes available at Grits daily. The two sweet pancake balls are $13 and the savory costs $16. We advise eating them fresh. As awesome as they are, like all pancakes, they’ll get soggy once thrown into a box for a period of time.

Hit-Or-Miss Products Technology

These Hexagonal Beer Pong Cups Will Change Beer Pong Forever

Two party animals-turned-mechanical-engineers named William Heimsoth and Aaron Attebery may have just changed the beer pong landscape with these new hexagonal additions to the game.

By giving the cups their hexagonal shape, Heimsoth and Attebery have successfully eliminated any wasted space that came from the tiny voids between the round cups. Even beyond the new and improved functionality of these cups, their aesthetic presentation alone is enough to warrant a purchase. There’s just something so satisfying about things fitting perfectly into other things.

The cups are also hydrodynamic in design, preventing them from sliding around all over the table when you inevitably play that one guy who has no arc and fires lasers directly at the cups. Heimsoth and Attebery made sure to not only design the cups to create perfect, efficient shapes and racks, but to also serve other highly valuable functions. They’re washable and reusable, making the $15 price tag a lot more understandable and reasonable.

The Hexcups boast a patent pending mold made with stronger, reinforced plastic. So when that laser-shooting dickhead starts smacking cups off the table because he lost, you won’t have to worry about random cracks in the cups.

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Even if the Hexcups are bent, they can be popped back into place, assuming the damage is mostly on the surface. The image below shows the damage that occurred after clearly rolling over each cup with a car. Pretty cool, huh?

Being the undisputed beer pong champion that I am, I can say that I look forward to decimating my enemies with these cups. So what do you say, nerds? Any challengers?

Photo Credit: Kickstarter


How These Little Black Balls Might Save California From Its Crazy Drought

California is still in the midst of one of its worst droughts ever. Because of this, Los Angeles officials are taking all precautions to conserve water.

Thankfully, a former biologist from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power came up with a genius concept that might save the city millions of gallons of water, ViralNova reports.

Shade Balls.

The multi-purpose plastic balls are designed to help Californian reservoirs preserve as much of water quality and quantity as they can.

Because of their black hues, the balls are able to absorb UV rays. This keeps the water from both evaporating and becoming contaminated. The Shade Balls also act as a shield to keep animals from drinking LA’s fresh water supply. 

Los Angeles residents can find all 96 million balls resting the in LA reservoir.


Glorious Deep-Fried Pizza Balls Wrapped In Bacon


A few weeks back, we head a pizza challenge that featured some of the raddest chefs on Instagram. Among them was Nick from DudeFoods who created a Sweet and Sour Chicken Pizza.

Turns out, he had a back-up creation we never knew about: Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Pizza Balls.

Similar to the Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Peanut Butter Balls he made a while back, he threw some mozzarella cheese in an ice cube tray, covered it in pizza sauce and tossed it into the freezer. The frozen ball of cheese and sauce is then coated in flour, dipped in egg wash and rolled in breadcrumbs. They’re then carefully wrapped in bacon and deep-fried for a few minutes.

Yet another DudeFoods creation that’s given us glorious heartburn from across the Internet.

Fast Food

Great Scott! Superman Sandwich Spotted at McDonald’s Hong Kong


A month ago, McDonald’s Hong Kong launched a pretty bad-ass Batman burger served in a Dark Knight-themed box and all. Now it looks like they’re moving on to the next most popular DC Comics superhero: Superman.

The Honey Mustard Chicken is a Superman-inspired sandwich made with a crispy chicken patty, a slice of cheese, two slices of bacon, lettuce and honey mustard sauce. It’s sandwiched between a crushed oat bun. Also available are two Man of Steel-themed sides: a blue Bubblegum McFloat and Potato Cheese Balls.


We’re guessing McDonald’s will eventually go through the entire Justice League roster with a Green Lantern shake and an Aquaman fish sandwich.

The Superman items are available at participating Hong Kong McDonald’s locations. No official word yet on pricing, but they come in awesome Superman boxes.


H/T supersupergirl’s


Inappropriate Bubble Tea is Inappropriate


Picthx reddit


Spotted Dick, Nun’s Farts & More Foods We’re Too Immature to Handle


No matter how old we get, there are some things that will always make us blush and dissolve into a fit of giggles. In the same way that “That’s what she said” jokes will never get old, most of us (with a childhood) will never be able to eat a plate of spotted dick sponge pudding with a straight face.

Realizing this, the lads over at First We Feast compiled a list of 9 Foods We’re Too Immature to Eat. Naturally, we picked had to pick our favorites. It was the mature thing to do.




The juices from the leaves of the pandanus fruit, ahem, are used in many Thai dishes, helping boost the flavor. According to Thrillist, this peculiar fruit is also referred to as “screw pine,” which isn’t nearly as fun as “pandanus.”


Nun’s Farts


Nun’s Farts, or “pets de nonne” en français, are airy pieces of cream puff batter that are fried, re-fried and baked in the oven. Apparently, they taste nothing like you’d imagine flatulence to taste like, but we’re ok with that.


Rocky Mountain Oysters


No, these aren’t oysters, they’re giant bull testicles. Fortunately, once you get over the initial trauma of stuffing your face with balls, they’re actually quite tasty.


Spotted Dick


There’s nothing like a steaming plate of “mutton fat cut from the animal’s loins” soaked in custard to get you all riled up.


Head over here for more inappropriate eats.

H/T + PicThx First We Feast


Bull Balls-flavored Beer is Now a Real Thing

What started as an April Fool’s Joke has — due to an overwhelmingly positive response from fans — now officially become the newest bovine genitalia flavored brew on the market. Thanks internet!

Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout, they’re calling it. Brought to us by Colorado’s own Wynkoop Brewing Co., the beer features Colorado-grown base malts, roasted barley, seven specialty malts, sea salt, Styrian Goldings Hops and three BPBs — balls per barrel.

So what does it taste like? “…chocolate syrup, Kahlua and espresso, along with a palpable level of alcohol and a savory umami-like note,” apparently, while the dash of salt gives the ballsy beer a bit of added “texture.” Yum.

It’s too bad that acronym stands for “per barrel” instead of per bottle though. Considering the brew’s sweet taste, and how plenty of people praise the health benefits of eating bull testicles, you can’t help but wonder if these bad boys wouldn’t make a good boba substitute.

Just saying.

[Via Geekologie]