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Physicists Launch Burger and Fries into Space to Promote Delivery Service


While the majesty of outer space is as breathtaking as TV describes it, there’s no reason to send a perfectly good order of burger and fries up there. Well, other than to appease invaders. Physicists Peter Sharman and Andy Shovel also own a burger delivery business based in London. They thought it would be a good idea to send their burger into space.

The duo behind Chosen Bun successfully launched a burger and chips (fries) 112,000 feet above the ground. The meal was attached to a rig with a balloon the size of a two-bedroom house, according to the Telegraph. The pair also fitted a GoPro camera onto the structure in order to properly document the historic occasion.

Upon its return to Earth, the burger was discovered (intact) 32 miles from where it was launched. It definitely wasn’t edible. The chips, however, were lost during the descent and are presumably gone forever.

It cost Sharman and Shovel £2,000 ($3,212 US) to pull off this stunt. While this wasn’t the first burger to be launched into space, it was the first combo meal. This attempt also went farther and higher.

Check out the astounding video below.

H/T The Telegraph


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