Why Dragon Ball Z Characters Should NEVER Drink [HUMOR]

If you ask any guy between the ages of 19 and 32, I assure you they would be able to tell you what Dragon Ball Z is.

Hell, even the people that were subjugated to watching that (sisters, girlfriends, younger cousins with no say in what we watch on TV during the annual Easter party) still know a handful of the characters’ names.

In any case, the worst thing you could do is get a super-powered being drunk and this video outlines exactly why.

Imagine having near-infinite power at your command and you’re just…wasted.

It’s not pretty.


This Foodie Turned A Sno Ball Into French Toast And WHOAAAA


Craving something sweet for breakfast but your usual options of waffles and pancakes just aren’t cutting it? Our buddy Tym Bussanich has the answer for you: Hostess Sno Ball Stuffed French Toast.

Tym starts off by cutting two pieces of bread into small, perfect circles. He then stuffs an Hostess Sno Ball in between the bread pieces and dunks it into french toast batter.

Once the bread is nice and soaked in the batter, Tym fries up the pieces. The results are a melty chocolate ball between two crispy pieces of French toast.

HOSTESS SNO BALL FRENCH TOAST from our big bro @tymbussanich || #foodbeast 🎥 @tymbussanich

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This Moon-Shaped, Crater-Covered Ice Cream Probably Tastes Like Adventure

If you’ve ever spent time looking at the majesty of the night sky and contemplating what it would be like to grab one of those heavenly celestial bodies and give ‘er a good lickin’, wonder no longer.

From London-based design firm Doshi Levien comes new Ice Moons for Häagen-Dazs, moon-shaped ice cream cakes designed to combine the “ephemeral” nature of ice cream with the “fantasy, adventure [and] imagination” of our favorite lunar body.

According to the firm’s Facebook page, these spacey spheres — designed for Christmas 2012 — take their inspiration from a children’s Bollywood song, Georges Méliès 1902 science fiction film Le Voyage dans la Lune and the relief work of Armenian surrealist Léon Tutundjian.

Dezeen Magazine explains, “The white moon consists of a pistachio biscuit base, layers of macadamia nut ice cream and meringue and a coating of raspberry ice cream,” while “the orange moon has crunchy chocolate at the bottom, layers of nutty ice cream and salted caramel and a coating of vanilla ice cream.”

Unfortunately no word yet on pricing or availability, but if this is what the future of astronaut food looks like, it’s about freaking time.

[Via Foodiggity]