Some Crust Bakery [ADVENTURE]

I rarely head out to the Claremont area of California, but when I heard of the customizable egg sliders from Some Crust Bakery, I had to drive out there and see for myself. The bakery is divided into two sections. First there is the cafe, where diners can sit, relax, and enjoy their morning coffee. On the other side of the wall, there is the bakery itself where folks heading to work order their quick sugar, coffee, and pastry fixes.

“I found out about Some Crust by word of mouth,” said Maria Nogoy, a resident of the Claremont area. “I went to school in Claremont. People used to talk about how delicious their brownies and egg sliders were. I like it because it’s fresh and has a small town feel. They have delectable goodies.”

Customers who order the sliders fill out a sheet specifying what ingredients they want for their egg sandwiches. You get your choices of breads, two fillings, and one sauce for $2. Any additional add ons are a little extra (no more than $1 though!). For my first slider, I got Sourdough bread, sauteed mushrooms, spinach, and a pesto sauce. I also added applewood bacon for 75 cents. Cause, y’know, it’s bacon.

The second slider was made up of Rosemary bread, red onions, swiss cheese, with a garlic aioli, and avocado added on. Both of sandwich combinations were incredibly savory. Finally, I ended my breakfast adventure with a fresh Strawberry Cream Puff.

As I said earlier, I rarely head out to the Claremont area. So it was definitely an experience because I keep forgetting how eerily nice and friendly the locals are. Everyone says “Good Morning!” or goes out of their way to hold doors open for you. Not something I’m used to.

Some Crust Bakery is a just a little drive from the 10 freeway off Indian Hill and very much worth stopping by to try at least once.

Some Crust Bakery
119 Yale Ave
Claremont, CA 91711
(909) 621-9772
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NFL Linebacker Creates His Own Cupcake

Stephen Tulloch is on top of the world. He’s young, in good health, a linebacker for the Detroit Lions. So what more could a guy want? Turns out: his own cupcake.

Tulloch, in collaboration with Just Baked, has developed a cupcake that will be forever known as “The Linebacker.” The Linebacker is a blue velvet flavored cupcake that will be topped off with a cream cheese frosting.

Just Baked, a chain of bakeries in Michigan, will sell the cupcake at all of their stores Thursdays through Sundays at $2.95 a piece. Sales of “The Linebacker” will help raise money for The Stephen Tulloch Foundation (ST55).

I’ll eat as many cupcakes as it takes to help the kids. And I think Tulloch knew this.

[THX: Detroit News] Photo Credit: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images


Baguette Vending Machine — The Redbox to the Baking Industry?

Baguette Vending Machines to do to bakeries what the video rental box did full-fledged video rental stores? That’s a lavish headline that an ingenious baker out in France would love to see get some more attention.

Jean-Louis Hecht has made fresh baguettes available to customers at the drop of a coin since his first machine opened in Hombourg-Haut in January. It was reported that machine dispensed 1,600 baguettes, and last month sold 4,500 of them.

The coin-operated baguette vending machines currently sit outside Hecht’s bakeries in Paris and Hombourg-Haut in northeast France. Loaves are pre-cooked, placed in the machines and are warmed up once a purchase is made.

Hecht makes some pretty bold statements regarding his baking vending machine, telling The Telegraph that, “This is the bakery of tomorrow. If other bakers don’t want to enter the niche, they’re going to get decimated.

Is this where the baking industry is heading? While Hecht’s words of destruction to the industry are grand, this definitely could be a model that the industry should be aware of. Comparing quality edible food distribution to video distribution is comparing Apples to Oranges, but are the differences similar enough to warrant a second thought?


Craving: Clam Chowder in a Bread Bowl


Recently our very own Dubai chef invited the crew up to his beach house he has in Cambria, by Hearst Castle. I was on my own road trip at the time, so I met them coming down south. Anyway Matt’s parents were kind enough to take us out to lunch to this rad spot right on the beach, and this is what the white prince of Dubai ordered. Seriously looking at these photos last night at 2 a’clock in the morning made me want clam chowder, so I made some. It wasn’t as good but it hit the spot.


Video: Smart Carb Bread

I don’t know how many of you chose to loose weight for your New Years resolution, but this bread is definitely the way to go! Julian Bakery bakes their infamous bread with only 1 net carb and 12 grams of protein in it!  Cxazy, right? The boys of Jersey Shore would probably bust a nut if they heard about it.  Make sure to check out the Julian Bakery and see their other products at their website!


Souplantation: Buy One Get One Free Coupon

For fans of Souplantation, our champion Foodbeast DO BOY let us know that you can utilize this “Buy One, Get One Free” coupon before February 26, 2009. Apparently, you were supposed to take a survey…but we were told that you could go straight to THIS address, print that coupon, and use to your heart’s desire. Hope this works out for you all! Eat on!