Bakeries Now Creating Hilarious Cakes To Make Divorce A Little Sweeter

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Divorces can be heartbreaking, terrifying, and liberating. Regardless of how you feel about ending a marriage, going through a divorce is a rough process.

Luckily, there are bakeries that are capitalizing on occasions other than birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. Some spots will now help make the process of divorce just a little sweeter and a tad more uplifting.

Adult Cakes by Kim is one of those bakeries.

Kim Say, the owner of the Houston bakery, told NPR that she customizes her cakes based on specific problems that shook up her customers’ marital bliss. An example she gave was for a woman who was divorcing a cheating musician by adding a bunch of little broken plastic guitars to her cake.

With divorce rates at an all-time high, we can’t help but wonder if divorce cakes will soon become the next big dessert trend?

In the meantime, feast your eyes on some delicious and delightful divorce cakes from across the ‘gram.

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This Bakery Has A Stunning Gingerbread Pinecone That Looks Like The Real Thing

The winter holiday season features many opportunities for creativity when it comes to baking something sweet. You can create the most extravagant gingerbread house, filled with jelly bean floors and vanilla frosted windows, or you can take a familiar symbol of the season and create something simple and elegant.

That’s exactly what master baker Dominique Ansel did by creating his Gingerbread Pinecone.

Ansel’s Tokyo, Japan location features a multi-layered gingerbread pine cone that features more than 60 miniature chocolate petals. The dessert cone is filled with Speculoos ganache, ginger mousse, and a spiced cake.

The petals on the cone are meticulously hand-placed so they look as much like the real thing as possible.

Expect to find the pine cones at Dominique Ansel Bakery Japan through the month of December.

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These Interlocking 3D Churros Are Dominique Ansel’s Latest Hit Pastry

From the Cronut, to the Blossoming Hot Chocolate, Dominique Ansel’s bakeries are known for their innovative treats that always cause a buzz in the food world.

His latest creation that will leave you in wonderment, is the “Churro Duo” at Dominique Ansel Bakery in Tokyo, Japan.

It’s no ordinary churro, heck it’s not even like other innovative churros we’ve seen, because these churros are geometrically interesting, as they have a 3D pyramid effect, but also interlock at the tip.

The lighter shaded churro consists of white sesame and cinnamon sugar, while the darker one has black sesame and black sugar coated overtop. They come with a side of made-to-order salted caramel sauce.

The Churro Duo debuted on November 18th, and is already a hit with fans, so much so that Ansel said he’s considering bringing them to his New York and London locations.


We’ll have to keep an eye on these beautiful churros, to see if they do expand to other locations, but until then, the Illuminati-like treats will only be found in Tokyo.

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Bakery Fires Head Baker After He Refused To Use Bug-Infested Flour


An artisan bakery in Queens fired their head baker for doing what universally anyone else would deem noble. The employee refused to make dough from flour that he discovered had contained bugs, according to a lawsuit.

Stefan Fischer, a baker with 30 years experience, was immediately terminated after he spoke up about the insects found in the Bakery of New York’s flour silo.

Fischer had sent his employer a photograph showing insects in the flour with the intent of throwing the 3000-pounds of infested flour out, along with suggesting that the Long Island City-based silo be professionally cleaned.

The baker was told to use the tainted ingredient, even with the bugs apparent, for “multigrain” dough since the insects could be concealed in crunchy bread. When Fischer refused, he was let go from his duties at the bakery.

Fischer’s suit also says he witnessed other health violations during his time working for the bakery including dirt on the floors, uncovered trash containers, and open dairy containers.

The NY Post reached out to Fischer’s lawyer who declined to comment on whether the tainted flour was ever used.

Think we’re gonna steer clear of the bakery anyways, just to be safe. We don’t need the extra protein THAT badly.

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This Massive Pie Cake Is The ‘Turducken’ Of Desserts


Thanksgiving is still months away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t draw inspiration from the Frankenstein dish known as the Turducken. A bakery in Texas has created the dessert equivalent: the Pumpecapple Piecake.

Three Brothers Bakery, known for scratch-made baked goods and desserts, created a Pumpecapple Piecake that’s as hard to devour as it is to pronounce. The three-layer dessert cake features a pumpkin pie baked into a pumpkin spice cake, an apple pie baked into a spice cake and a pecan pie baked into a chocolate cake. The individual pie-cake layers are stacked on top of each other and smothered with a cream cheese icing, pecan pieces, and a caramel drizzle. It’s a total dessert-ception.

The behemoth stands at 11 inches and weighs 23.5 pounds.

You can buy a Pumpecapple Piecake at Three Brothers’ online store for $250. Definitely something for the family to enjoy after tackling the Turducken, or to enjoy by yourself if you’re just having a bad day.


The Pokemon GO Drinking Game And Booze Safari [KATCHUP]

Here we are, another episode of the FOODBEAST Katchup. If you missed out on all the food news this week, fear not. This series catches you up on all the top stories in the wide world of food.

This week, no one did any work after Pokemon GO launched. Understandably.

That’s OK, though. Because the rest of the world seems to be in the same boat.

Folks have begun to use Pokemon GO as a way to figure out where to eat instead of Yelp. A bakery is charging its customers based on what team they picked for Pokemon GO. Team Valor? Half off. Team Mystic? Double price.

A girl turned her snack stand into a PokeStop and when people came to collect in-game swag, she sold them food. There’s a Pokemon Safari going on this weekend in Ohio where you can get drunk and catch Pokemon. Sounds like a dream.

Finally, our resident drunkard Sean decided to create a Pokemon GO drinking game instead of writing this Katchup recap. Whatever.

Check out this week’s Pokemon Katchup!

People are Using Pokemon GO Instead of Yelp


Choosing where to eat has never been an easy task. You can drive around from city to city, checking Yelp, and before you know it, an hour has passed by and there’s not a single thing filling your tummy.

Well, in addition to making people get out of the house, it seems like the new mobile game, Pokemon Go, is helping people decide where to eat, according to social media reports obtained by Business Insider. READ MORE

Bakery Offers Discounts to Pokemon GO Players

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 2.52.22 PM

One obnoxious Team Valor member also happens to run a bakery in Toronto and posted this sign outside of his window. Redditor Dubiono was able to catch the sign and share its glory with the wide world of Pokemon and their trainers. READ MORE

Pokemon GO “Vending Machine”


With all these horror stories about people falling  off cliffs and getting mugged over the new sensation, Pokemon GO, it’s nice to hear a heartwarming story for once.

A young girl in Colorado used the game to lure in Pokemon GO players to her makeshift snack bar, and actually donated the money to a the local Humane Society.


Pokemon Safari Beer Tour


Drink Up Columbus just announced that Actual Brewing in Columbus Ohio will be taking Pokémon players on an amazing adult adventure this Sunday, July 17.

This is definitely the most genius idea yet in our quest to catch ’em all, it’s a Pokémon Safari Beer Tour. The recently released Pokemon augmented reality game spawned many memes and even a drinking game. READ MORE

Pokemon GO Drinking Game


Of course we came up with a drinking game for Pokemon GO, what did you expect?

With the massive success of the nostalgia-imbued app, especially amongst people between the ages of 21-30, it was only a matter of time before a drinking element was added to the mix. Gotta drink em’ all, right? READ MORE

Hit-Or-Miss Humor Opinion

This Bakery Charges People Based On Their Pokemon GO Team

In the past few days, the entire nation has been double-slapped, low kicked and karate chopped by the emergence of (quite possibly) the most quickly and widely downloaded app of all time: Pokemon GO.

The GPS-based game has been a phenomenon in terms of both popularity and practical benefit. Not only have people been going outside and walking around more, but many kids even claimed that it has helped with their depression, giving them a reason to go outside again.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 2.49.22 PM


Well, each player is required to run around and catch pokemon. Once you’ve done enough of that, you reach level 5, and at that point you choose a team to represent. The three teams are the fire bird Moltres of Team Valor (Go Valor!), the electric bird Zapdos of Team Instinct, and the ice bird Articuno of Team Mystic. Admittedly, the most obnoxious people join Team Valor, and we love it that way.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 2.49.56 PM

One obnoxious Team Valor member also happens to run a bakery in Toronto and posted this sign outside of his window. Redditor Dubiono was able to catch the sign and share its glory with the wide world of Pokemon and their trainers.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 2.52.22 PM

Although the owner likely put the sign up as a joke, nobody knows for sure, as the seriousness that people approach this game with is unprecedented. Still, the message is clear: his team is the only one that matters.

The common misconception amongst all players is that Team Valor members are neanderthals, Team Mystic members are lame and Team Instinct members are idiots. While this is untrue (for the most part), they certainly nailed it with me and Team Valor.



Photo Credit: Reddit, Gammerson

Fast Food

This Is What McDonald’s Looks Like In France


When we think of the interior of a McDonald’s, we picture coffee spills on the floor, the smell of deliciously stale burgers and loud kids running around unsupervised. Not so much the case in France, however.

Our pals at 7DeadlyMag recently stopped at the burger chain in Montparnasse, a spot in Paris, and it’s a completely different world. The aesthetics are more like an actual bakery than a burger spot.

“If it wasn’t for the McDonald’s logo emblazoned on the walls, you might mistake it for a well-stocked Starbucks.” -Charisma (7Deadly)


Peep the many different macaron flavors, Canelés, and slices of strawberry cheesecakes.

Like the US’ on-again-off-again relationship with the McRib, French McDonald’s offer seasonal items that stand apart from the staple menu. This includes the Fromage Pane, a sandwich with a breaded cheese patty that oozes out once you bit into it.


Let that soak in your cranial taste buds for a second.


Finally, even McDonald’s coffee gets an upgrade. The location boasts a legit espresso machine for patrons to get they caffeine fix from.

Makes us seriously consider booking a trip to France. I mean, we’ll probably do other stuff too, but we’d stop into a McDonald’s.

Photos: 7 Deadly Mag