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Tokyo Cafe: Trip One

There is a secret hidden spot in the Orange circle; a secret hidden sushi spot that noone knows about that sells amazing sushi for super cheap prices. No one can find it. Ok, it’s not a secret at all, actually it’s probably one of the most popular places in the circle. Tokyo Cafe is a godsend. I could rave on and on about how amazing this place is, but instead I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Check out Elie and my business meeting:


Craving: Baked Lobster Sushi

I just took Elie to my favorite sushi spot, and we had a multitude of different rolls. One of them was a Baked Lobster Roll, and man was it amazing. So amazing that I’m now sitting at home editting the photos and craving it again. Ode’ to Lobster, I love you.