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Apple Pie Baileys Is Hitting Shelves NOW To Celebrate Fall Early

Photo courtesy of Baileys

Fall is still a bit of a ways away, but that hasn’t stopped brands from starting to roll out the pumpkin spice collections early. Baileys has taken a different approach, however, and is kicking off their autumn early with the launch of an Apple Pie Baileys flavor.

The new creamy liquor is meant to combine the notes of vanilla ice cream and cinnamon with the taste of a freshly baked apple pie. Baileys is introducing the new bottles as a limited edition flavor that can be enjoyed now, but is meant to be paired with Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, or other fall feasts.

Photo courtesy of Baileys

Apple Pie Baileys bottles are already available wherever spirits are sold nationwide, but only in limited quantities. Each 750 mL bottle comes in at a price of $24.99.

Celebrity Grub Recipes

Kelis Reveals Official Milkshake Recipe, And Yes, It Brings The Boys To The Yard

In the summer of 2003, Kelis introduced us to her Milkshake (song), which famously brought all the boys to the yard. The r&b songstress has kept her milkshake relatively secret for 14 years, but she finally came out with an official recipe after teaming up with Baileys.

What exactly is it that makes her milkshake better than yours? Maybe the Baileys, ginger beer, or chocolate ice cream? We don’t know the science behind what keeps attracting these boys to her yard, but those are the three main ingredients in her shake, and are willing to bet one of them is the reason.

Kelis, while mostly known for her music, is actually a chef who studied at Le Cordon Bleu, so she knows her way around the kitchen, certainly adding even more credibility to her milkshake. In 2015, she even released a memoir-style cookbook called My Life on a Plate: Recipes From Around The World. The more we dig in, the more it starts making sense why her milkshake is one to be universally desired.

With National Chocolate Milkshake Day approaching this Sept. 12, it only makes sense that we try to make the most popular milkshake in music history.

Ingredients In Blender:
3 oz Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur
8 oz Ginger Beer
4 scoops Chocolate Ice Cream
5 pieces Candied Ginger
1/2 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper

Glass Rim:
Chili Cinnamon Rim

Ginger Infused Whipped Cream for Garnish


Imagine A Cinnamon Roll Shot Glass Filled With Bailey’s…Then Imagine No More


A few years ago, some genius came up with the idea of turning cookies into shot glasses you and drink milk from. Oh Bite It took the concept and ran with it, creating shot glasses out of cinnamon rolls.

All you’ll need are some shot glasses, a tube of cinnamon rolls, cinnamon, cooking spray and booze (Oh Bite It uses Bailey’s).

Taking your shot glasses, spray them with non-stick cooking spray until they’re completely coated. Depending on the size of your pre-made cinnamon rolls, cover them around the shot glasses.

Preheat your oven for 375 degrees and throw your cinnamon roll-covered shot glasses inside for 15 minutes. Take a cooking utensil with a handle that fits the shot glass and press down on the dough while it’s still warm so that the part that puffs up during the baking process goes back down.

Let your cinnamon roll shot glasses cool.

Once it’s cooled, take a knife and make a vertical slice along the dough. The shot glass should pop out smoothly.

Heat up your icing and coat your cinnamon roll glasses generously. Once the icing hardens a bit, you can begin to pouring your Bailey’s into the glasses.

Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on top of your alcohol and enjoy in one boozy bite.

The full recipe can be found on Oh Bite It!


St. Paddy’s Day Guinness Marshmallows Covered in Pretzel Bits


Curse the drinking gods for every time a booze holiday falls on a weekday. From Halloween to St. Patrick’s, these days are meant for getting shitfaced at the bar, not being trapped inside a cubicle, sneakily trying to get shitfaced at your desk.

Luckily, thanks to the new Irish-themed marshmallows from Wondermade, now your St. Paddy’s Day plans don’t have to be either/or. Their new special 3-pack set features Guinness Marshmallows made with real Guinness Stout and rolled in crushed pretzels; Irish Cream marshmallows infused with Bailey’s Irish Cream; and Irish Coffee marshmallows featuring vanilla, whiskey, and fresh coffee flavors. Each box contains 16 marshmallows, or just enough to keep the spirits of the season flowing all week long.


St. Patrick’s Day Marshmallows: $22 @ Wondermade

H/T Uncrate


Way Better Than Candy: Cadbury Irish Crème Egg Jello Shots


What, it’s been two whole months since we last had a Jello shot recipe up on the site? That’s just unacceptable.

Kind of like discovering that some people actually leave carrots out for the Easter Bunny on Easter, resulting in better treats found in their Easter eggs. No wonder all my friends kept finding $20 while I was always stuck with measly Hershey’s Kisses.

Luckily, we’re grown-ups now and totally in control of the quality of our Easter celebrations, which would arguably be vastly improved by whipping a batch of these Cadbury Irish Crème Egg Jello Shots by The Jello Mold Mistress of Brooklyn (hellooo, mouthful).

Made with cocoa powder, Irish crème liqueur, sweetened condensed milk and food coloring, these little darlings are pretty much guaranteed to be better than the real thing. Almost.

Check out the full recipe and photos here.

H/T + PicThx Neatorama


Here’s How to Make Irish Cinnamon Rolls with Guinness, Baileys & Jameson

St. Patrick’s Day is the best! It’s the one day a year that I feel justified proving to everyone that I am, in fact, wearing green underwear. (Totally kidding, Mom, totally kidding.) And now I have one more reason to absolutely LOVE St. Paddy’s: Chocolate Guinness Cinnamon Rolls with Baileys and Jameson Cream Cheese Frosting.

Beer and booze for breakfast? Yes, please! It’s everything great about the Guinness, Baileys, Jameson combo that is so popular this time of year in one gooey and awesome morning (or anytime) treat.

irish car bomb cinnamon roll

 Chocolate Guinness Cinnamon Rolls 
with Baileys and Jameson Cream Cheese Frosting


 Chocolate Guinness Dough

  • 1 (16 oz.) pkg Pillsbury® Hot Roll Mix
  • 3 T sugar
  • 1/3c cocoa powder, sifted
  • 1c hot Guinness, 120° to 130°F (I heated mine on the stove.)
  • 2T butter, softened
  • 1 egg
  • Extra flour for kneading

 Jameson and Cinnamon Sugar Filling

  • 1/4c butter, softened
  • 2t Jameson
  • 1/4c brown sugar
  • 1/2c sugar
  • 1 1/2T cinnamon

Baileys Cream Cheese Frosting (adapted from Angie’s Pantry)

  • 4T butter, softened
  • 4oz cream cheese, softened
  • 3c powdered sugar
  • 1-2T heavy cream (milk will do in a pinch)
  • 1T Baileys
  • 1t vanilla
  • 1t Jameson



 Cinnamon Rolls

  1. Grease 9×13 pan and heat oven to 375°F.
  2. Combine flour and yeast packets from hot roll mix with sugar and cocoa powder in large bowl.
  3. Stir in hot Guinness, softened butter and egg until dough pulls away from sides of bowl. Knead dough on lightly floured surface 5 minutes or until smooth, using additional flour as needed.
  4. Cover with large bowl; let rest 5 minutes.
  5. Meanwhile, in a small bowl stir together whiskey and butter.
  6. In another bowl, combine both the sugars and the cinnamon.
  7. Roll dough to 15 x 10-inch rectangle on lightly floured surface.
  8. Spread whiskey butter over dough, and pour cinnamon sugar mixture on top.
  9. Starting with 10-inch side, roll dough up tightly, pressing edges to seal.
  10. Cut  dough into 12 slices. (I use thread!) Place cut side down in prepared pan. Cover with a towel, and let rise in warm place (80° to 90°F) for 30 to 45 minutes or until doubled in size. (I usually just stick it on top of the preheating stove).
  11. Uncover dough and bake 18 to 20 minutes or until done in the rolled up bits.

 Baileys Cream Cheese Frosting

  1.  Using an electric mixer, cream together cream cheese and butter until smooth.
  2. Sift in powder sugar and beat until combined.
  3. Add in vanilla, Jameson, and Baileys 1-2T cream (as needed) and beat on medium-high until fluffy. (You can adjust the ratio of the Baileys and cream to the powder sugar for a stiffer or runnier frosting).
  4. Spread over warm cinnamon rolls.

 Optional step: Unhinge jaw, shove frosting covered cinnamon roll in face, and repeat.

Lots of ingredients and steps to get there, but lots of reward at the end. Irish I was eating one right now.


Two Men Were Jailed for ‘Looking Gay’ and Ordering Baileys Irish Cream


This story makes its way out of  Cameroon, a country in west Central Africa.

The Cameroonian court has fortunately just overturned the conviction of two men who had been sentenced to five years in prison for “looking gay” and ordering Baileys Irish Cream. The DailyMail reports the two were arrested in a car outside a nightclub in the capital Yaounde, back in July of 2011. According to the National Post report on the matter, the two men had already spent more than a year in jail over the incident.

The most recent ruling has been garnering the attention of human rights lawyers and gay rights advocates who are urging country President Paul Biya to release all other prisoners found guilty under the country’s extreme anti-gay laws.






This Thanksgiving, Avoid Family Interrogations with Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes


Remember when you were little and Thanksgiving was just about the turkey and stuffing? Now it seems that every third Thursday of November when you return to the dinner table, between forkfuls of cranberry sauce and yams, you now have to explain, again, why you didn’t fulfill your family’s dream of becoming a doctor/lawyer/engineer. Well, Thanksgiving 2012 is going to be different. This year you’ll be bringing a dessert that’ll  cause even your family to hurrah in your decision to join the circus.

Four words: Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes.

Guinness never looked so good poured into a bowl of chocolate, sugar and flour. But while the alcohol from the Guinness is cooked out, the lovely lady over at Smitten Kitchen made a hole in her cupcakes to fill with Irish whiskey ganache and topped them with Baileys frosting for good measure. These chocolate whiskey & beer cupcakes have nothing on your run-of-the mill boxed cupcakes. Because, let’s be real, alcoholic treats are always more fun to make, tastier and more amusing to eat.

Hell, bring the new girlfriend over. These cupcakes are going to make the whole family click their heels.

via Smitten Kitchen