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Man Arrested After Giving Grocery Store Employee A French Bread Beating

A grocery store employee is pressing charges after receiving a French bread beating at the hands of a customer.

french bread beating

Photo: Pixabay

Police arrested 39-year-old Adam Kowarsh after he attacked a staffer with a loaf of bread at a Safeway grocery store in Fremont, California. SFGate reports that Kowarsh walked into the store shouting before heading to the back of the store and screaming at employees there for reasons unknown. When told to pay for his items and leave, things didn’t get much better.

An unnamed employee who tried to calm Kowarsh down was then shoved several times before struck multiple times in the face with a baguette. While French bread sounds like an odd weapon of choice, it’s got a pretty hard crust and can do some damage.

Fortunately, the employee didn’t suffer any major injuries, and police were able to handcuff and escort Kowarsh out of the store. He was later booked on suspicion of battery and violating a probation. The unnamed staffer is pressing charges.

Hacks Hit-Or-Miss

Cut Through A Coconut Shell With Just A Few Sheets Of Paper [WATCH]

If you thought your paper cut at the office was bad, there is potential for your paper to do more damage than you ever imagined.

YouTuber Mr. Hacker showed that with just a few sheets of paper and some ingenuity, you can carefully cut through a baguette, bottle cap, and even straight through a coconut.

Mr. Hacker cut a handful of printer paper sheets into the shape of a circular saw, and then literally attached it to a hand saw handle, basically turning the paper into a powerful blade.

It’s both awesome and a bit terrifying to watch the sheets tear through a freakin’ coconut with ease, especially since a few minutes prior, they were nothing more than office supplies.

Check out the full process below, and try it for yourself. Just keep in mind, this would be the absolute worst time to get a paper cut, so be careful.

Fast Food What's New

Domino’s Adds MEAT-FILLED Garlic Bread To Australian Menu


Are you the kind of person that goes to a pizza spot just for bread?  You’re not alone. In fact, 80 percent of our trips to pizza spots are just to fill up on bread. The heart wants what the heart wants.

Domino’s Australia just became a beacon for bread lovers across the continent.

The pizza chain has introduced a new Bolognese Garlic Baguette, reports Brand Eating. The dish boasts a halved piece of garlic bread stuffed with ground beef and drenched with Bolognese sauce. It’s then topped with mozzarella and green onions.

Domino’s new side dish can be found at participating locations in Australia and New Zealand for $5.95 AUS ($4.57 US). You bet we’ll come bounding over the first chance we get.


14 Food Facts You Only Think About In the Shower

We can all admit we have some of our most interesting thoughts while we’re in the shower. Some awesome Redditors had the good manners to share their musings about food.

A few just tell it like it is:



There were a few entrepreneurs…



…more people concerned about names…




…some inventors…


cream cheese

…and people asking the right questions.


pizza drones



This Is An Egg Fried Inside a Baguette and Topped With Bacon — You’re Welcome


There are those of us who enjoy dipping our toast into a gooey mess of egg yolk in the morning, and then there are those of us who are doing it wrong (scrambled, pah!) If, however, you’re raring to take your expert fast-breaking skills to the next level, consider following miss Eugenie Kitchen’s example, with this bacon-topped egg fried inside of a baguette.


She starts with a partially hollowed-out baguette slice and olive oil, adds the egg, adds some salt and pepper and bacon bits and then dresses everything up in super-Pinteresty camera angles and depths of field. The result is nothing short of egg-gasmic beauty, the likes of which the net probably hasn’t seen since that damn avocado egg.


Speaking of, we’ll probably fix ourselves a version infused with guacamole for breakfast tomorrow. We expect you’ll do the same. Atta-readers!

H/T Neatorama  + PicThx Eugenie Kitchen


The Baguette-Shaped Bag Transports and Protects Your French Stick


You know what’s annoying? Purchasing a perfectly delicious baguette, only to have it stick out the top of the grocery bag. Ugh, #firstworldproblems forreal. But thanks to the folks over at CYAN, we won’t have to deal with bread blues ever again. Ladies and gents, feast your eyes upon the Baguette Bag.

Baguette Bag

This hands-free, no-nonsense accessory is designed to snugly fit a baguette, so transporting from bakery to abode is pretty much effortless. Plus this fancy item comes in a variety of colors– brown, yellow, green and grey.

The Baguette Bag is on preorder now, so head on over to Wowcracy now to stake your claim. We’ve gotta protect our baguettes, after all.

H/T + PicThx Laughing Squid


These are the Worst Foods to Eat While Driving

As a lifelong commuter, here’s a situation I’ve found myself in more times than I’d like to admit:

It’s 6 p.m. and I’ve just gotten out of work (or class or internship or whatever) and I. Am. Starving. With a capital “Sta.” I don’t want to wait for dinner and chances are when I get home, I’ll just have to bury myself in more work anyway, so I do the only logical thing and head to the nearest watering hole to pick myself up a little something-something—you know, just to keep me and my fat ass company for the next 45 minutes.

And after doing this for a while now, I can proudly say I’ve learned a few things. Here’s a brief (by no means inclusive) list of foods I’ve learned it sucks to eat on a long drive home:


Now I’m not talking about all burritos. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that Taco Bell has absolutely perfected car food. Their tacos and burritos are more tortilla than meat and their Crunchwrap Supreme is definitive proof that God loves everybody, even the chronically one-handed. No, no, I’m talking about you, Chipotle. And you, quasi-authentic Mexican place I still get embarrassed trying to pronounce the name of. Your food is amazing, but when I’m fiending for some Carne Asada on the way home and everything just falls out everywhere after the first bite, ain’t nobody happy. Especially not my seat covers.

Lee’s Sandwiches

Could you make a messier sandwich? I mean, I know all breads slough crumbs, but these baguettes do not leave behind crumbs. They leave behind bread shrapnel. Lots of it. Without fail, each and every bite I take sets off hundreds of invisible mines, sending piece after piece of French-Ameri-Viet fusion hurtling toward my carpets, where they remain buried for weeks until I find the time to pick them out with my bare hands. Plus there’s the smell. Jesus.


I know you’re trying baby, and I appreciate that, I do. It literally warms my heart every time I’m pulling through the drive-thru and the cute little In-N-Out girl with her silly hat smiles at me and asks whether or not I’ll be eating in the car, but let’s be real. Them wrappers is difficult. This is not a burger you can eat with one hand. Instead you’re caught pinky and palm on the wheel, all spare fingers barely holding onto that Double-Double-y goodness, while your free hand tries gently to peel back layer after layer of wax wrapping so your next bite isn’t just a mouthful of paper. Which, if you haven’t tried it, is actually pretty damn difficult to do. The only saving grace here are the fries, which are easy, and are probably the only reason I haven’t stopped doing this yet, in spite of all the car safety laws I know I’m breaking. YO-freaking-LO.


Just kidding. Foodbeast does not suggest or recommend drinking and driving. That would be dumb.

Any saucy/greasy or otherwise obnoxiously messy handheld thing

This is probably the saddest one on this list. This is what I eat when I hate the world and I hate myself and I really really really just need something battered and bathed in pig fat. In all seriousness though, eating this stuff while driving sucks. If you’re anything like me, chances are the guilt from buying the two dozen garlic parmesan wings is enough to convince you to try and be neat and hold the things with a napkin—which would, of course, ultimately fail, leaving you with dozens if not hundreds of little greasy finger prints all over your steering wheel, door handle and stick shift. Yeah, not pretty. And yeah, I’m driving stick.

Now, there are definitely foods that don’t suck to eat as a commuter. There are french fries and Taco Bell, as we’ve said. There are KFC chicken wraps, if you’re into that. In my perfect world, every rush hour craving would be for Panda Express.

First of all, the two-item entree comes in a huge box that can sit comfortably on my lap. Second of all, as long as you get the right things, you can stick it all with a fork—it’s amazing. So thank you Panda, for being the most commuter-friendly food I can think of (at least for the moment). Thank you Orange Chicken. Thank you steamed rice. Thank you, most of the things on the Panda Express menu. Except you, fried rice, you and your oily, slippery, un-forkable bullsh*t. You can go suck a fat one.

Think we missed one? What do you think are the worst foods to eat with driving?


Baguette Buddy: Next Level Sandwich Protection

For those of you who are constantly on your baguette sandwich game, this Baguette Buddy fits one sandwich and stretches to conform slight variations in sandwich construction. The draw to the item is the ease of use and environment saving longevity of its usage. The entire unit is nonstick and is made from 100% platinum silicone.

I remember when a product like this would get me beat up in middle school, but as a full-fledged adult, best believe nobody messes with the dude who brings his sandwich to work in a Baguette Buddy. What you know about next level sandwich protection!?