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Bruegger’s Bagels Just Launched A Massive Brunch Box That Feeds An Entire Family

My early morning bagel runs have become something I’ve missed terribly since the “Stay At Home” mandate was issued over here in California. Sure, someone more masterful in the kitchen can probably make their own bagels to spread with cream cheese, but let’s not kid ourselves that I’d be one of those individuals. Give me a shop bagel caked in garlic and onion any day of the week.

For those missing their bagel fix, Bruegger’s Bagels is offering a Hot & Ready Brunch Box that will essentially feed an entire family of 6-8 — or a dude like myself who just misses his morning routine for at least a couple meals.

The box includes 6 fresh baked bagels, a tube of cream cheese, 1 Farmhouse Egg Sandwich, 2 Egg, Peppered Bacon & Cheddar Sandwiches, 4 Blueberry Muffins, and 4 Twice Baked Hash Browns.

Yes. That’ll do nicely.

For anyone interested in getting their hands on this delightful Brunch Box, you can find it at any participating Bruegger’s Bagels location for $29.99. If you’re noting looking to leave the house, home delivery is available through DoorDash.

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Einstein Bros. Is Now Topping Their Bagels With Macaroni And Cheese

Apart from the rare pizza bagel, we’re often stuck with the same old sesame seeds, jalapenos with cheddar, or other basic items when it comes to bagel toppings. Einstein Bros., however, just upped the innovation game surrounding the popular baked good with their newest item: Mac N Cheese Bagels.

mac n cheese bagels

Photo courtesy of Einstein Bros.

Each of these carbo-loaded creations comes with a mound of cheesy mac packed into the top part of the bagel prior to baking. Einstein Bros. could’ve made their own in-house mac n cheese to top on it, but decided to go a step further than that. They teamed up with Annie’s, the popular boxed mac brand that often rivals Kraft, and used their version instead. If the macaroni on top of these bagels tastes familiar, now you know why.

You can order the bagels on their own with any schmear of your choice, but Einstein Bros. also has two new sandwiches coming out featuring the Mac N Cheese. These include a Cheesy Mac Breakfast sandwich with bacon, eggs, and cheddar, as well as a Cheesy Mac Lunch with ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo.

The two sandwich Mac N Cheese bagels will be on the menu for a limited time, although it’s unclear when that will specifically end.  The bagels on their own will be available through the summer.


Stuffed Bagels Are A Thing And Make For A Clutch Holiday Snack

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially if you’re hosting a party for your friends or family.

You have to think about the food and drink preparations, the music playlist, and even all the decorations to make your home festive and joyful. Frankly, you’ll take any kind of help you can get, even if it comes in the form of packaged foods. There’s no shame in it – prepackaged foods that look and taste good is a win-win for the host and guests.

So why not just knock it out the ballpark with something you already know everybody will enjoy? Carbs and cheese.

Nancy’s Petite Stuffed Bagels just launched something to handle both: bite-sized bagels that come in four flavors of Original for those who love the classics, Jalapeño for folks that like a little kick, Apple Cinnamon for those who want to get really festive, and Pumpkin for those who aren’t afraid to be a little basic.

And, technically, since you do have to heat them up in your own kitchen oven or microwave, it wouldn’t be a complete lie to say they’re homemeade.. but that’s beside the point.

The most important part is now that you’re no longer a stressed and frenzied party planner, but the hostess with the mostest instead.

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There’s A New Poppy Seed That No Longer Affects Your Drug Tests

A poppy seed-topped bagel from Belle’s Bagels.

It has become common knowledge that the consumption of poppy seeds can affect a drug test, and while it has become a terrible go-to excuse for stoners, a new type of seed might void those claims in the future.

A specialty foods company in the UK called FDL, created a poppy seed with significantly lower levels of morphine than the regular poppy seed, per the Washington Post.

A standard poppy seed has morphine levels of 900-ppm (parts per million), but FDL’s poppy seed only has morphine levels of 20-ppm, which would make it nearly impossible for the seed to cause a failed drug test.

Although FDL said it already has a deal in place with a bread company, it did not give any further specific details.

It looks like it will be making its way to the market, though, and before you know it, you might not be able to blame that positive drug test on your everything bagel addiction.

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You Can Now Buy Caffeinated Espresso Bagels At Einstein Bros.

Bagels and coffee are synonymous with our morning commute. What if, however, you didn’t have to juggle both as you cruised down the highway to work? What if you only needed one of these items to get your bagel and caffeine fix?

Einstein Bros. Bagels created a new Espresso Buzz Bagel that combines the bold flavors of coffee into a warm, chewy bagel. Each bagel boasts 32mg of caffeine, which is about a third of a cup of coffee.

Also joining the bagel chain’s lineup will be a Cherry Chia Bagel and a Savory Parm Bagel. The Cherry Chia boasts 300mg of omega-3 ALA and the Savory Parm features iron, B1, and B2.  Together, the three bagels comprise Einstein Bros. new line of Boosted Bagels.

You can find the bagels at participating Einstein Bros. Bagels locations for a limited time, though for how long as yet to be announced. We do know, however, that there’s a chance they’ll find a permanent home on the menu if they’re well-received.

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Grab Some Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Bagels To Impress Your Date

Bagels fresh from the shop are always the perfect way to start your day. They’re warm, chewy, and delicious.

This Valentine’s Day, you can grab a dozen of them made to look absolutely beautiful, just for the day of love.

Bagel and Brew, a popular bagel shop in Orange County is responsible for a ton of already viral bagel varieties, including an awesome “Unicorn Bagel” with all of the colors of the rainbow, and their new “Valentine’s Day Bagels” fits in perfectly with their lineup, made with a variety of six red, pink, and white-colored dough layers.

There’s plenty of ways to grab these colorful creations, as the bagel shop does ship nationwide with enough prior advance. If you fill out this form and send it in by SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11TH, you’ll be able to guarantee delivery of your own set of Valentine’s Day Bagels by the time the special occasion arrives.

Orange County locals can pick up the bagels at any of Bagel and Brew’s three locations by submitting the form a day in advance, OR they can call the store for same-day pickup.

The Valentine’s Day Bagels are a fun, creative, and pretty way to surprise your Valentine for breakfast.

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This Restaurant Tops And Stuffs Its Bagels With Hot Cheetos

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos have always a staple of any junk food addict’s arsenal, but we’re starting to see a serious trend where the corn chips are being crushed and topped on everything, the latest being bagels.

The Bagel Nook in New Jersey looks like they make some hot bagels, but one of their Flamin Hot Cheeto Bagel is particularly more fire than the rest.

The bagel is covered in crushed Flamin’ Hot Cheeto dust, and filled with a jalapeno cheddar cream cheese.

The concept started off simple, with crushed Cheetos on the surface of the bagel, but it has since evolved into a Flamin’ Hot monstrosity, as they just revealed their “Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Overload” which is stuffed with ghost pepper cream cheese and full-sized Hot Cheetos.

I know you’re probably not from New Jersey, because, well, why would you be? But we can still get our hands on these bagels, as the shop ships them nationdwide. So for $62, you can get three Flamin’ Hot Bagels and their jalapeno cream cheese.

If you don’t feel like breaking the bank on a bagel, head to the supermarket, buy some Cheetos, bagels and cream cheese, and just make it yourself for about $10. Just sayin’.

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Thomas’ Adds PIZZA & PARTY CAKE Bagels For A Limited Time


Thomas’ Bagels just released two new flavors that definitely caught our attention. For a limited time, the English Muffin and bagel brand will be offering new Pizza bagels and Party Cake bagels.

The pizza bagels are seasoned with tomato, garlic, onion, basil, and oregano to recreate the aromatic flavor one would find in the iconic Italian dish. On a sweeter note, the mini Party Cake bagels made with sweet, colorful, sprinkles to bring the party out of your bite.

Could probably through a ton of cheese and sauce on these bagel slices and have ourselves a bit of a pizza party. Then, cake.

Both of the new bagels will be available at participating grocery retailers for a limited time. Prices may vary depending on the location.