A Bagel, With Cream Cheese, and You Can Put Your Money In It

If you’re in need of pouches that look like food you customarily eat for breakfast, let me introduce you to this Bagel Pocket Pouch. This 3-D photo printed pouch looks like a real bagel, with cream cheese, but it maintains two pockets in one convenient magnetic closure.

The individual zippered pouches fit small accessories such as a phone, pens, lip gloss, money and credit cards. Measuring 6.6 x 6.6 x 2.5-inches, this isn’t a male wallet replacer (unless you find a way to dangle this from your waist), but this might be a fun way for you females to hide belongings in your purse.

You should be more wary of strangers taking a bite into it than having your money stolen. Everyone I know keeps a bagel in their purse. Is that weird?

($9.49 @ Amazon)


Witty Pizza Bagel

A slice of pizza is sandwiched between two halves of a cream cheese smeared bagel. Let’s chalk this particular creation up as one of the wittiest interpretations of a ‘Pizza Bagel‘ that I’ve ever seen. This photo was shot by the talented pinguino and the creation itself was a gift by her boyfriend Dave. The thoughtfulness of this piece continues when we found out that masterpiece was based upon an illustration she had done up earlier (pictured below). Kudos to this couple for using food as a gentle medium for sharing love and affection. I’m with that!


Craving: Blueberry Bagel Meatwich

A blueberry bagel sliced up to form multiple sandwich levels, layered with roast beef, bacon, egg and cheese. Sweet and savory? I’ll take one please! (PicThx Qyel Villacorta)


Everything Bagel Spice


Ever had a everything bagel and wonder, what else could this have on it? Probably not, because it already has everything you could ask for. Now what if you could take those spices and put it on all your foods. Well now you can with the Everything Bagel Spice. $5 and all of your food can be as scrumptious as an everything bagel. (Thx Coolmaterial)