Cutting a Bagel Like a Mathmagician


Math can be frightening sometimes, but in this case, it looks delicious.

George W. Hart, Research Professor at Stony Brook University, created an incredibly nerdy way to cut your bagel. In his “Mathematically Correct Breakfast,” Hart shows how to slice a bagel into two linked halves, just in case you’ve become bored with cutting it like a normal person.

As a guy who had to retake algebra hundreds of times, this was a pain to write, but it must be shared with the world.


You obviously don’t have to draw on your bagel, unless you like eating ink, but this illustration shows the four major points in this process. The center of the bagel is the origin, circling the “Z axis,” “A” is the highest point above the “+X” axis and “B” is where the “+Y” axis enters the bagel. “C” is the lowest point below the “-X axis,” and “D” is where the “-Y axis” exits the bagel.

Yeah, that hurt my head, too, but bare with me.



The red and black lines are where the cuts will be made as they go through the points. The black line goes 360 degrees around the “Z axis” and the red line rotates 180 degrees around the “Z axis.”



The end result should look like this. The cream cheese optional, but highly recommended, because it’s bomb.


Check out the video though. It’ll probably make more sense if you watch the magician do it with moving pictures. Feel free to argue math stuff in the comments.

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Williamsburg Based Cragel is 50% Bagel, 50% Croissant


Williamsburg is not about be left out of a popular scene. The hipster borough now has a croissant hybrid to call their own thanks to The Bagel Store. Cragels, not to be confused with Crogels or Cronuts are described as a “delicate, flaky, buttery croissant baked into a flavorful tasty bagel, 50% croissant, 50 % bagel.” The Bagel Store actually released their creation back in September but it is Brooklyn so the hipsters probably wanted to keep their precious Cragel under the mainstream radar.


The Cragel has pull-apart layers similar to a croissant but baked in true bagel form whereas the Crogel looks exactly like a Cronut with its tall visible layers but is a bagel. Got it?

Also unlike it’s sweet counterpart The Bagel Store ships Cragels nationwide charging $2.95 for the doughy treat.

H/T That’s Nerdalicious +PicThx Gothamist

Fast Food

Dunkin’ Donuts India Debuts ‘Tough Guy Burgers’ Described as Huge! Rugged! and Spicy!

Tough Guy Burgers

Apparently, Dunkin’ Donuts wants to help you “Get Your Mojo Back” by offering two new Tough Guy burgers. Said to be Huge!, Rugged! and Spicy!, the new items feature the Tough Guy Chicken Burger and the Tough Guy Veg Burger.

The Tough Guy Chicken comes with a toasted bagel bun topped with black and white sesame seeds, a chunky and spicy Mexican chorizo chicken patty, slices of paprika chicken, fiery mustard sauce with a traditional secret recipe, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and cheese.

The Tough Guy Veg comes with a toasted sesame bagel bun, a marinated yam patty, fiery mustard sauce, a country salad tossed in chipotle sauce, onions and cheese. While the chicken patty will run you  170 rupees ($2.84 US), the Veg burger is available for 130 rupees ($2.11 US).

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Meet the Crogel: the East Coast’s Latest Croissant-Bagel Hybrid


It’s hard to tell which this insults more: the croissant or the bagel. (No, it’s the bagel. Definitely the bagel.)

Less than two weeks into 2014 and Connecticut-based grocery store and bakery Stew Leonard’s has already found a new way to bastardize breakfast with their new bagel-shaped croissants. (Crogels, they’re called, which sounds a little too close to “kegel” for our tastes.) The process reportedly involves kettle boiling and hearth baking the dough, and results in something “crispy on the outside… buttery and flaky inside!” In other words, exactly like a croissant.

Savory croissant sandwiches are nothing new, but who wants to spread their cream cheese and lox over a hearty bit of mille-feuille nothing?

Just, wake us when someone invents a deep-fried croissant pancake, mkay?

H/T Gothamist + Picthx Stew Leonard’s


More Cronut Fallout… These Bagel Balls Are Stuffed With Lox & Cream Cheese


Meet the popable, more on-the-go friendly bagel: Bantams. Essentially the cousin of the Squagel, these bagel balls were designed specifically for the NYC lifestyle.

What makes Bantams so unique is that the schmear usually found on top of a bagel is actually housed within the donut hole-esque carb. The flavors range from breakfast to dinner-appropriate and include the “Weekend Brunch” (a Bantam topped with everything bagel fixings and stuffed with lox, tomato, red onion, and cream cheese); the “Box Lunch” (a plain Bantam topped with crushed peanuts and stuffed with PB&J); and the “Grandma JoJo” (an Italian-spiced Bantam stuffed with basil pesto cream cheese and garnished with a marinated tomato).

Bantam Bagel owners and creators Nick and Elyse Oleksak have definitely baked up something special here. At $1.35 a piece these bite-sized bagels are sure to make fast fans of New Yorkers. Watch out Cronut!

H/T + PicThx Gothamist


Chick-fil-A Testing New Maple Waffle, Cinnamon Biscuit Roll and More Breakfast Eats

Full Menu

We recently got word that Chick-fil-A was testing new breakfast items that included the likes of a “Maple Waffle” and a “Cinnamon Biscuit Roll.” Only a few select locations around the country are offering these test items. Of course, when we found out that the Chick-fil-A spot in Upland, Calif. was one of them, fellow Foodbeaster Peter Pham and I had to go check it out for ourselves.

Chick-fil-A Upland store owner Ed Hawkins said all the stores in the Inland Empire will be offering the new breakfast options and will push the items within the next three months.

“We’ll track the products,” Hawkins said. “We’ll report that information to Chick-fil-A [Corporate], Chick-fil-A will evaluate it and let us know whether or not it’s going to move forward.”

So if all goes well, in a few months we might be seeing these new items roll out nationwide and join the Spicy Chicken Biscuit on the breakfast menu.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:


Chick-fil-A Maple Waffle


The first thing we had our eyes on was the waffle. When you grow up in Calif., Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles is a pretty big deal. I remember the day I found out that chicken and waffles could be found not only in the same building, but on the very same plate. It absolutely blew my mind!

This was Pete’s personal favorite item of the bunch and he said it was as if a “waffle and a donut had a baby.”

It’s hard finding a good waffle without having to check into a sit-down restaurant, so the fact that they came individually wrapped was a plus. The small portion size, however, was a little disappointing.


Chick-fil-A Cinnamon Biscuit Roll


The cinnamon roll is looking to replace the current cinnamon cluster on the menu. I’ve only had the cluster once, but other than general aesthetics, didn’t notice any significant difference in flavor between the roll and the cluster.


Bacon Egg and Cheese Bagel


I’ve always hated the Chick-fil-A multi-grain bagel and everything it stands for, so trying out the sandwich with a regular bagel was a pleasant change. Although it might not be as healthy as the multi-grain bagel, it definitely tasted a lot better.


Sausage Egg and Cheese English Muffin


The big one for me was the English muffin. If I were to put it head-to-head with the McDonald’s McMuffin, Chick-fil-A’s would win hands down. McDonald’s has a true rival in the muffin game now. I always felt like a muffin sandwich was only an option for me when I didn’t want to deal with biscuit crumbs, but this sandwich has changed my whole view on muffins in general. It wasn’t burnt and didn’t have the bitter taste I’ve often found in the McMuffin.


Throw Some Gravy on it. All of it!


And you can’t properly have a food adventure without dipping into the restaurant’s secret menu. So we ordered a side of creamy gravy and smothered it on everything.


We ordered spicy chicken biscuits on top of the new items. Don’t judge us.

Photo Courtesy Peter Pham


Science Proves That 2 Divided by 2 Equals 5, At Least When it Comes to Portion Control

When I was a kid, my economical little brother discovered a way to make his fast food give him more bang for his (or our parents’) buck. By tearing up his five measly chicken Mcnuggets into dozens of smaller pieces, he deduced that he would eventually end up having more chicken and therefore, a bigger meal.

At the time, I chalked it up to his embryonic math skills, but a new study suggests eating smaller pieces actually results in greater feelings of fullness and satisfaction in both humans and animals.

So guess what little bro? Turns out you were right.

The study, led by Davina Wadhera of Arizona State University, tested both rat and human responses to whole and cut food portions. Rats that were offered 30 (10 mg) food pellets vs. one (300 mg) food pellet seemed to prefer and “ran faster” toward the group of 30. Humans who were offered a choice between a whole bagel and a cut-up one ended up eating more in a later test lunch if they chose the whole bagel over the bagel pieces.

“This shows that food cut into multiple pieces may be more satiating than a single, uncut portion of food,” researchers said. This phenomenon in turn, they suggest, can be attributed to the fact that smaller pieces “may perceptually look more and therefore elicit greater satiation than the same portion presented as a single, large piece.”

So next time you’re trying to cut down on your meal portions, treat yourself to a little optical illusion magic and suspension of disbelief. At least your brain will think you’re eating more, even if you know you aren’t.

[Via Food Navigator]


Tax Day Sucks — Bruegger’s Bagels Tries To Help With 1040 Deal

Brueggers Bagels 1040 $10.40 Tax Relief Big Bagel Bundle

Bruegger’s is looking to shed some light on one of the stereotypically darkest days of the year, tax day.

Remember the good ol’ days when you didn’t know the heavy burden of the word taxes, let alone the meaning of the word at all? Or maybe fast forward to a few years later when you were bummed at the end of the week when your paycheck had all those deductions, but come April you knew you were going to get it all back! Bonus baby!

But for many of us that time has faded and tax season brings a negative connotation. But we can forget about all the money we owe since we forgot to make estimated payments as a self-employed individual, and instead focus on the positives like Bruegger’s Big Bagel Bundle. Get 13 bagels and 2 tubs of cream cheese for $10.40 – should save you about 5 bucks to be put toward necessities, like all your contributions to the office douchebag jar. All you need is this digital coupon.

So perhaps this is your saving grace? Bring 13 bagels and cream cheese to your co-workers like the champion you are. You should probably even give one to Keith.